Today I want to talk about a clan I'm in the fallen angels, We don't focus on any one game, or console. We support every console and PC gaming. I have recently been elected to head the PSO division, hence my reason for posting this. I've been playing PSO since near day one, back on the dreamcast. I imported episode 1&2, and recently version 1.1, so I could play on the US servers. I'm always looking for people to game with. And TFA are always looking for new members. If interested, check out our forums, post around a bit, theres a sticky thread in the community forum that you can sign up on, if you want to become a full member. I have a clan party scheduled for this coming saturday on anteres 3, if you want you can come and check out some of our members in action. but that's about it, like I said, definately check out our boards, and get a feel for us, we're a tight knit clan, who love gaming.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see you on TFA, or at the clan party