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    Exclamation Phantasy Star Thanks Festa (global) 2nd year public vote phase!!

    The event has come to the voting period.

    we would like you all to help us ranking of all the picture in the contest worked by our own community by voting 3 favorite pictures.

    Please look for them on the gallery. One person can vote up to 3 pictures, and there is no registration require.

    ***everybody can vote, no need to register, no need to be PSOWer***
    **the result won't be shown until the vote season end. there is still a week time remaining.**
    *Please view and vote each pictures in full size as they are all very hard work by your PSU follow*

    I would like everybody to help promote this out to enlarge voting pool and reduce bias on voting too!!

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    wow, some nice pics in there. il vote tommorow
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