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    Default The Cake Shop FAQ! (look here if you have questions!)

    So, I've noticed that both here and on other boards questions about the Cake Shop keep popping up, and on top of that theres alot of misinformation that gets spread around about the darn thing. So I figured that I would try to help out by creating a FAQ thread about the Cake Shop. Here goes!

    What is the Cake Shop?
    Much like the arena's or even the rare enemy spawns, the Cake Shop is a rare instance in PSZ that only pops up in certain areas. Unlike the rare enemy spawns or Arena though it happens much more infrequently, however as will be revealed later in this FAQ, its also much more useful.

    Where can I find the Cake Shop?
    The Cake Shop can ONLY be found in the Ozette Wetlands or the Gurhacia Valley's. Ive heard some people say it can be found in Rioh Snowfield but this is untrue. The rare block instance for Rioh is the less spectacular Usanny Nest.

    Also, you can only find the Cake Shop in a dead end. In other words, you must explore every path of the map in order to find it. Do not worry about missing it! It is in its own separate room, and is not a teleporter area like the arena.

    At this time it is only known that you can find the Cake Shop in Single Player. You can find it in Field Runs or in Quests, so whichever suits you is fine. If someone can validate whether or not you can find the cake shop online, please do! This is one of the biggest remaining mysteries surrounding the Bakery.

    Why should I want to find it?
    Well, the main reason is because you want a "Compress PA" unit, which is easily one of the best units in the game. The Compress PA unit reduces the charge time for all Photon Arts by 33%, effectively cutting the charge duration by 1/3. I assume you can see why that would be incredibly useful.

    In order to get the Compress PA unit you must first find the Bakery and then talk to the sister in the back. She will ask you to find her youngest sister, which will unlock the quest from the Guild Counter in town.


    In order to play the quest again you must find the Bakery again! But the first time you find it you should play it on HARD! If you play it on hard, and you have beaten all other quests on HARD, you will unlock the "Gaurdian of the World" Title. This is the title that will get you the "Compress PA" unit.

    In addition, you will be rewarded the Chef's Apron, although its not nearly as nice as the Compress PA unit obviously.

    Anything else?
    YES! Buy the spears that are at the Cake Shop! Just like the pizza place, these weapons are only attainable there, meaning if you want to add them to your weapons dictionary you must buy them at these places!

    Also, keep in mind that the Compress PA unit is NOT, I REPEAT NOT the reward for the quest itself! The compress PA unit is the reward for the title that you get from beating all 15 quests on HARD difficulty. The quest reward is the Chef's Apron.

    Lastly, you can only ever get the Compress PA unit ONCE. Thats not once per quest, or even once per character, thats once EVER. This is because the unit is a TITLE reward, and titles are shared between characters. So you probably dont want to go do something stupid like selling it or discarding it.

    TL: DR: What's the bare minimum I need to know about this?

    -Search every path in Ozette and Gurhacia! The Cake Shop ONLY appears in dead ends!
    -Talk to the sister in the back of the Bakery!
    -Do the quest on HARD difficulty!
    -The Compress PA unit is not the reward for the quest, it is the reward for the title of beating every quest on hard difficulty!
    -You can only play the Bakery quest once per finding of the Cake Shop. Make it count!
    -It doesnt matter what difficulty you FOUND the cake shop, you can choose to play the quest on any difficulty, so run gurhacia or ozette on normal if you want it fast!
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    Thank you so much. The boards have been in need of something like this for a long time.
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    Maybe now there will be less cake shop topics~
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    2 questions...

    1). Can the shop appear on a map you've already been to?
    I've heard yes, it can... just like rare spawns can show after you've cleared a map (I've seen this happen and had two chests on the same map).

    2). If so, is there a minimum time you need to wait (like 15 minutes for the shops items to change), or can you just keep going in/out of the screen to refresh?

    Also... Want one of these for the Pizza place!

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    Quote Originally Posted by twiztidsinz View Post
    2 questions...

    1). Can the shop appear on a map you've already been to?
    I've heard yes, it can... just like rare spawns can show after you've cleared a map (I've seen this happen and had two chests on the same map).

    2). If so, is there a minimum time you need to wait (like 15 minutes for the shops items to change), or can you just keep going in/out of the screen to refresh?
    No. And I am pretty certain about this. The Bakery is considered its own separate room, and rooms do not change. Also, that "refresh time" is, as far as I know, store only. If you get a rare spawn by backtracking you were always going to get a rare spawn by backtracking in that map. It wouldn't matter if you did it 15 minutes, 2 days, or even 4 years after you started the map. Its just a random occurrence the game chooses at the beginning of the map.

    In any case, the bakery doesn't behave that way anyways, it is its own separate room, You can even revisit it if you haven't left that map yet. Just remember to buy the spears taht are shop specific there.

    Also, although I do think that a Pizza guide would be useful, you do not get a quest or unit for finding that, thats why the bakery is so much more important.
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    Default What do you see on screen?

    So when you get the cake shop, do you walk down a path and it's the room you see? I'm just not clear on exactly what I should be looking for. Thanks.

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    Question! can you only find the cake shop in story mode or is it possible to stumble across it in Online/Wifi mode?
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    I am also curious as to if the cake/pizza shop appear on wi-fi or multiplayer mode.

    Also, does the Pizza shop only show up in these two areas as well? Sorry if that's a little off topic.
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    How much do the spears cost?

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