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    Default need price list

    Does anyone know where i can find price list who is updated soon. I have items but i dont know how much to pay, help please. And need also for price for spells?

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    Quote Originally Posted by marevuksa View Post
    Does anyone know where i can find price list who is updated soon. I have items but i dont know how much to pay, help please. And need also for price for spells?
    Yeah, it's good to use a updated guide. Earlier some guy who hadnt played in a while traded me a bunch of adepts for a jacked up gael giel. he thought he was getting a better deal not knowing the drop rate for limiters were reduced and that d-photon core cells were given away by the basket full in a quest.

    with that said i'd like to know where to find such a thing too. overall though i think the old price guides are still valid seeing as the most valuable items are always hard to find and cost over 100 pds..
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    Go check around on the servers forums, you may find something there. If you continue to ask/search here, well then, all's I can say is, good luck, you're really gonna need it

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    You don't need luck, just google >_>

    All you need to know, and yes the server forums also have one but I had difficulty finding that when I last looked, plus I don't think it's updated that much. Whereas this website is updated. Still this gives a rough idea of prices.

    I can't see how this is an infringment as it isn't the private server forums but hopefully someone won't find an issue with it as its better than this website for PSO info in my opinion


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    That Price guide is crap, I fixed some of it. (it said Double Cannon goes for 1000+ pds. >_> but I fixed it.)

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    That's because anybody can edit it and people are stupid. Seriously, Double Cannon is priced at 600+ or something like that, and Dark Flow is at 350+. Like...seriously?

    But anyway, just ask for a price check on the forums if you find anything useful with nice hit. Shit without hit is only worth 1-2pds in general, and Ubers are auction worthy so price checking them is pointless anyway.
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    PSO-World is a game?

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