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    We were looking for PSZ for a buddy of mine who lives near DC when I was up there and we went to a couple of GameStops and a Best Buy before we finally found ONE copy left, and the excuse from the other stores wasn't "we don't carry it" it was "we're sold out" >: )

    It wouldn't be a good game if it didn't sell out!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearissoslow View Post
    You can like the story, but calling it good, in objective terms, is just wrong; this is not a direct response to you but meh.

    My main grief with PS0 is that it was shoving story down my throat constantly. I got no chance to just enjoy a single player campaign for what it was without Sarisa or x character impeding the gameplay with shallow "development" (if that's even the correct term for it :l) and useless diatribe. PSO was good at making a fascinating story for fans like us because it was sparse in details. A good majority of PSO quests were focused more as chores and errands, rather than being story-driven. I honestly would not have liked PSO's story as much if it had been given me three-five annoying follow-you-around-every-quest characters that were weak and constantly reiterated points like "WHERE IS RED RING RICO THIS IS RUINS WHAT IS POUMN WHAT IS RICO TALKING ABOUT WHAT IS A DARK FALZ OMG". Doing this only bashes the player in the head with points that are best left up to simple observation or reading. This type of story-telling method is only useful if you have a short attention span or just cannot read in between the lines (arguably, the lines at all, as well).

    PSO did its story right in that it never forced you to care about it. You could play around fine offline and online without even encountering the story that much. Plus, it had a much better premise than PS0. PS0's story comes off as cliched and shallow; it's something that I could've found at a Japan Anime dumpster. It's not only anime in appearance, but it's also got the shallow "I'M SARISA I'M DEVELOPING LOVE FEELINGS FOR YOU EVEN THOUGH YOU NEVER TALK AND WE'VE BARELY KNOWN EACH OTHER LOL TENTACLE RAPE JOKES LOL", along with very bad plot-holes (i.e. thatoneperson's "GO ON WITHOUT ME" moment). Everyone falls into the same stereotype and archetype of bland unoriginality, and this game would've been trash if it had not retained the PSO element of online gameplay with friends.

    Switching gears, PSO's premise was fantastic, and the execution was nearly flawless for what it was. Your character is a hunter, working his way through quests and monsters alike. The mayor wants you to find more information about Ragol and possibly what happened to his daughter, Red Ring Rico. Along the way through your murderfests on Ragol, you find messages from an unknown source, giving you introspections in on the Pioneer 1-Ragol catastrophe, and even hints for how to survive against the monsters. As you go on, you start to realize that the source is none-other-than Red Ring Rico herself, and that she might still be alive. As you go through more and more areas, you start to learn more of her inner-psyche, and the messages turn into a sort of diary. At times, Rico shows relatable human emotion, and something that would not be far or distant from what the player may be thinking. She even tries to uncover what the past of Ragol might be, pointing and alluding to many important ideas, thus avoiding the pitfall of being only a Navi-esque character guide. She even goes so far as to recognize the very small chance of her survival, but still decides that she must live for those who died and to stop the ultimate power within Ragol. Throughout the entirety of PSO, she becomes the main building and driving force for the plot, and turns the game into a "I can't put this book down" type of story. We, the audience, even feel compelled to sympathize with Rico, being all alone in a post-apocalyptic planet full of monsters and death. We even meet her during the last quest, only to realize that it was a figment of Dark Falz's doing. It is then that it is implicitly shown that Rico failed; she died and fell prey to Falz. Perhaps it was me, but this did get me. I didn't cry, but I did feel a sort of sorrow for her. It was even more bitter when you go against Falz, only to see that Rico's figure has been downright mimicked on this huge beast for the first and second forms. When you beat both forms, Falz merely tosses the body aside, the shell that it was. Beating Falz's third form is quite possibly one of the most satisfying moments of PSO, only to know that your character has released Rico from her Nightmare-fuel torment and can rest.

    Wall of text aside, some of you probably see my point. While there wasn't much on the surface of PSO, the story was founded, fueled, and fphenomenal (:l I needed a f word) because of its subtext. It didn't explicitly spell anything out for you, and a lot of what I acknowledged and said about PSO had to be inferred or thought about, as opposed to PS0 blatantly screaming it towards the player. It's more effective to have someone draw a conclusion rather than you write it slowly on a green chalkboard seven times and then ask someone to say it in Spanish.

    I think I'm done with my wall of text.
    Gee. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearissoslow View Post
    Crap. No one's going to read that, are they?

    Well... I just did.

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