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    Default PS3, What pulled you in?

    For me I'd have to say that as the game first loads the title and you get treated to that epic opening score, my favourite on any game to this date actually.

    But what did you guys like? what pulled you in?
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    Right off the bat? Music, atmosphere, and characters designs.

    In the long run, the generations system, and the best revelation in the entire series

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    First off the opening music, downright epic imo. Also it was the first game I ever owned and is responsible for my love of RPGs.

    2)I loved the difficulty of this game, I loved how the story didn't hold your hand and walk you through the game by telling you exactly where to go and when. You acually had to explore the towns and talk to people for info and gossip.

    3)The way that your goal slowly changes by little eents throughout the game. It all starts as a quest to rescue your beloved and as the plot unfolds you discover the big picture.

    4)And finally, I loved how the people who join you don't just randomly show up and join you (for the most part). The story gave you a reason to seek these people out and you had to go find them.

    To this date, this is still my favorite PS game. While it didn't have the same development as the others or the same story progression, it was more unique and kept me interested a lot easier than the others.
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    The opening theme, the character artwork, the detailed character sprites, the generational story, and the science fiction elements bluntly juxtaposed with the supposedly natural surroundings with no initial explanation. Despite everything else going against PSIII, it's still pretty cool. Also, I love how each additional party member gradually fleshes out the world map theme.

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    Despite being the oddball of the series, I ended up liking PSIII quite a bit. Most of the music is quite good, an heck, I love the ADD battle music too. The monster design struck me as a bit odd (and it got even more weird the further you went into the generations) but it did bring us the rappy.

    I wouldn't mind a remake of PSIII either, but I don't think that will ever happen.

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    Default Endings

    The one thing that pulled me into Phantasy Star III was the changable soryline. When I learned there were 6 different endings to the game, I was in.
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    I played the series in order, one after the other, so I was pretty much set on playing it, but the character design is actually what initially got me interested. I watched Youtube videos and thought the characters with their capes just looked pretty stylish. I actually like the overworld graphics, they're more muted and graceful looking than usual.

    I love the dungeon music, too, and the creepy music from the temples. One of the main things I love is that it has a pretty fascinating, dark story, that for some reason gives me very Gene Wolfe vibes (with all the awesome generational/cyclical sci-fi themes, with poor androids wandering around forgetting who they are, with these vague memories of a prior age).

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    Well, I would have to say it wasn't much of a choice for me. When I was young, my dad had played the first Phantasy Star, then III (I think he skipped the second one. Heresy!!!) I was still in the single digits age-wise when I remember first hearing the awesome opening music. I'm almost borderline addicted to the dungeon theme! I've been humming it for years!

    And besides that, I'm making a live-action movie based around III, so naturally it was time to play the game all the way through. I played through the generations up until I completed the Aron timeline and the game was truly epic. When I finally encountered Dark Force, seeing that he had multiple body parts to target, I was a little nervous that he might blow me away, much like the final boss of Legend of Legaia 2 did. Fortunately for me, Dark Force was a pushover. :P

    Speaking of the music, I was bored one day and tossed together a few of the tracks being used in Phantasy Star Prime to make a sort of "collage" track. There are a few classic Phantasy Star tunes mixed in there if anyone is interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainPlanet View Post
    I'm almost borderline addicted to the dungeon theme! I've been humming it for years!
    I feel exactly the same way. PS III has a number of good songs, but that dungeon theme is just immortal for me. It's a good thing, because you sure spend enough time in those darn dungeons! It's just so driving and dark and yet imminently hummable.

    I love that song so much I just started learning it tonight, along with the shrine music and the second castle theme. I'm going to try to cover them all soon.

    This series just has such amazing music. All of the classic games have really memorable tunes.

    That was awesome seeing Phantasy Star Prime on the big screen, by the way. That had to have been pretty exciting.

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    Everything about this one was great, it was quite different aside the rest of the classic PS games. What pulled me in was the generation plot, a very good concept that was utilized. The possibilities of the next hero along with the change in plot is something I would love to see happen again with an RPG (In fact I crave a remake of this, perhaps another sega ages?) The difficulty was great, even didn't feel like I could just run through a single random encounter without a scratched... and finally the music. What really kept me playing it was the music in battle, how it would change up depending on the situation. A great classic.

    This is still my favorite phantasy star game to date.
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