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    Default I'm keep dying a lot as a force

    My character is a duman force lvl95 job lol 30 and use all rods on my pallets and seem to die most of the time before finishing the mission
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    I have a Fo around the same level as you and she is mostly dead meat in some high rank A missions (not to mention S rank).

    So the only thing i can suggest you, don't rush the high rank missions, level up a bit so you can equip better armor and for that i recommend Gemaga - War of the Keep quest since The Latch Brothers ain't a treat at that level.
    Rearrange your Type abilities, use some Set bonuses, experiment with Modules put on 4 Feril / Legs and try your luck. But at the end of the day it's all about using the right techs on the enemies (so learn their weaknesses!!!).

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    Try binding Sazonde to a light attack button / chaining button, and use ranged spells in unison. If you make it a point to hang back a little bit, you'll find yourself not dying nearly as often. Also, avoid missions with Varhas, they're brutal against forces if you're not used to playing a defensive playstyle.
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