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Thread: Character Names

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    Default Character Names

    What is your inspiration for your character`s names?

    In PSO2, I will probably use at least two names I`ve used before: Googlebonker and Rhonda. Maybe Uvueanthoranmarinia, too, but I`ll want to see how much character space there`ll be.

    The word "googlebonker" is a "made-up word" from 1st or 2nd grade. I started using it online. Anywhere you`ve seen a Googlebonker, it was probably me. I think I`ve seen a "GoogleBonker" once.

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    My main character is me. So... simple enough. Though I want him to look like his PSO self.

    A few of my other characters I just pulled names from a book, like Satsuki.

    AR-7, being a RAcast, is Animatronic Ranger 7

    And Bob... he has a long story behind him. Short story, TimeSplitters Future Perfect. Wanted to name him John Q Public, but didn't have enough digits. So I went short and named him Bob. He was a security then. He was a RAmar in PSO. A stormtrooper in SW Battlefront 2. And a random spartan in Halo series.

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    HUcast. (You know.)

    RAcast ( That ^ )

    Diablo ( HUmar i inhered when i started psogc For the first time. He was Lv.17.)

    HUbeastarl ( Was my friends idea but... It was my PSU Atoti. Not his. I Came up with the name. He made her.)

    FOnewm( Check Above Again! )

    Sakura ( A homage to the good ol anime called "Cardcaptors"... Good times. Good times.)

    Suzy ( Little bro's PSP2 Char. Honestly i have no idea how.)

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    LK1721, LK or LK17 for short.
    LK is taken from the L&K 14 Combat mech guns from PSO, they were among my favorite weapons.
    17 and 21 are my lucky numbers.

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    Named my first HUcast that in around 3rd grade on the GC. Shortly after watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

    Always liked the name and it is also a homage to my favorite manga series, ARIA.

    When my brother played Diablo 2 with me he suggested that as a name for my Paladin.

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    Don't know, and I probably won't know until I'm at the character creation screen. A lot will depend on the customization options and what flows from it... then let the character speak to me. Though I have been kicking around a few possibilities for a female wartecher/HUnewearl type Numan female.

    If she has a softer look; Nicaea or Nicene.
    The name comes from a unification council in early Christian history under Emperor Constantine.

    If she has a harder look; Perestroika (Maybe corrupted, like Perez Troika, or Paristroika, or some-such. Could also be a good RAcaseal name to carry the torch of my PSO caseal) Perestroika means "Reconstruction" in Russian, and it was a political movement during Gorbachev's rule.

    For a male character... maybe Alyosha for a human male, or Orestes for a Cast male.
    Alyosha is the name of a character from The Bros. Karamazov, and Orestes is the name of the 5th century prefect of Alexandria who clashed with the Bishop (St.) Cyril over whether the city should be Christian or remain secular - ending in the burning of the library of Alexandria by hordes of angry Christians and the brutal murder of the philosopher Hypatia.
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    I just give my characters random names (sometimes real names sometimes not) that I think sound cool.

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    Depending on how classes work in PSO2, my gun using robot will be named Lachesis and my human melee guy will be Foln. Both of these are the names of PSO characters and they've stuck around for the other PS games.

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    Uvueanthoranmarinia was a name I came up with when trying to fill or nearly fill the space for a character name in PSU. Her name was partially based off "Uvueanna," a name I once used for Yuffie in Final Fantasy 7.

    Noelem Ahc came from the word "chameleon" (look at it backwards). He was a PSU character, so I could change his skin color.

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    I have always used the name Max for almost anything i do online. it started with my first PSOgc character, and iv always liked the name, so i stuck with it.
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