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    Kenbog - good news I asked Sega to do just that add the Musk Cat in as a PM/Mag. And guess what thru the Cast race in PSO2 you can make other races I made a Dezorian it was awesome, I have pic's of it and it was a Force too. hope they do add more stuff in the character creation with the fleshies so make more accurate character's from Classic PS or there offspring form those races.
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    Wow -- very enjoyable thread to read! Nice job!

    It's hard for me to decide this one. I'd say Amy from PS2. Her effect on the party can be tremendous, especially at higher levels if you care to get her there. (I go nowhere without her!) As long as you keep her level competitive with your main, she will keep you alive. She can render Mother Brain nearly harmless (but not totally) with repeated buffs and heals. She can even counter Darkforce as long as he doesn't key on her right away...but I am aware that he can definitely end your game no matter what if you're unlucky.

    I also got to take my hat off for Rhys (PS3). He is the man. NPC's still talk about him after he is gone and his mission is one of the roughest! A high amount of grinding is necessary at times. Especially in the early to mid part. He has a long way to go with only a companion or 2. Extreme meseta shortages will plague him forever if you're into equipping your party with strong weapons and armor (definitely when he has all 4 companions).
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    Zio. Completely bad ass.

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    Rune was by far my favorite character (plus his theme was awesome), but Kyra and Raja were a close second.

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    I'm absolutely partial to Mieu and Wren. Those guys were loyal to the royal families for thousands of years. Seeing Wren pick Sean up and evacuate was one of the best moments of the series, up there with Nei's spoiler.

    I also like Anna and Alys. This series does tough women very well. No spell casting cliches here. Instead the strongest characters are women, and the best spellcasters are men.
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    I'd have to go with Lutz and Rune Walsh. I like how they were both kinda cocky and rude.

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    Eusis, The first overpowered hero XD.

    Wren and Chaz were close though.

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    PS1 - Alis, She was the first heroine in an RPG ever so respect
    PS2 - Nei, She is THE Newman so you know, also she was nice
    PS3 - Rhys, I don't know he was kinda cool. I guess
    PS4 - Wren, Real nice damage dealer
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    Fav: Sarissa from PSŲ
    Least fav: Leia Martinez from PSU episode 2

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