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    Default What are you listening to?

    What are you listening to?

    What are you listening to ?
    what type of music. any genre. band, musician, artist. etc

    Music can be divided into many genres in many different ways. These classifications are often arbitrary and closely related styles often overlap. Many[who?] do not believe that generic classification of musical styles is possible in any logically consistent way, and also argue that doing so sets limitations and boundaries that hinder the development of music. While no one doubts that it is possible to note similarities between musical pieces, there are often exceptions and caveats associated. Labeling music with genres often do not reflect a specific culture, race, or time period. Larger genres comprise more specific sub genres.This list is split into four separate pages:
    all genre's of music.

    List of styles of music: A–F

    List of styles of music: G-M

    List of styles of music: N-R

    List of styles of music: S-Z

    Biography of Music
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rauga View Post
    Foo Fighters. <3

    I've had a lot of Phish stuck in my head lately.

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    Loooooooooooooove this song.
    Nothing is sacred. Not that it ever was.

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    My youngest son screaming because he doesn't like taking a bath

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    When Ghost/Deconstruction hits later this year, brains are going to melt.

    She's a summer love in the spring, fall and winter

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    this song she is playing.

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    Do you remember, when you last saw me you told me I can stay or I can go if I wanted?

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    Band: The Raveonettes.
    Song: Suicide.
    Album: In And Out of Controll]
    Fun Fact(s)!: This band was influenced by The Velvet Underground! They are also Danish.

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