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    Default Role Play Characters

    Post your many many Role Play Characters here.
    Make them post by post sequence so as you need be post back for info bout them: (ex: )

    So a pretty good templete would be (with my own example below)

    Name: Sayara
    Age: 21
    Specie: Newmen
    Gender: Female
    Class Characteristics: Acrotecher, support healing, medicore combat skills, below average range skills.

    Apperance physical - Slim, upper torso, with pudgy legs. Size C bust (actual measurements: H 6'0, W 135lb, 36C,) Purple long hair
    "" Clothing - Poofy Miniskirt with black frills, purple tights underneath, skull shaped knee guards cover her knees. Her socks blend into her tights, with her shoes curl into a sharp point. Black open button shirt with a red tie. Middriff exposed. Its sleeveless. Swan type mask on his face,

    Personalitly - She is a very uneasy girl. She tells herself that she is a great hero, but she is actually very lousy at fighting. She often falls into a "need help" person, despite what she says elsewise. She has a stronger focus to helping someone out over helping herself. Almost a selfless morality type of feeling. In terms of communications, she prefers not to talk if not needed, she has a tough time saying what she really means.

    Weapons - Dual Scissors (Two sharp design based scissors of stainless steel made in neudaiz), Stormic with only Dark Photons loaded into it. (She says its because it looks cool.), Tesbrac (bootlegged from neudaiz's yohmei corp, manual labor healing device A), Vish Diraga (with Dark element), Pegi (Automated healing unit type B)
    Fightstyle- Sayara usually acts accordingly to her weapon choice:
    With D.S. - Frantic stabby type offense. Provides her with no range, and no protection. It is a last minute survival tactic weapon, but has its functions outside of combat.

    With Tesbrac+Stormic Combo - Sayara #1 Manual Labor Healing Technique #1. Smacks her wand onto whomever needed assistance. Its a fake... so it doesn't work 100% accurately. Sayara has a tough time aiming with her stormic's lack of a sight, she doesn't have any other photon besides Dark element because "purple is the majestic hero color!"

    With Vish Diraga+Pegi combo - Sayara #2 Automatic Healing Technique #2. Pegi actually proves to be a good healing unit. It just constantly dispurses a healing stream from its mouth at all times. A dangerous idea when her whip attracts enemies to go after her. She is interestingly powerful with a whip it seems. . .

    Likes - purple objects
    Dislikes - People taking off her mask

    This will be floating sticky so feel free to bump/post as often as you like. Please, ONLY profiles here. No outside chat.
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    Name: Xefizyxen (pronounce as ze-fi-zai-sen)

    Class: Celestial

    Gender: none as a celestial. female as a human.

    Age: approximately 1 million.

    Human Form - center of image

    Xefi's Celestial form -

    weapon - "White Mist" a small sword with misty effect when strike.

    speacial abilities: can break weapons to pieces and slice enemies. when near
    death, becomes berserk and attack with the intention to kill. in berserk mode, can heal
    self and recover lost limbs.

    History: when she was alive, was abandon by humanity and driven away because of
    her odd appearance (human form) and dark aura. she drown herself in the sea and die.
    Zyxenfryz save her soul and made her the "Amythyst Knight." given extrodinary celestial
    power from Zy, Xe becomes the strongest of all the normal celestial and becomes the
    right hand knight for Celestial Queen.

    Xefi's theme song -13th Songs-

    NOTE: nice sticky Saya. i like this. :3
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    HUcast V.1

    Age: 12

    Model Name: Sa/K-11v.α "First Child"

    Race: Cast

    Gender: Male

    Birthplace: Long forgotten.

    Class: Hunter

    Height: 6' 8"

    Favorite Parts: Only seen wearing a HUcast Replica.

    Personality: Confusing & Odd to new people and Straightforward to friends

    Preferred Weapons: Anything along the lines of Hunter classes but has a touch for Double Sabers and seen with Twin Handgun type weapons rarely.

    Likes: Experimenting and working in the Sakura Corp labs, Battling in the Simulator and Relaxing on breaks.

    Dislikes: Boredom and people who think there almighty when in reality there not. In general he hates people who are all bark, but no bite.

    Jobs: Vice President/Researcher of Sakura Corp, Owner of his own shop called "HUcast's Shop Of ∞ Wonders" and also the host of the Shout!CAST Radio program.

    : Kevin Sherwood & Brian Tuey - "WTF"

    Personal Quote
    : "*Beep* If life is very confusing, Ask your self this. Am i the Confusing one? Or are they the Confusing one? Something like that."

    Short Bio
    As described from his mother, "What every Cast should have been and more." After being created he thought why not spice up life? And so he did. He's been though messes hes not proud of but he just keeps going or rather, easy going. His parts are able to fall apart and peace back together with great ease and if one arm were to disappear or explode, A new one pops out. Even if his head is demolished, Broken, Snapped off it a new one always pops out as if it was some kind magic even though is circuitry is a well guarded Sakura Co secret just like the metal he's made out of. Rumor has it that he's made out of what the Psycho Wand is made out of but, that is only 1/4 right. It's very hard to describe what this cast really is but no one seems to matter about that when they see his rapid recovery systems in action and gasp. 1st Model in the series.

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    Copy 'n paste from the first operative report, with some minor tweaks here and there:


    Serizawa, Miya
    Age - ? (appears to be 16, 17)
    Race - ?
    Gender - Female
    Family - ? (brother?)
    Current status - Unknown

    Not much is known about Serizawa. She prefers to be called by her last name for unknown reasons. Does not speak often, and to few people. Described as aloof yet extremely capable by her colleagues. Appears to have developed a friendly relationship with Emilia Percival, now known as Emilia Muehler, and has apparent previous ties with significant figures such as Ethan Waber, the Divine Maiden, and the President of the GUARDIANS.

    Her background and family are unknown. She has, however, implicitly mentioned an older brother. She is the creator of the female assault-type CAST Teana.

    While Serizawa exhibits physical features very similar to that of Newmans, her physical capabilities do not match that of Newmans. Her physical strength is on par with a strong human, with the mental strength and power and (notes on this edit in file marked CONFIDENTIAL) reflexes of a Newman. However, reports show that despite her bodily strength, she is not accustomed to taking damage and is not very proficient at absorbing it.

    Often operates missions alone. Former GUARDIAN, but disappeared from duty for about a year before suddenly reappearing in the Sea Bed Ruins while mixing in with the Little Wing group conducting a study there. Her motives for doing so are unknown, though she seems to have accomplished some personal goal while there.

    Prefers to use light, maneuverable weapons. Occasionally uses heavier weapons under certain conditions. Excels in one-on-one combat.

    Serizawa's current status is marked as unknown. She is actively participating in missions and can be found sporadically, but does not follow any specific orders nor is her last known position easy to track. Although she played a major role in resolving the Rykros incident, it is difficult to say if she can be trusted or not, due to her attitude towards others. Approach with caution.



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    I have a bunch of characters, but I'll just post information seen on any characters I personally involved in the Role Play thread.

    Taken from the Six Square Circus Chronicles:

    Tynselle - I have much backstory, on this site, to repeat much of her. But I'll do a very quick but flat summation of her.
    Age: In actuality, in her early 20s. Her body form is almost like teenae tomboy. One might say, a bit underdeveloped.
    Height: Somewhere between 4' 11" and 5'.
    Favorite Color: Her hair is almost always Pink, yet she remains a bit undecisive about her favorite color if you ask her. She will wear stuff that compliments her hair color, but no girly stuff. (Yep. A straight tomboy and proud of it character that actually wears pink, but in that carefree masculine kind of fashion. See PSP2's Kraz for reference. But give Tynselle the credit, she was created first.)

    (Famous New Sharpshooter and Acrobatic performer of the Nbareh Six Square Circus, run by her parents. She brings her talents to the Guardian's Colony with hopes that her talent can be a big help to many people. Also to make a bigger name for herself. She's an entertainer through and through, and her sly, over-confident, and outspoken nature shows it. She seems to hold a special love for her collection of Twin Gunnies [as she lovingly calls them] for some reason. Nobody asks her why, and Tynselle is perfectly fine with them not asking. She'd probably just say, "because they are the best!!" and be done with it anyway; that is, if she doesn't come up with some other spiel about why they're great.)

    Mufonna Tigre (Dorm-mate of Tynselle)
    Age: Looks to be in her 20s.
    Height: At least 6' 2". Maybe a bit taller.
    Favorite Color: Light Blue. She adores and often wears that color.

    - (A mild and gentle beast...........sometimes. At this point, no other Guardian knows much about her. They know that she seems to be among the most sweetest, kindest, and most nurturing Guardians they've seen......sometimes. That is......until something happens to her, on the field. Her attitude towards the SEED-infested beasts and enemy agents is a near polar opposite. At this time, few Guardians have travelled with her, and seen her transformation. The most odd thing is, even then, she seems to almost instantly change back to a complete polite, formal, and sweet creature when addressing other Guardians. One even said they saw her rampage a bunch of monsters like an enraged demon, only to seemingly not remember any of it, afterwards. A split personality? Who knows? What in the known universe, could've happened to her to make her like this? Even at this point, Tynselle is completely unaware of Mufonna's changes, on the field. Guardians in the know are keeping it hush hush. Tynselle still can't get over the fact that this Beast, aspiring to be a ForteFighter no less, is some doll-outfit-wearing, sweet saccharine-filled, bringer of sunshine. Never-the-less, Tynselle is prepared to train Mufonna in the ways of the circus.)

    Stints -
    Age: Appears to be in his 50s going on 60s.
    Height: Around 5' 11".
    Favorite Color: Unknown

    (Probably one of the greatest Human Sharpshooters that ever lived. But don't get me wrong, he's still alive. He's just retired and living his remaining days outside of the limelight. He is a MAJOR cowboy-wannabe, and prides listening and watching collected ancient-footage of what was once said to be Saturday-Morning Serials. He has a collection of Western music to fit the mood. Over the years, he kind of developed a Southern tinge to his speech, which developed into a serious habit of his. To look at him, is like looking into past ancestry. A cowboy brought to the future. Before he retired, he became Tynselle's tutor and trained her in the ways of Sharp-shooting. He also infected her with a bit of his infectuous speech. Tynselle considered him her best friend, and one can hear some of his contagious lines from her.)
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    I haven't played in a forum RP in a long time, and I really miss it.

    Name: Sadie Miller
    Age: 22
    Specie: Human
    Gender: Female
    Class Characteristics: Vanguard (Sabers and R-mags, Twin Claws, rods)

    Apperance physical - Pretty girl with a slightly pale, frail body and a touch of makeup. Her blue hair is cut short in the back, and her bangs hang off to one side. She has gentle, powder-blue eyes and stands at about 5'7".
    Clothing - A long, ivory, puffed-out dress with shoulder pads, wrist warmers, and tall socks combine cute with classy. She will wear almost anything pink or white. She often wears a bonnet on her head to block the sun.

    Personality: A bit too optimistic for her own good, Sadie believes in the natural goodness of all people. She values honesty and selflessness in her friends, but tends to see it in just about everyone. Sadie also makes friends a little too easily, and often finds herself in the middle of troubling disputes. Her chatty but calm nature and love of silliness can lead a man to think that she is infatuated with him, but she has minimal interest in romance. She prefers to sit down and drink tea or coffee than kill monsters. She is never embarrassed to ask a question. (This is good--she's very naive.)

    History: Many members of Little Wing join because they can't seem to join anywhere else. The barracks are filled with Guardians fed up with restrictions and training, rogues gone legit, and shady men and women who want to make a living without talking about their living.
    In Sadie's case, she just liked the logo.
    Coming from a well-off family, she discovered the mercenary company while watching them on her Neudaiz homestead. Not wanting to don a Guardian's uniform, she sneaked onto a flight to Clad 6 and insisted to Chelsea that she be signed up.
    Her application for work was almost denied due to her lack of combat experience. She seemed more interested in decorating her room than making any sort of money. But it didn't take long before she started to make friends. And friends on Little Wing are allies.
    Sadie didn't know how to fight, but she learned by watching her friends. And soon, she passed them in her expertise, buddying up with some of Clad 6's most celebrated mercenaries to take on some of the toughest foes in the Gurhal system.
    Does she have any dark secrets from her past? Is she a tragic figure destined to save the world? Probably not. But one thing is for certain--Sadie is simply talent with strange motivations. Get her on your side, and she'll help you win the world.

    Weapons: Sadie typically equips mechanical claws for defensive weapons, a saber and r-mag for status and offense, and a rod for support.
    Fighting Style: Surprisingly, Sadie puts up quite a fight. She rarely panics or enrages, and keeps a level head in mostly every situation. Even when her life is in danger, Sadie is more concerned with how she is helping the party rather than herself. While she's not amazing at dealing a ton of damage to a foe, she loves to stun foes for her friends to take down. She's decent with traps as well.
    Likes: Sweet foods, naptime, sightseeing
    Dislikes: Rushing, chewy meat, breaking hearts

    Name: Kennedy "Miller"
    Age: 21
    Specie: Beast
    Gender: Male
    Class Characteristics: Hunter (Spears and Swords)

    Apperance physical - Scrawny beast with sun-beaten skin. He has a lot of brown hair on his head that doesn't seem to do much but fall to the sides. His eyes are a keen yellow.
    Clothing - Tanned jackets or vests and carpenter jeans, typically a little bigger than they should be. His shoes are almost always dirty, and he doesn't like to dress in anything but comfortable clothing.

    Personality: If there's one thing Kennedy lacks, it's confidence. He's blessed with a good number of skills and can keep up a strong conversation, but he hates to talk about himself and will often back away from others. He doesn't trust people easily, and is especially panicky around other beasts and casts. His paranoid delusions often become self-fulfilling prophecies, and Kennedy can't help but wonder why anyone would think he has skill. He tends to get frustrated easily as well, but seems to have a soft spot for anyone in distress and will often overcome his issues to help someone else.

    History: Kennedy isn't what you'd call a lucky man. Abandoned as a child, it was clear that the young beast was the runt of Moatoob. Unable to keep up with other beasts at physical work and naturally terrible at focusing his thoughts, he survived on a small salary cleaning dishes at pubs and sleeping in booths. Turned down by the rogues when he was old enough to do things on his own, Kennedy was at the verge of giving up and becoming a drifter when Sadie found him wandering through the canyon. She managed to protect him from his own ineptitude and took him under her wing--that is, she signed him up with Little Wing and went off for tea. Kennedy began doing easy missions by himself, but eventually came to do better with Sadie's tutoring. Because he did not know his family name, Sadie gave him hers. He seeks to grow stronger, into a true beast.
    Recently, Kennedy has been exploring the Communion of Gurhal and his own spirituality. He may not have the greatest concentration, but he does show a keen interest in it.

    Weapons: You won't see Kennedy without a long spear and a trusty sword at his side.
    Fighting Style: Despite his pessimistic self-view, Kennedy is not a slouch in the field. His powerful swings
    Likes: Fruits, second chances
    Dislikes: Other beasts
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    Since Sayara insisted, and seeing as I have some extra time on my hands, I'll post some info here on my many, MANY characters. The ones that actually matter anyway hehe.

    Name: Elyan L'Cross
    Age: 2 as a Cast; formerly 27
    Race: Cast (once Human)
    Gender: Male
    Class: Knight Mode (Hunter) and Ranger Mode (Ranger)

    Personality: He has a noble persona, always speaking in formalities and referring to people as Sir or Lady. When in group assignments, Elyan ensures everyone's protection even if it endagers his well-being. Despite this, he has the tendancy to become berserk from the 'thrill of the battle' and lose himself to the fray.

    (Knight Mode)Twin Durandals, Lightning Espada, Berdysh, Svaltia Tomahawk
    (Ranger Mode)
    Infinite Corundum, Twin Yasminkov 2000H, Inferno Bazooka, Voltech Breath

    Likes: Battles, Space and gazing at stars, honing his skills, knocking things down

    Dislikes: Getting left out of battles, foolish fools

    Bio: Elyan was once a human mercenary who gained respect from many establishments for his noble demeanor. After several years, he finally decided to join the AMF, believing that he can do so much more to serve the system by enlisting. In short time, his marksmanship and mastery of twin sabers gained him respect from the CAST soldiers, and was quickly nicknamed 'The White Knight' for his personality and favored white battlesuit.

    Before the first SEED invasion he met a woman named Angelista, top researcher of the AMF's secret weapons department, and the two became close friends. During the attack on Hive Laia, both joined Curtz' team to deactivate the Hive's core, but Elyan became separated when a pack of SEED ambushed them, staying behind while the rest of the team carried out the mission. When he managed to catch up he found most of the team dead, Angelista having barely survived. She was sent to an AMF infermary in Parum when the Mother Brain AI became corrupted by the SEED, turning all the CASTs against the other races. Fighting down many of his former comrades, Elyan reached the infermary a weakened Angelista. As they exited, she was shot down by a group of rampaging CASTs. Enraged, Elyan charged at them and, after taking down several small squads, was set ablaze from a renegade's flamethrower, his entire body scorched. In his last moments of life, he painfully crawled to where Angelista's body fell before finally passing.

    Shortly afterwards, Elyan's body was recovered by the AMF secret weapons department, following the will of the late researcher. Angelista developed a program of converting human thoughts, memories, and emotions into data code and inserted into a CAST memory bank. Codenamed CROSS (CAST Reconstruction Of Synthetic Soul) it was to be used for fallen soldiers to be remade as CASTs, but the AMF banned it. However, Angelista's will stated that if anything happened to Elyan, that he would then become the only subject to the CROSS program. After 1 year of reconstruction, the program was a success and Elyan's digitized soul was transfered into a CAST shell with a 'white knight' design. Upon awakening, Elyan panicked at the realization of becoming a CAST, but after hearing that it was at his dear friend's request to save him, he then decided to embrace this new life he was given.

    Currently, Elyan still serves the AMF, who thus recognize him for his previous achievements and promoted him to the rank of Lieutenant Elite. With the aid of a special device implanted in him known as the Proteaus Chip, Elyan can freely switch between Knight Mode, where he dons his trademark armor for those frontline assignments, or Ranger Mode, which grants him lighter armor and superior reflexes, essential for reconnaissance missions. He is also a memeber of the Gurhal Knights, an elite sect from the AMF.
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    Seperate em, post by post.
    That way you can link to them when you need them. Thats how this thread works!

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    That's the plan, mate!

    So here's another:

    Name: Angelista Loire
    Age: 25 (currently unknown if aging has stopped or drastically slowed down due to transformation)
    Race: Dewman
    Gender: Female
    Class: Ranger

    Personality: She is rather confident and logical, although from time to time she lets her emotions get in the way of decisions. She is also not one to open up to people.

    Weapons: Germinus Gun paired with Saika Omote, Shigga Desta, Maser Beam, Black Rebellion

    Likes: Computers, inventing, blue fire

    Dislikes: Little girls, SEED

    Bio: Angelista was only 18 when she enlisted into the AMF as a foot soldier. She was good, and was heading to a promising officer's position, but her gift with computers and such persuaded the AMF officials to reposition her as top developer for the AMF Secret Weapons Division. There, she used her gifts to its full potential, creating many devices and programs that served the AMF well, one of which was the CROSS project. It was also during this time that she met and befriended Elyan.

    During the assault on HIVE: Laia, Angelista's team was wiped out by SEED, and while she managed to live, she was wounded by a surprise attack. When she returned to base, she was sent to an infirmary where it was discovered that Angelista had the SEED-Virus and was thus kept in quarantine. When the infirmary was under attack by Casts, Angelista managed to escape her prison before meeting up with Elyan. The reunion was short-lived, however, as a stray Cast shot her right on the chest, and died a few moments after falling to the floor.

    Her body, along with Elyan's, were recovered by the AMF Secret Weapons Division and used in the CROSS Project. However, difficulty occured with Angelista when the program to scan and recreate her mind refused to do so, unknowingly due to the SEED-Virus. Thus, the Division sent her to the morgue and within an hour, the Virus pulsed over her body, changing her genetic makeup and ultimately reviving her.

    No one knows what happened afterwords, not even herself. The last she remembered was being in the middle of a forest in Neudaiz. She was confused, anxious, and most of all horrified of her newfound abilities. In time, she overcame all that and learned to harness those abilities in that forest which she managed to manipulate via a blue flame and turn it into a massive beam, where she resided for months.

    From there, she somehow came into contact with her old team from the Division, and with their help became in touch with what was happening and at the same time was given a small portable base where she resides. She continues to tinker with new inventions, including the scanner she occupies on her left eye, granting her many applications. After a couple of years, she discovers that there are others who have become transformed into what she is, and has worked in the shadows to enlist help for her 'kind', ranging from the AMF, the GUARDIANS, and even her old friend.
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    Sakura Kinomoto

    Age: On the verge of never reaching 11.

    Race: Human

    Gender: Female

    Birthplace: Some place called Tomoeda.

    Class: Vanguard and in very rare cases, a Force or even a Hunter.

    Height: 4' 9"

    Hair Color: Brown

    Eye Color: Light Blue

    Favorite Clothes: To many to list. (Has a whole closet full of them!)

    Personality: An Extremely energetic and cheerful character. She is very athletic, and excellent at track-and-field activities. She often comes across as naive, clumsy, and clueless at times to hide her past, but she has her perceptive moments on occasion. Her optimistic and trustworthy character allows her to be friendly with everybody, whether strangers, loose acquaintances, or rivals. In fact, her personality is a dominating factor in her relationships with friends.

    Preferred Weapons: A different looking and pink Caduceus (Instead of a circle with wings, Its a Small Bird like Hammer with the wings spread behind it.), A Magic Wand in the right (Looks like the Rod only shortend.) and a Card type weapon in the other, Anything related to magic and once in a while seen with Twin Sabers, Twin Claws, Twin & Single Daggers.

    Likes: Talking to others, Experimenting and assisting her son on the battlefield and working at HUcast's Shop of Infinite wonders.

    Dislikes: Hatred against other races, Being insulted or being called "Demon", The thoughts of her distant past, Wearing the same clothes over and over for an extreme amounts of time and peer pressure.

    Jobs: CEO of Sakura Corp, Lead Maid of HUcast's Shop Of ∞ Wonders.(As in secondary leader.)

    Theme: Yuzo Koshiro - 湾岸ミッドナイト Maximum Tune 3 - "Cause You're Different"

    Personal Quote: "Sometimes you cant escape the past... Unless your present time asks to much of you."

    A female child that followed the one known as "Clow" due to a mishap on a distant planet and was soon destined to meet his master, A force with an unknown name. She meet up with him after a chain of events and was told to help build a cast via a vast amount of knowledge that FOnewm gifted to her in exchange or suffer severe consequences. She gave in. But little did she know her memory was wiped clean of her ever building that specific Cast and anything else that she did with that Force due to him knowing that she to was as strong as him. But little did he know that her knowledge s remained in tact and she soon was sent to a far off universe known as "The Gurhal System". She wandered around the system and quickly landed a job at Yohmei Corp within a weeks notice due to her astonishingly vast knowledge of science and craftsmanship. She crafted, designed and even helped build some of there eye catching master peaces. But soon after a few weeks of working there she created some cast blue prints that were deemed far to advanced and pricey of Yohmei and was fired from her job. Soon after that she set to create that cast because being alone takes a toll and her son HUcast was created and she bounded to never leave his side until death rang her very own door. A year passed after his creation and one day, her son built a house in secret while Sakura went to do some errands and shortly after her return he secretly lead her into the house then he launched with out warning into space thus leading them to create the corp which they now run together with there current family, known as Sakura Co. But. Soon after the cast launched their house into space HUcast did the unthinkable. He lead her into a containment chamber, freezing her for 10 years. After Hu let her free she was told by him that she would be retaining her age till the end of time it's self. She seemed shocked at the thought at first. But all that is well ends well. Currently working for Little Wing along with other family members for a change of pace. She also seems to keep her past a secret from others except family. Another thing that stands out, Seems to have Newman like MST. It is unknown why or how she obtained this feature but the most logical way would be one of the following, Self experimentation or Something in her far "hidden" past. Seems to cringe around the word's called, "Card Captor" but the reason behind this is also a mystery. Also the CEO of her own multi-corporation named after her, Sakura Corp.

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