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    I believe you have to have CFW so you can run programs that people have made for these things. That's all I know. That, and I'll never try to put CFW on my PSP.
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    CFW is needed and a plugin that enables screenshots to be saved. As for recording, it can be done with CFW or a video out adapter for the PSP and a third party recording device like Dazzle.

    Videos will require the use of a computer regardless, and can't be saved directly to the system. There's also recording through a camera, but that depends on its quality.
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    Thanks punkrockjustin and blace for Helping! Got it now~!

    Here is Cure Melody form Suite Precure(remade in Phantasy star portable 2):

    My Character XD

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    This is my current screenshot.


    For more, all of my screenshots are here, including my old and current screenshots.

    Sorry, my screenshots are big, I just used my digital camera. lol

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    WOW nice maybe ill post mine too soon.
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    Hey fellas, as I promised, I'll update my screenshots. Sorry I'm late.

    PAGE 1

    PAGE 2


    NEW IMAGES ARE NAMED: 03-31-2013

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    Even though this thread is dead I'm still gonna post hehe..

    I'm really glad to see some old screenshots of my char here.
    Thanks lazyknight for your post way back 2 years ago.

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    BTW, here's a screenshot of my char
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    Oh yeah.... I guess I am. lol
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