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    At this point they should just have an NPC that says.

    "Hi! I'm Gallon! It's my Craaaaaaaaaaaazy blowout sale! Just about every weapon in the game for cheap!"

    At this point why not? Free Psycho Wands for all I say!

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    it would be cool with the PA BOOST EXP BOOST AND GRIND 100% so we can play every class one last time i always wanted an AT but never wanted to level techs

    also 300% drop rate so we can enjoy hunting items

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    To be honest, as much as I would love a boost for our servers, it might be a better idea to give the Xbox360 servers the boost aswell, or rather give them a boost.

    As so, those that are switching over have even more help to start new. In the end the boost that the PC/PS2 servers would get is just lost shortly after.

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    Piss on that, you can have the boost later, let us enjoy our final days in peace (and by peace I mean the endless slaughter of critters, rogues, and SEED-forms).
    Megid is just a form of male PMS.

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