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    NOTE: The post does have spoilers. Do not read this if you didnt beat the game yet.


    I was playing the games in order, but what got me interested in the third game was when I found out that you were on a space ship that escaped from Palma during the explosion in part 2.

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    I've been playing the entire Phantasy Star series in order for the first time recently, and despite people calling this game the worst in the series, it is my favorite so far.

    Major cons are definitely backtracking, town design, and some of the music...other than that, I loved the entire experience. I liked how the battles flowed, and I liked all the subtle little story elements, such as Mieu and Wren sticking with the royal family for generations. What cool robots!


    I got the Sean ending, and that was interesting. I'm still only part-way through IV, but I'm hoping the whole black hole/Earth thing ties into the series somehow.

    Of all the games, I'd want this one remade the most. PS I doesn't have enough content, PSII's been remade already, and PSIV still stands the test of time well. PSIII has the most unrealized potential, that could easily charm a modern audience if done right.

    It should be no surprise that this game got my attention however, as some of my other absolute favorite games in the world are Fire Emblem 4 and SaGa Frontier II.
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    On my first playthru, third generation Crys. Playing the classics in sequence.

    Going into it aware of the game's reputation, it was easy to notice the things that lower the metascore (if it even has one?) Ahhhrrg so painful to walk into the same town again, with the same empty houses! I have to walk straight back to where I was?????

    However the appreciation started building with the music first, and then the storyline really building interest towards the end of Gen 2. Now in the midst of Gen 3, I am captivated by the story and easier exploration, fresh wave of fiendish and bizarre monsters, and some real challenge (I have run from many battles to avoid levelling)

    I was nostalgic joy. II was as awesome as it was brutal. III . . .Intrigue, I now love the game. . . . . .I feel that III stands on its own AND fits in MY imagination just fine as cannon.

    Therefore, I expect to be BLOWN AWAY when I get to IV.

    When the hell is V going to be made?
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    PSIII is definitely the one most people go from hate to love the more they play it or just think on it. I was actually replaying it recently, modded a rom to make it easy mode and played though the first generation, I expect to play all 7 characters this time and get all 4 endings. I was also reading the retranslation while playing it, it felt more complete in some parts.

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    Interesting way to do it, I could skip most of gen 1 as well with save files, but I don't know. . . . Please post here to let us know if the alternate stories are worth the time investment. Thanx
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    Well, I think it was the 2nd RPG I ever played and beat. The first was Dragon Force and I didn't get into Final Fantasy because my battery wiped its memory when I got a few hours into it and lost interest. I was kind of behind the RPG curve in the early 90s, so PS3 really blew my mind. I ended up going back to play PS2 also, which I had to mail order from EGM, because you couldn't buy it in a store.

    The music was unbelievable in PS3! It has stuck in my mind for a long time. The town theme is the best.
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    There might not (And should not) be a V.

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