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    Default PSOBB help with force

    I am thinking about creating a force preferably a support force so either a FOnewearl or FOmarl, I don't know which to choose or what to use for weapons

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    Hmm I don't use either so I can't really help all that much but here's what I can remember.

    FOmarl: Has Double Range with Shifta, Deband, and Anti. Increased power with Grants. Pretty decent with Melee and Gun type weps if you like to fight hands-on as well. Good Force both in Support and Attack Techs, as well as Melee and Guns, so she is almost an all-rounder.

    FOnewearl: Has Double Range with Resta and Anti. Increased power with basic Techs (Foie, Barta, Zonde). Able to penetrate enemies with Megid (other Forces need Evil Curst iirc to do so). Highest TP of Force classes. As a Newman, she can regenerate TP when standing still. Great Force in both Support and Attack Techs, but thats about it, she's not all that great in Melee or Gun combat and like all Forces, is rather squishy.
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    It really depends on what kind of character you want to play

    If you want to be essentially a pure caster, then go with a FOnewearl. The human Force characters aren't all that well-suited to being a pure caster (specifically the FOmarl) due to the fact that Humans have a lot of their stats allocated to other stats that aren't really important to technique usage, and the FOmarl in particular has the lowest MST potential out of all of the Force classes. For the FOmarl, it's generally true that you'll be more effective as a support character than an offensive caster (though that's not to say that you can't use offensive techniques - you'll still outclass anyone that isn't a Force, in that area).

    Stats and technique bonus unformation for the classes can be found here:

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    ima very unorthodox player and i just use a fonewm cuz they look cool/weird and as i figured out they do well with atk techs and ive just sort of gone with how things have gone for support, and hey, im having fun with it so it works for me, btw u might not wanna play bb theres a hacker there right now and theres a thread, i think in pso gen that tells u all the info u need to know about it

    here it is

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    I'd say go with FOmarl. From what I read they get 2x Resta, Anti, and S/D ranges (that's probably not true so if someone could point me to a link that can be provided that says otherwise, please do), but going on the above, using a Glide Divine with her will double the range of all support techs. Generally, FOmarl is the support Force (in my opinion) and should only attack enemies prone to Grants (grins widely at Zu and Dorphon being weak to Grants). Other than that, it's just Resta, Anti, Shifta/Deband/Jellen/Zalure when needed. If you use her with a Glide Divine and can avoid the MA games, where you'll be doing some heavy J/Z casting, you won't use a single fluid. Useful for helping low levels gain valuble EXP and not stealing a single point from them, while at the same time getting EXP yourself. Win-win.

    On another note: FOmarl is NOT a good offensive Force, at least with techs. Horrible. Except at Grants. If you want a support role mixed with offensive roles, go with FOnewearl, she can achieve both easily. If you want to just support, go with FOmarl.

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    FOmarl gets Double Range on Resta, Shifta and Deband, Anti, Jellen, and Zalure. Pair her with Glide Divine and you can Heal/Jellen/Zalure/Shifta/Deband anything in a room.

    Also if you want to do offensive damage with a FOmarl, Just get the right Technique boosting equipment. I have a Level 150 FOmarl and she does awesome offensively.

    I would recommend that you leave offense to solo mode, and Support always in groups. (:

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