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    Question PSZ Trade Board Assistance Topic + Item Value Index (PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!)

    Trade Board Assistance
    Well, I figured it’s probably about time one of these was made for this board, so I decided to take the liberty of making this, being I would probably know my way around the trading business, being who I am as far as trading goes. ;P

    Anyways, so I've been around here for a good deal of time... not as long as some people, but pretty good while for what I've done here. I've noticed a lot of things that just need to be said SOMEWHERE on this board visible for everyone to see so that ignorance is the only excuse for some of the things I've seen. <_<

    OKAY, for starters, when bringing about a topic here about wants or what you're trading, let's get out the biggest one first:


    It's pointless to make us have to ask just to make you do it anyways, okay? I could understand if you don't have the time at the moment to do it all and you TELL US that you didn't, but for the lazy people who are basically like, "Oh, I'm just gonna wait and see if anyone even thinks about posting before saying anything about the goodies I have," my comment to you is this: stop being lazy. With that off my chest, I feel I can continue this with a much better outlook.

    Trading Consumable Items
    Alright, so, with that out of the way, let's move on to listing the items you have, and what you should list with them. The most important thing for most items is, of course, how many you have of them. If you don't want to list how many you have, that's fine, but if you're going to say anything about having more than one, please, at LEAST tell us a generalistic amount, don't just say "I have SOME *insert item name here*", give us at the very least an estimation. 1? 2? 999? Something, anything!

    Trading Armors
    Now, that one only really applies to consumables and other things bought or obtained in multiples without any variances between the same item, such as units. Armors are a little bit different; you can list how many you have, but you also have to tell us how many SLOTS it has in it. Slots make a HUGE difference in the value of armors. I could care less so much about the grinds on it (unless its something with an insane grind limit, like Pizza Box, where it could consume my stock of Digrinders if ungrinded). Along with how many SLOTS they have, tell us how many of them you have, if more than one, and separate how many you have of each differentially-slotted armor of the same name. Keep your 2-slotted armors separate from you 4-slotted ones in counting them, okay? Here is an example:

    Normal Frame 3-Slot x3
    Normal Frame 2-Slot

    Or you could simplify it like how I did below:

    Rika's Suit 2Sx1 / 4Sx2

    Where the "2S" and "4S" indicate the number of slots they have, and the "x1" and "x2" indicate how many of that slot-amounted armor you have, with each separate-slotted armor being separated by a slash.

    Trading Weapons
    Now, for the grand finale of it all, weapons: this will be a long one, so bear with me on this. When telling us about your weapons, there is a LOT you have to inform potential traders, which are as follows:

    1) The weapon
    2) Its affinities
    3) Its element (and element level)
    4) Its Photon Art
    5) Its grind count

    And most importantly of all, one thing that most everyone seems to forget:

    6) WHETHER OR NOT IT'S BEEN PHOTON FORTIFIED ALREADY! (only applies to max-grinded weapons, of course; if possible, also tell which affinity was boosted by the fortification and by how much, as since it can go up by a max of 15% but as low as 5%, that 10% difference is very much reason enough to hate a person for fortifying an item, or even 5% in the offchance of a 10%-quitter)

    So, now with that there, you're probably wondering, "Uh, how will I get this information all out so I can easily type it out for everyone else to see without wasting too much time?" Well, it's really not that hard, as seen by my own trade topic. I made it simple, but it can be extended for various people who want to try and be different, but for the sake of this tutorial, I'll just give my very basic and efficient method:

    Common weapons with interchangeable elements, where the element and level are somewhat important for trades:
    (* if Photon Fortified) Element Name and Lv [if any] WEAPON NAME + Grinders used [COMMA] Native%/Beast%/Machine%/Dark%/ACC ADJ (don't include this if the weapon has no affinities) [COMMA] Photon Art (if any; put nothing if it has no PA)

    Rare weapons where the element can be important, but due to it not being able to be changed, isn't as important as the weapon itself:
    WEAPON NAME + Grinders used [COMMA] Native%/Beast%/Machine%/Dark%/ACC ADJ (don't include this if the weapon has no affinities) [COMMA] Element and Level of Element (if any; put nothing if there is no element) [COMMA] Photon Art (if any; put nothing if it has no PA)

    To simplify these for the people who have trouble comprehending all this, I'll give examples of both:

    Common weapons:

    1) Adoralphs+3, 14/0/44/0/0, Serpent Air

    As you can see, and Adoralphs grinded 3 times, with 14% in Native and 44 in Machine, with Serpent Air for a PA. It has no element, and is not Photon Fortified.

    2) *DrawLv2Rems Romulus+40, 0/0/0/27/31, Million Rave

    This here is a Rems Romulus, grinded 40 times, with 27% in Dark, and a 31 ACC ADJ, and has Million Rave for a PA. Unlike the Adoralphs from before, this weapon has been maximally grinded and Photon Fortified.

    3) Saber

    You may think this is wrong, but it's right in a way... it's a Saber, with no grinds, no affinities, no element, and no PA... what a pity.

    Rare weapons:

    1) M14 Missouri, 0/0/50/0/0, Heat Lv3, Wipeout

    This here is an M14 Missouri, with no grinds, with 50% (with 50 being the highest any affinity, even ACC ADJ, can have without being Photon Fortified; if Photon Forified, it can be as high as 65; any number over 50 indicates that the weapon has been Photon Fortified automatically, and if there's two numbers or more with over 50, then it's hacked) in Machine, with the Heat element at Level 3, and has the Wipeout Photon Art. Note that the M14 Missouri is a conditional rare, as noted in my listings below. As such, the element it has SHOULD NOT BE FORGOTTEN WHEN PUTTING THIS WEAPON IN YOUR LIST. This is a very vital piece of information readers should learn to know.

    2) *Eclipse Star+50, 32/26/38/18/20, Celeb Lv5, Force Ride

    A pretty long one, and in THIS instance, is a rare weapon that can come with any element (but Heaven) when picked up, but cannot be changed. It is an Eclipse Star, grinded 50 times, has 32% in Native, 26% in Beast, 38% in Machine, 18% in Dark, and an ACC ADJ of 20, with the Celeb element at Level 5, and the Force Ride Photon Art. This weapon has also been Photon Forified, as noted by the * at the front, but can you tell which affinity (besides ACC ADJ, since it can't be PF'd) has been increased, and by how much? Neither can I... which is why I'll show you THIS example:

    3) *Zero Saber, 0/54/24/0/0, Cross Rave

    Now, this might be confusing for some people: how can this weapon have no grinds and yet be Photon Fortified?" Well, that's what's special about Zero Weapons: they cannot be grinded, and can come with any element (besides Heaven) and any/no PA when picked up. However, even though they cannot be grinded, they can be Photon Fortified right off the bat, so watch yourself around these and make sure if they don't specify that they are not already PF'd. This one has obviously been PF'd in Beast, but we still don't know by how much. It also has 24% in Machine and the Cross Rave Photon Art.

    4) Pretty Parasol+45, 33/0/0/14/0, Draw Lv2, Beat Quake

    Now, this is an example of a "non"-conditional rare weapon. As such, it's element and/or (in this case, "and") Photon Art are set, meaning every number of this weapon found will always have it. If you need to know specific unconditional stats of certain weapons, feel free to check the Item Database here at PSO-world for more information on any weapon you would like to know about; if you want a quick-link to it, just click here). In this instance, we have a Pretty Parasol, grinded 45 times, has 33% in Native and 14% in Dark, and is set with Draw Lv2 and Beat Quake.

    Hopefully, this information will be helpful to all you wannabe Trade-Topic-Starters out there who need some insight before starting with the Big Leagues around. ;P

    Item Value Index
    Now, for what most people here will probably be coming to this topic multiple times for, is the Item Value Index, roughly and unbiasedly estimated item worth values by yours truly for the sake of giving the unskilled trading eyes the assistance they need to understand scams or scores. Here, you have every item here listed in alphabetical order in their respective values lists. These lists are, to the best of my ability, listed in as least biased of a way as possible by me, but being human, it’s not like I can’t make mistakes. If you feel an item is not where it belongs, feel free to tell me otherwise, and we can negotiate something out.

    List Legend
    * = Enemy part weapons and Tower-Only Items (if not “rare”)- For enemy part weapons, their %'s / element / PA have basically no effect on their overall value whatsoever, and to be honest, their original enemy part item is worth more than the weapon itself; in the case of both the Tower-Only Items and some/most enemy parts, they're common items that are sometimes treated as rares due to how they are found.

    ** = Rare - It is what it is: a rare weapon; element and/or PA comes standard on the weapon, and element cannot be changed on these ones, and they only sell for 10 meseta.

    *** = Conditional Rare- Rare weapons that can come with a random element and/or PA when they are picked up, or no element and/or PA, however the element cannot be changed; no conditional rare can have Heaven element, however. They still sell for only 10 meseta, however, which is how you can tell them apart from common weapons. (When listing any conditional rares in your own trade topic(s) and/or posts, do not forget to mention its element, as it is the element it has that makes conditional rares special!)

    Tier 1 - Common/Worthless
    (only purpose is for when you can't wield anything better, or for cataloging)

    All Resist Lv1
    All Resist Lv2
    All Resist Lv3
    Battle Armor
    Blue Danube
    Brigandine Armor
    Carl Gustav
    Celeb Element
    Chaos Element
    Chrome Cannon
    Chrome Carbine
    Chrome Claws
    Chrome Cutlass
    Chrome Daggers
    Chrome Fire
    Chrome Gun
    Chrome Lance
    Chrome Rod
    Chrome Shield
    Chrome Spear
    Chrome Sword
    Chrome Twins
    Chrome Wand
    Clear Bangle
    Clear Beam
    Clear Cane
    Clear Duplex
    Clear Fin
    Clear Knife
    Clear Maser
    Clear Pulse
    Clear Saber
    Clear Sabre
    Clear Shot
    Clear Staff
    Common Armor
    Cuirass Armor
    Dark Element
    Dark Resist Lv1
    Dark Resist Lv2
    Dark Resist Lv3
    Deo Arm
    Deo Bazooka
    Deo Calibur
    Deo Cannon
    Deo Cutter
    Deo Glaive
    Deo Mazurka
    Deo Pistol
    Deo Rifle
    Deo Ripper
    Deo Rocket
    Deo Slicer
    Deo Twins
    Double Blade
    Double Calibur
    Double Edge
    Double Rapier
    Double Sabre
    Double Spear
    Draw Element
    Edu Limit
    Ein Arm
    Ein Bazooka
    Ein Blade
    Ein Calibur
    Ein Cannon
    Ein Cutter
    Ein Glaive
    Ein Mazurka
    Ein Pistol
    Ein Rifle
    Ein Ripper
    Ein Rocket
    Ein Tact
    Emerald Sin
    *Garapython Fang
    General Frame
    Guard Material
    Gun Braver
    Gun Diva
    Gun Slash
    HP Material
    HP Recovery Lv1
    HP Recovery Lv2
    Hard Frame
    Heal Trap
    Heart Element
    Heat Element
    Heat Resist Lv1
    Heat Resist Lv2
    Heat Resist Lv3
    Heat Trap
    Hit Material
    Holy Sort
    Ice Element
    Ice Resist Lv1
    Ice Resist Lv2
    Ice Resist Lv3
    Ice Trap
    Iron Claws
    Iron Lance
    Iron Spear
    Jasper Roar
    Jell Element
    Ka Vorg
    Kutune Sirka
    Lapis Fang
    Large Scrap
    Life Element
    Light Element
    Light Resist Lv1
    Light Resist Lv2
    Light Resist Lv3
    Light Trap
    Magi Circuit
    Magi Processor
    ************************************************ MESETA ************************************************
    Meseta Element
    Mind Material
    Mist Robe
    Moon Atomizer
    Normal Frame
    PP Material
    PP Recovery Lv1
    PP Recovery Lv2
    Photon Drop
    Power Material
    *Python Bite
    Ray Bangle
    Ray Beam
    Ray Claymore
    Ray Duplex
    Ray Fin
    Ray Knife
    Ray Maser
    Ray Pulse
    Ray Shot
    Ray Staff
    Ray Wandstick
    Reflect Robe
    Reset Material
    Risk Element
    Roche Limit
    Rose Quartz
    Scale Armor
    Scape Doll
    Shield Robe
    Slow Element
    Shiny Scrap
    Shock Frame
    Sky Survey
    Small Scrap
    Sol Atomizer
    Soul Element
    St. Kilda
    Star Atomizer
    Stun Element
    Stun Resist Lv1
    Stun Resist Lv2
    Stun Resist Lv3
    Swift Material
    Trap Vision
    Twin Assault
    Twin Carbines
    Twin Fire
    Valiant Frame
    Vthra Weapon
    White Robe
    Wrath Fangs
    X Element
    Zalure Element

    Tier 2 - Situational/Uncommon
    (items that are situational at best, or rares gotten very easily)

    **12-Ouncer (Stun Lv1)
    **8-Ouncer (Ice Lv1)
    **8-Ouncer (X Lv1)
    Aegir Robe
    **Animal Hand
    Arquebus Armor
    **Berry Ice Beam
    *Black Barrel
    *Black Phobos
    *Blaze Roar
    *Blazing Mane
    Bloom Shower
    Blue Bulletta
    *Broken Horn
    *Crysta Hulse
    *Chaos Cannon
    **Chronos Scythe (Slow Lv1)
    Dark Resist Lv4
    *Dark Shard
    **Doppel Scythe (no variant affinities)
    **Doppel Scythe (with variant affinities)
    **Garland Zwei
    **Goof Swatter
    **Grow Shower
    Guardian Frame
    HP Recovery Lv3
    Heat Resist Lv4
    *Helion Roar
    *Helion Mane
    Ice Resist Lv4
    **Imperial Rod
    *Jade Hulse
    **Karakasa Jikomi
    Klau Solas
    ***Lieucon Stihl (without element or variant affinities)
    Light Resist Lv4
    **Lord Axeon
    Luxion Gun
    ***Missouri CX4
    *Octo Bazooka
    PA Save Lv1
    PP Recovery Lv3
    *Phobos Shard
    *Phobos Shoot
    Rappy Soul
    *Rems Romulus
    *Rohjade Scale
    *Scarred Horn
    ***Schwarz Stihl (without element or variant affinities)
    *Slimy Tentacle
    **Spirit Garb
    Stun Resist Lv4
    Tachyon Gun
    Taxion Gun
    Tech Save Lv1
    **Twin Ketchup (Jell Lv1)
    **Twin Mustard (Light Lv1)
    ***Twinkle Star
    **Witch's Broom
    Yellow Sun

    Tier 3 - Good Non-Rare/Rare
    (items that are moderately rare, or are useful more or less)

    **12-Ouncer (Soul Lv3)
    Ancient Robe
    All Resist Lv4
    *Arkharz Soul
    Asgard Frame
    **Bangasa Jikomi
    **Binary Saber
    **Bitter Berry
    *Black Drill
    **Bright Moon
    **Calamity Soul
    **Canon Rouge
    Carabinier Armor
    **Caster Broom
    **Chef Apron
    **Chronos Scythe (Slow Lv3)
    *Clear Scissor Twins
    Crimson Vis
    **Cutie Beam
    *Devil Bazooka
    **Diabolic Gauntlet
    *Dragon Horn
    **Dragon Wing
    *Draken Horn
    **Dymos Armor
    **Eaten Pizza
    **Eleanor Frame
    Element Boost
    **Emerald Tablet
    **Emperor Axeon
    *Femini Soul
    *Garahadan Fang
    **Gardening Wear
    **Garland Drei
    *Gigas Romulus
    ***H10 Missouri
    **Hollow Gimlet
    HP Recovery Lv4
    *Hadan Bite
    **Hunter Shell
    ***Lieucon Stihl (with element / variant affinities)
    ***M14 Missouri
    **Mascot Suit
    **Mellow Ice Beam
    **Milias Frame
    **Miyabi Hakama
    *Mobius Drill
    **Mobius Guarder
    **Octopus Suit
    PA Save Lv2
    PP Recovery Lv4
    **Pinky Beam
    **Pinky Hand
    **Pizza Box
    **Pretty Parasol
    *Radam Soul
    **Red Saber
    *Rohcrysta Scale
    Rouge Pulse
    **Scarred Tatami
    **Scissor Mech Guns
    **Seastar Slicer
    **Shinobi Suit
    **Sonic Laser
    *Squirmy Tentacle
    **Stag Cutlery
    **Stage Outfit
    **Star Cloak
    **Star Slicer
    **Starfish Slicer
    **Sweet Berry
    **Tatami Mat
    Tech Save Lv2
    Trois Souther
    **Twin Brand
    **Twin Ketchup (Jell Lv3)
    **Twin Mustard (Light Lv3)
    **White Saber
    **Workout Wear

    Tier 4 - Great Non-Rare/Very Rare
    (items that may be difficult to find, or have good versatility for use)

    **Akatsuki Fu
    Alice Olivia
    All Resist Lv5
    **Bloody Gimlet
    **Blue Saber
    **Celesta Laser
    **Crescent Cast
    **Curse Answerer
    Dark Protect
    Dark Resist Lv5
    ***Eclipse Star
    Foie Haze
    **Gale Bringer
    Grand Chariot
    **Goth Parasol
    ***H44 Missouri
    HP Recovery Lv5
    Heat Protect
    Heat Resist Lv5
    **Heavy Dumbbell
    *Hemera Drill
    Ice Protect
    Ice Resist Lv5
    *Kepler Suit
    **Liese Garland
    Light Protect
    Light Resist Lv5
    ***M25SE Missouri
    ***Milias Sword
    ***Missouri RX4
    **Mobius Plate
    **Noble Cloak
    PA Save Lv3
    PP Recovery Lv5
    **Rika's Suit
    ***Riverman Missouri
    ***Schwarz Stihl (with element / variant affinities)
    Slow Protect
    *Soniti Soul
    Stun Protect
    Stun Resist Lv5
    *Tartaros Cannon
    Tech Level Boost
    Tech Save Lv3
    **Twin Violets
    *White Barrel
    *White Drill
    **Yasminkov M95
    **Yonohate Fu
    ***Zero Cane
    ***Zero Rifle
    ***Zero Saber

    Tier 5 - Super Rare
    (RARES that are either only a handful of / are generally extremely hard to get)

    **Akatsuki In
    **Al Azif
    **Big Hemera
    **Big Mobius
    **Canon Bleu
    **Clair Doubles
    **Fuuma Shuriken
    **Kouga Shuriken
    **Lavis Kanon
    ***Milias Breaker
    **Phantasma Gauntlet
    **Psycho Wand
    **Rage Tonfa
    **Rika's Claw
    **Twin Psychoguns
    **White Disaster
    **Yasminkov M109
    **Yonohate In

    Tier 0 – One-Time Only
    (items that you can only get one of MAX per cart; have no REAL value, but are valued nonetheless)

    **Blade Cannon
    **Compress PA
    **Game Master
    Heaven Element
    **Hylian Shield
    Lassi Soul
    **Mikkumiku's Leek
    **Nintendo Power
    **Pipe Bazooka
    **Power Beam
    Puyo Soul
    **Selvaria's Shield
    **Selvaria's Spear
    Toppi Soul
    **V-Jump Shield
    **V-Jump Slicer
    **Warp Pipe Bazooka

    Mags would be in a tier all their own, except that they’re COMPLETELY subjective in value because it’s all on the player’s decision on what’s good and what’s not, be it PB, Nature, Stats, or even color or breed. However, since I don’t want to be lazy on this in any way, I stuck the word "Mags" in the list with an asterisk, hoping someone would wonder what it meant and look down for this.

    I will list every mag here, alphabetically (not statiscally) for simplicity of not separating them alphabetically in the list (images for all mags, as well as certain "set" Photon Blasts and stat conbinations for them can all be found from clicking here):


    Remember, when putting Mags into your trade list, don't forget to mention all five things about them:

    1. Level and Stats (most important for most people)
    2. Photon Blast (fairly important to a great deal of people)
    3. Nature (important to a lot of people)
    4. Mag Name (not too important, but good for aesthetics in the cases of non-soul mags)
    5. Mag Color (not really important, but for some peoples' aesthetical choices, are SOMEWHAT important)

    And that's about it for them!

    (Disclaimer: The values of any interchangeable item (such as weapons with affinities, elements, and PAs, or armors and their slots) are all subjective in value, and therefore can be valued in different tier levels based on their performance abilities. The values of certain items, regardless of tier, are also subjective; common items of the same tier are generally not valued the same as rares of the same or different tiers. Rarities listed in this list is a generalized view of their rarity by myself and how they are generally valued among the trading realm [as I have seen]. As such, this list may not be the same for everyone; the value of any given item on this list could be viewed differently by one person than another. Results may vary. Check your local trader for how they value a certain item if you are unsure, however let this list be a generalized guide on the value in the case you are unsure about how much they value an item. If you believe they are valuing an item above what you think it is, and it feels like they value something more than one tier above its place on this list, or a "common item" being treated on the same level as a tier 5, then it's probably a scam.)

    Data Resources
    Helpful Links listed in this topic in their respective areas are also listed here, for easy finding directly from this topic:

    Phantasy Star Zero Item Database
    (Lists every item in the game, with images, stats, and much more. Come here if there's anything specific you need to know about certain items.)

    Phantasy Star Zero Mag Evolution Chart
    (Lists every Mag, as well as their specific stat combination for non-soul type mags, and the Photon Blasts they would be fixed with if not found in Paru. Very useful Mag-related information.)
    Last edited by Chaos Rappy; Jan 30, 2011 at 04:15 PM. Reason: Updated topic with useful links at bottom of post; also, many thanks to Ryna for the sticky.
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    I've been a statistical exception as far as anything has proven to me.
    That's an understatement...
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    I don't get the Morgenlote being ranked higher than the gigas. The gigas has better ATP, and I find that it's rare. Just the random 2 cents that I throw to a random thread.

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    Because the way you find it is the same as a regular Romulus, which is just a regular Tower rare, and therefore, if I had to move Gigas Romulus up, I'd have to move every single other tower rare to its level. You have to remember, I sort them by tiers based on rare and common, so as the DISCLAIMER at the bottom says, rares and commons in the same tier may not be on the same level of rareness. *cough* <_<
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    I've been a statistical exception as far as anything has proven to me.
    That's an understatement...
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    Disclaimer: chaos is pudding.
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    Of course, it's a rather rare item there, from my understanding, plus you have to run SH ET to get it, something that takes a lot of work just to build up the willpower to do. IDK, might just be my desparate want for a high-level gigas talking here.

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    If I wanted that to be the case, Seth, do you think that Axeon, Romulus, other such rares like it should all be moved to a Tier 4 level of rareness, then? The way they're found is the exact same, so they should be considered of the same level of rareness.

    Does that sound like it would make all too much sense in the end? Not too likely... however, as the disclaimer says, the list is supposed to be the least subjective it can be possible, however, the fact remains that the tiers do not dissociate from rares and commons, and as such, comparing commons to rares of the same or different tiers just isn't possible (in most cases;that's why Tier 5 is ONLY for rares).
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    I've been a statistical exception as far as anything has proven to me.
    That's an understatement...
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    In other words, there are overlaps between the tiers.
    Where the rares of one tier might surpass a common from another based on opinion and the situation.
    Is that correct?
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    Yup... and even the rarity of a weapon may surpass the rarity of another weapon of the same category. The painful case-and-point, Blue Saber being a Tier 4 and the other coloured sabers being Tier 3, because the only thing that drops it are the Mothers of Normal/Hard and Reyburn on Hard, whereas Red Saber is Eulids on Normal and Hard, and White Saber is Eulids on Hard and SH. <_<
    Quote Originally Posted by Broken_L_button View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Chaos Rappy View Post
    I've been a statistical exception as far as anything has proven to me.
    That's an understatement...
    ~Keeper of 1000 Rappy Souls~
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    will other items, such as, units, armors, mag souls, etc., be added to this list?

    edit: oh ok, ^ ^;;
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    By DMXDOG in forum PSO Trading (Closed)
    Replies: 10
    Last Post: Apr 28, 2001, 02:01 AM

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