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    Default Official PSZ video capture guide thread?

    I looked around this one and didnt see a guide on how to do video captures
    anyone make a guide yet? i asked play-asia & amazon, there seems to be nothing to capture video directly from DS/DSi to another screen. PSP has a component cable that would let me do that. i would hate to use my camcorder to film on DSi, would prob look stupid.

    How are all these videos of people playing getting uploaded to youtube? they're playing the emulator, aren't they????
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    I think that an emulator or a less-than-optimal offscreen solution will be your best bet, unfortunately. I wanted to try to make videos of my S rank trauma center playthroughs and never found a better video solution. ;A;

    If you are bound and determined, I would suggest using some creative manner of tripod or something else to keep the DS completely still while you play it, as well as one for the camera.
    If you go this route, it is my opinion that you use lighting--and not play the DS in the dark.

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    i have yet to find a emulator that can run PSZ, but that's for another forum, another site

    AFAIK DS consoles aren't capable of video output so the only logical answer is to use an external camera/camcorder to record the video. you can tape it to your hat/helmet while you play or have a friend hold it. i don't care, whatever works
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    Shakey cam! Seriously though, get a small tripod for your video camera and a stand for your DS and with some zoom and video editing you can have a decent video. It won't be as good as some other video caps for other consoles/computers but you really don't have much of a choice.

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