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    Possible a Character Creation utility so people could plan out the basics of their first/new character?
    I've seen this done for a number of other games such as Diablo II and Asheron's Call to name a few and i personally found them very usefull.

    Just a thought ;D

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    The games those were for, were a little different as far as character creation and leveling up. They gave you a bit of options for each level up, weather it was to distribute stats or choose a new skill, etc. We have been planning a stat calculator, basically you enter your base stats.. then the levels of your mag, you can boost either as you wish and see the final outcome of your character + your mag bonus. This was to replace the virtual mag, what do you think?

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    Sounds like a great feature.

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    Great idea! gideon!

    That would be really helpful!

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    Instead of just listing some of the weapons, maybe list the ways one might obtain the weapon. Jazz has the same thing on their website, but it is in japanese. Ex. Supa Dupa Blaster, Stats......Description: Legendary Butt Kicker, Found: Hard Caves 1 and 2. You get the idea

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    I suppose we could, but that would be a bit of disinformation, as weapons.. with the exception of a few, are random.

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