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    Default S/T: 2 Spread Needles and some other things

    I have no use for the following due to more than obvious reasons (2012). You can enjoy these items for a bit before the servers close !

    For Sale/Trade
    2 Spread Needles
    Spread Needle/G 5/10
    50% 9/9 Ground Bil De Axe (yes again I know)
    Adahna Cannon
    Love Inferno 8/8
    Love Inferno 2/10
    47% Fire SangeYasha
    50% Fire Shura-Hiken (current status unknown)
    46% Ground Sanzu-Hiken (current status unknown)
    Rattlesnac 8/8 (in shop for 15 million)

    Sweet Smells!!!!!! (zomg no wai!) - to make these, you'll need to buy the synthesis board Sweet Smell from floor 2 on Clyez City. These require Sweet Berries (also purchasable at Clyez City) and Poison Truffles which are found in various places throughout Gurhal.
    Stuff! (no cyborz)

    PS: All trades must be done on/after March 8th! Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    I offer 20mil for the Rattlesnac!

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    lol one sec lemme raise the price past the other cheaper 8/8 rattlesnac so you can buy it at 20 million

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    30 million.

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    How are your techs comming along? You are lvling a techer right?

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    my techs are an amazing lvl 1 almost there!

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    Smart. Wait for MAG+.

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    エターナルブレイバー milranduil's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    probably wopal TA


    Even my JP techs are almost 41 now lol. Get with the program >_>

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    Hey man how much you want for the SangeYasha? I also have a 46% light Kan Yu maybe we can work that in? If not straight meseta will do, I'm going out as a Fighgunner want the best equips I can get my hands on

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    How about some meseta for the SangeYasha? I have no emotional attachment to it so I'll sell it for not too much

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