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    Default Free 7* weapons (extras)

    I went on a run yesterday and got 2 Foie Haze in one room. Today I got an Alice Olivia wand.

    I use a Force, so I don't need the daggers and I already have a better Alice Olivia.

    Foie haze 0/0/0/0/0 no element Air Ride
    Foie haze 0/43/0/33/0 no element Reverse Kill
    Alice Olivia 0/0/0/0/49 no element Act trick

    Any offers?

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    you won't get anything for that >_<
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    Free 7* weapons (extras)

    Any offers?

    Lol. Just had to point that out. :P

    Anyways, I don't need 'em. I got better and I've been selling similar ones for quite some time now...
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    Chaos points everything out. BE CAREFUL OR HE WILL EAT YOU ALIVE!!! well welcome!

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