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    Name: Omega

    Age: Unknown, but has been around for at least 1000 years

    Race: Cast

    Gender: Male

    Class: Hunter


    Personality: Loyal, serious, kind hearted, and protective of Persephone

    Weapons: Red Chain Sawd, Dual Red Handguns

    Photon Art: Chain Sawd: Blood Bath - Slaughters enemies within range and heals a great deal of damage from his body
    Photon Art: Handguns: Bullet Fury - Charges the guns with energy and blasts enemies with powerful photon bullets multiple times

    Bio: Omega has been around for a very long time, and has even had a few battles against Dark Falz, with the first time costing him his body. He had his data backed up and placed into a new body, which he used to hunt down Omega Falz and destroyed him. Hundreds of years later, he met a RAcaseal named Persephone, who became close with him and they became partners, complimenting each other to the fullest. Some hundreds of years after they met, Omega faced another Dark Falz, but defeated it his first try due to the teamwork of him and Persephone. They currently travel the universe in a small four person ship. Omega and Persephone seek to acquire newer bodies, as theirs are out of date. Despite that fact, they are still quit powerful and almost always fight together.
    HUcast Omega - Lv. 100

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    Age: 6 or so years old.

    Race: Female Beast/Human/Newman hybrid

    Gender: Female

    Birthplace: Sakura Corp Research Labs Capsule No. 2

    Class: Hunter/Acrofighter

    Height: Last time i measured her, She was about 12.7 or so feet. (Doesn't grow an inch!)

    Hair Color: Snow White

    Eye Color: Blue with a slight touch of grey

    Favorite Clothes: Has a fashion style for anything that makes a women her height look beautiful, somewhat sassy and almost innocent.

    Personality: She is a nice cheerful beast and very kind even to the unfamiliar. Basically if you know her name, Your her friend.

    Preferred Weapons: Any kind of Slicer (Preferably a Rappy's Fan. Loves the way the feathers feel against her hand.), Any type of saber with a Varista in her left hand.(And anything else that looks nice in her eyes that fits in the left hand and has also began to show a liking for light and one handed firearms.)

    Likes: Anything cute, Hanging around friends, Meeting new people and making new friends.

    Dislikes: Being alone, Being startled and Scary things.

    Jobs: DJ & Host of the "Happy Hour" segment of Shout!CAST Radio, Main Cashier for HUcast's Shop Of ∞ Wonders, Sakura Corp Product Tester #1.

    Theme: Sara - "Burning Up For You"

    Personal Quote
    : "Life is a bundle of joy if you have friends!"

    A beast created by Hucast due to the fact he knew that there is very little amount friendly beasts out there. Mostly due to the fact that the creator himself was full of boredom when he thought so and was also looking for a reason to break that other wise nasty habit. HUbeastarl was created via a mixture of 50% Female Beast DNA(The base DNA), 25% Female Newman cells (For higher tech capabilities.) and 25% Female human DNA. (For balanced status while still retaining a beast's high EVP and ATK.) As being a beast almost near perfection there is one down side though, she is unable to nanoblast even if she has to due to this. Hucast currently is trying to fix this error to no avail as of yet. She usually spends most of her time in the simulator back at home usually spending a day or two every week or so after her two years of being with the Guardians with HUcast V.2 and RAcast. She doesn't really tend to be lone but why she stays in the Simulation room by herself is unknown. Maybe its a habit she pick up one day, Anyway, As mentioned above she is really friendly unlike most beasts nowadays and she prefers not to fight unless told so by a family member. She mans the main Register at Sakura Corp during rush hour due to her quick and agile reflexes with the meseta countability.(Very quick and organized is the deal here.) That and it also aids her when she needs to defend herself from other people but her abnormally tall size makes people gasp at her height or the most common option, Run. She doesn't like it when this happens and feels a tad sad when it does but once in a while she is greeted by a person who isn't scared and they become good friends. She looks like she could kill with her looks but she'd rather not because Beastarl isn't aggressive at all. Not even in battle. Unless shes forced to. But even then she isn't that aggressive like most beast women.

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    Name: Persephone

    Age: 652

    Race: Cast

    Gender: Female

    Class: Ranger


    Personality: Sweet, compassionate, bold, envious of Omega's power

    Weapons: Ano Rifle Custom (single shot/3-round burst), Maser Beam

    Photon Art: Ano Rifle: Heart Seeker - Fires a single beam that seeks it's target, but slow to fire.
    Photon Art: Maser Beam: High Voltage - Charges lightning, then fires a huge bolt of energy. Disables the weapon for minutes.

    Bio: Persephone was created by a man who had lost his daughter, and longed for someone to spend the last of his days with. On his deathbed, he told her to make something of herself for the better of the world and gave her a combat program. He passed on and Persephone took the custom Ano Rifle and program left to her. She wandered around for many, many years and became a Guild Hunter to help others. She stayed for over 200 years before she met Omega. She convinced him to become a Guild Hunter, but he longed to travel the stars again and asked her to go with him. She accepted and has been with him ever since. Together they have faced powerful enemies and met great friends, but they are far from done with there adventures.
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    HUcast Omega - Lv. 100

    ~Picture by Daggart~
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    Model Name: F&S-0001Rα "The Forsaken One"

    Age: "How old is the whole universe?"

    Race: CAST

    Gender: Male

    Birthplace: Unknown.

    Class: Ranger.

    [Height: One inch taller then HUcast V.1.

    Parts: RAcast Parts, Seems to change the color of it depending on the location of were hes going. (A.K.A Missions.)

    Personality: Is commonly Cool headed out of battle but can be violently aggressive during combat.

    Preferred Weapons: Guns with the exception of some melee type weapons.

    Likes: Unknown Things in his past. (He only likes some things. Not all.)

    Dislikes: Some types of feminines & some of the names he doesn't admire.

    Jobs: A Tired-less wanderer & Master marksman.

    Theme: Cirrus - "Back On A Mission"

    Personal Quote: "Sometimes, If you aren't doing well, Ya gotta change your tactic. If that doesn't work you just need a Bigger Gun and if you just suck then well consider a career change."

    Crafted by a wonderful female and crazed force to be the Force's own partner. He ventured via time and space with him as a duo. Unfortunately the force told him to take a break and well he did. But he never returned. The force told him to do so. He also said that he would vow return one day. And so RA ventured as time went on. He found some friends along the way, But they would pass away and he wouldn't because he couldn't.This made him furious. He searched and searched for a friend that wouldn't die like the thousands that did. He continued for years and years on end. Soon before he knew it, a couple of millenniums passed in only a short time. He lived through Eons, And he didn't even know! He kept wandering through planets, across universes and Galaxy's. Even whole dimensions but to no avail. Soon he was in a place the people refereed to as, The Gurhal system. His fate unrolled there as he met the female that helped create him one day. He's has kept it a good secret as he deems it wrong and unfaithful if he told her so that she ended up the way she is now because of his own masters doing. He's currently staying with that family as a pass time. Telling some things along the lines of what he did during his "Searching" years. Little is known what he has done during his "Searching" years that he keeps talking about from time to time, but one thing is sure, He seems to have a thing of hatred against certain types of females, Its unknown why. But he seems to remember quite a lot of them sometimes acting different depending on the name that was spoken. Like i said before its unknown why he does this but then again, If you took his place then, you might get it, Maybe. But will he tell you?

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    Name: Death Dragon (D.Dragon)

    gender: none, but still adress D.Dragon as female. is of the "undead" dragon familiar.

    age: does not calculate. immortal.

    weapon: dragon head from behind her back. the dragon head use a gigantic
    sword to slice foes.

    Celestial type: One Being of Feischutz & Zakonsai (The Abyss guardians).

    special: her berserk mode made her transform into a huge black dragon. given
    her ultimate defense and terrorizing celestial strength.

    weaknesses: die if decapitated. can not tells friends from foes and attack everything
    she sees.

    profile: she was created by Zyxenfryz to protect the Abyss. preventing any lost souls
    from escaping the Abyss. this powerful guardian stands in front of the main Abyss gate.
    you'll have to defeat her to pass to the world of the living. a lost soul that escape the
    Abyss can be proven fatal to the human. the lost soul possess a human and reborn themselve.
    if that lost soul is a powerful being, it can be the end of their world if the celestials can
    not defeat it. this important task of protecting the Abyss is given to D.Dragon. may she
    not fail this duty.


    D.Dragon's theme song:

    ++++++----------"." Xe's Sanctuary 09/28/2016----------- Youtube's profile "."----------++++++
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    HUcast V.2

    Age: 7 1/2

    Model Name: H&S-2246/G7 "The Middle Brother"

    Race: Sakura Co. CAST

    Gender: Male

    Birthplace: Sakura Corporation Mechanical Workspace No.2

    Class: Fighgunner

    Height: A 1/2 inch short then HUcast V.1

    Parts: HUcast Parts.

    Personality: Feels deppressed when alone once in a while, But usually is Battle Ready, On Edge, Brotherly and a tad goofy it seems.

    Preferred Weapons: Any pair of Twin Handguns, Twin Sabers and Single handed Claws paired up with a Mechgun. Once in a while uses Dual mechguns.

    Likes: Being cool other then that he shares the same traits as his predecessor HUcast V.1.

    Dislikes: Same as V.1.

    : Secondary Co-Host of ShoutCAST! Radio And Inventory Counter/Product Tester #3 of HUcast's Shop Of ∞ Wonders.

    Theme: Yellowcard - "Breathing"

    Personal Quote: "Scars hurt. Scars of the Past? Those are REALLY painful."

    A couple of years passed after the creation of Version 1. And Hu thought to himself one day, "Why don't i have a brother?" Then he realized that he could create one. In so he did. Then he saw the guardians had openings for new recruits. He decided to talk to him one day and he signed up with out notice. He's lived though the SEED invasion, The colony crashing and The appearance and banishing of Rykros. But then after those long years. He quit. Remarked it was to "Dull" and left. Now wandering the system once in a while like a nomad and once in a while, Remembers the days, Of guardianship... Then a couple of years after that he returned because of one reason... he was bored yet again! And this time? Partnered up with a caseal named "Vivienne". They had fun. They killed. He wasn't bored. Times were good. But sad to say though all good things come to an end. He broke the guardian code to do save the universe. But the guardians didn't know that he did, But when he had proof to show, It was already too late as he was banned from the guardians for good. And that his life doesn't end there. "Project Terra". This CAST was originally supposed to take that spot. But he left... But when he returned. His spot was taken by a child by the name of Emilia Percival. He wasn't mad at all. He just walked it off. Until one day. Project Terra was scheduled to doing research on Rykros. And he tried to sneak on with them but was caught in the process. But this next action is one he regrets. He tossed a spy video camera onto Emilia with out her noticing to gather info. She never came back. He saw her own death. He's been scared ever since. Once in a while he breaks down in tears because he saw it. Even at the first faint sniff of her smell, He brakes down into complete sorrow. Knowing that he could have just as so saved her. But they prevented him from doing so... And will never believe that she still is alive. But he is scarred, Permanently scarred to be exact. Now he seems to watch over feminines on hopes of not bearing with a 3rd death in front of his own two eyes even though his older doesn't like them that much.

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    Here's hoping that I'm not doing anything wrong here.

    Name: Yuri/Yuriko Karaku
    Age: 24(Assumed from Genetic Testing, Exact Age and DOB is Unknown)
    Species: Newmen
    Gender: Male(w/ a Female Split-Personality)

    Class Characteristics:
    (Yuri)Vanguard with a penchant for Hit and Run ranged attacks,

    (Yuriko)Hunter with high Agility and Dexterity.

    Appearance physical: 6'2" Lean build, but fairly muscular. Crimson Hair reaching his shoulders, covering his right eye(Eye is uncovered when Yuriko appears). Angular face with a pronounced jawline and cheek structure, Hetero-chromatic eyes(Left: Blue, Right: Green) due to circumstances surrounding his birth. Has a long, wide scar trailing down the right side of his chest from an attack by a classmate with Photon Claws(refused to let it be healed), Naturally Left-Handed, but trained to be Ambidextrous.

    Clothing: Long Grey pants in a military cut, Deep Red boots, with silver inlaid family crests, A tight black tank top with a silver sash running from the left shoulder to the right hip covered by a two-toned(Black/Silver) tattered long coat bearing a symbol that custom-made by the woman that he loved, A Red Gauntlet on his left arm with a built in stabilizer for his aiming, A red headband tied around his left bicep.

    (Yuri) Very Cool-headed, leading people to think that he's cold and emotionless, but very passionate about protecting those he cares about. Is socially conscious, but speaks freely whenever he deems it worthy of his time. Has a tough time talking to woman in a romantic setting since his first love died during a training accident. Becomes withdrawn at times if his family is brought up. Is easily moved by the speeches from the Divine Maiden for reasons even he doesn't understand.

    (Yuriko)The total opposite of Yuri. Typically only appears during a combat scenario, but as of late, has been appearing more and more. Very fiery and quick to fight, she will protect Yuri at all costs. Will not hesitate to speak her mind to whoever will listen. Very flirtatious, leading some to think that he's Bi-Sexual. Perverted sense of humor.

    They share some level of mental communication, but neither understands the circumstances of their bond.

    Black Bull Rifle(Custom built on Moatoob to his exact specifications. Has a 3x zoom, and a Hair Trigger)
    Peace Breaker(Whip)
    H&K38 Combat Special/Shag Hajiz(Machine gun/R-Mag)

    Last Survivor(Found on a battlefield during the incident that first Awakened Yuriko from within Yuri)
    Alsevacuc(Twin Saber)

    (Shared/Combined Requires Yuri's Calculations and Yuriko's Reflexes to successfully wield)
    Fraulein Rose(Double Saber) The weapon of Last Resort for Yuri/Yuriko, both personalities are pushed to their limits forcing the body to exert nearly 200% of it's max potential for a short time resulting in blinding speed and crushing power while straining the body harshly, leading to eventual collapse from the stress.

    Fight style:
    (Yuri) A trained sniper in the AMF, his accuracy is exact to 0.03 of a cm. Able to quickly secure new cover for sniper points, allowing him to survey the battlefield and supply fire support at mid-long range. Very Tactically-minded, Weak Close Combat due to battlefield analysis ability, but is rather talented with a Photon Whip, allowing his to keep enemies at range. Half-decent Healing/Technics in a pinch.

    (Yuriko)Capable of rushing down an opponent and cutting them down with her Twin Sabers and Daggers in mere moments. Lacks concentration for Ranged attacks or Technics, but makes up for it with great adaptability and instincts. Very Effective at getting into an opponents Blind spots, and striking while they are weak.

    (Combined) Not much is known about this form's combat style as it was only witnessed once when a copy-cast of Renvolt Magashi attacked the Divine Maiden at a ceremony. Using unforeseen speed and power, the copy was destroyed with 1:21 with a Double Saber lodged in it's armless torso. Yuri required a full week of rest afterward, but was fully recovered when he awoke.

    Bio: The subject of an experiment involving genetic manipulation of the cells that absorb and use photonic energy. He was part of an embryo that split into twins, however due to an accident in the testing phase the twin was re-absorbed into him and so he was born an only child with heterochromia. At the age of three Yuri was tested for unique genetic markers to see if he was capable of high level photonic manipulation to which it was discovered that his genes were only somewhat compatible but his body was left unable to adjust to the added energy, so it was decided to seal that aspect of himself away.

    Before the process was finished, the facility was attacked by a force later identified as the Illuminous that resulted in the death of his family and his near-capture. He was rescued by the Guardians and brought to their colony to undergo testing and training. By the time he was 13 he was the top of his class, and a prime candidate for officer duty, however an incident involving an Illuminous brainwashed classmate led to the death of his first love Chiyo Ronaga, and his subsequent departure from the Guardians Colony.

    At 15 he was adopted into the ranks of AMF where he trained as a sniper. He quickly rose in the ranks, obtaining the call sign “Bloody Rose”. It was during this time that he was sent on a scouting mission to assess the SEED threat, he was stranded by his team and left to die. It was here that his split personality awakened, and destroyed the SEED in the area. He was listed as MIA, and thus was free to become a Mercenary. He was part of a detail assigned to protect the Divine Maiden during an event on Neudaiz which was attacked by a Cast-copy of Renvolt Magashi. The incident ended with Yuri seeming to break the seal on his powers, and utterly decimating the copy and saving the Divine Maiden. He was accredited for his feat, and given the task to protect the Divine Maiden in an unofficial capacity.
    (Yuri) The Divine Maiden, Family Crest, Strategy Books, Picture of Chiyo, Yuriko

    (Yuriko) Food, Dirty Jokes, Dancing, New Swords, Flirting, Yuri

    Dislikes: (Both) Ignorant people, The Illuminous, Renvolt Magashi
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    Quote Originally Posted by Luminous Hero View Post
    Specie: Newmen
    You, sir, have invented a new biological term!

    Little error, but made me look twice (currently studying for AP Bio).


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    Model Name: S&H-GHMp3/7 "Mechanical Beat"

    Age: Undetermined

    Race: Prototype Personal Machine

    Gender: Male

    Birthplace: Sakura Corporation Mechanical Workspace S/1

    Class: Vanguard

    Height: 1'7

    Personality: Cheerful, Always Eager and Willing to do help someone out & Calm almost all the time.

    Preferred Weapons: Anything lethal released from his Item Release/Launcher & Dual & Single Handguns.

    : Listening to Music with a catchy beat while fixing stuff, Hanging out and talking with friends, Flying through the night sky and Helping the people of the house when they need it.

    Dislikes: Rude people, Sad moments, Bad music & Vocalists and Releasing an unnecessary or wrong item from his Item Release Hatch.

    : Technical Editor/Manager for ShoutCAST! Radio & Technological Repair of HUcast's Shop Of ∞ Wonders.

    Theme: 湾岸ミッドナイト Maximum Tune 3 - "Love to Rise in The Summer Morning"

    Personal Quote: "Music is like soul food! You gotta choose your favorites wisely!"

    The plan for his creation was a complete accident and it all started when HUbeastarl stated "Where is a Personal Machine when you need them?" to Sakura one day in during a "Heavier then Normal" rush hour at HUcast's Shop Of ∞ Wonders. And the next morning she wasn't that surprised when she found a sketch of a never before seen PM on her bedroom door, She was clueless of who made the sketch it but she decided to create him anyway because they really did need one. (Lines to the teleporter leading to the shop sounds bad no?) And thus Parry was born. A Personal Machine that didn't seem like the others cause well, He didn't have a base model like the others. And in general, He's Sakura Corp's vision on what a PM should be. One that is multi-functional and able to work alone and learn with out a leader when necessary. His features are labeled below. Also very skilled in the field and in technical servicing of objects. While not working in the shop, Parry tend to mess with things in his room, Like how to Up-Grade himself, What to Build/Repair, And upcoming ideas for the Corporation.


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    ...I suppose I should partake in this here goes...erm...I feel kinda nervous because my character might seem generic or dim witted...idk...I'll give it a shot.

    Name: Adam Zerran.
    Age: 20.
    Sex: Male.
    Race: Human.
    Birthplace and date: Coral, a town some 50 miles away from Darion city, on April 14th.

    Appearance: Height is 4"11, weight is 145 lbs, has a slim, very fit body with good leg and arm muscles, blazing red hair with with a few spikes at the front and back (not like Cloud's hair), bright green focused eyes, an adolescent face with no facial hair, and a fit torso.

    Clothing and accessories: Dark red shirt made of a material that is difficult to cut or shoot through, a long black coat (kinda like a trench coat, except not ridiculously long) with a dark green symbol on the back, black combat pants with red streaks, small clear goggles on head, nano-tech communicator on ear, a sword sheathe on his back, and a gun holster on his belt.

    Class(es): Hunter, Pilot, Force-Hunter in training.

    Personality: Usually feels good about himself and his friends and can be quite happy, but sometimes can be very serious about things, especially missions but seldom will he be aggressive in verbal and physical behavoir against strong foes. He cares the most about his closest friends, his girlfriend, Sarisa, and his only two remaining family members.

    Family: His cousin Adrian, who is a professional Force, and his mother, Tainia Zerran, who is a Force-Hunter, which is a cross class between a Hunter and a Force. His father, Astos Zerran, was defeated while facing against a terrorist cult when Adam was only 11 years old, and afterwards, he was publicly executed. (I mean Adam's father, of course.)

    Weapons and weapon usage: His two primary weapons are his platinum Radiant, which uses magazines instead of a revolver barrel, and a Japanese saber called Inukasti. The Radiant was custom made by his father, and the saber was passed down by generations of the Zerran family, with the ability to shatter Technic blasts with one slice (it takes up energy to do so). His secondary weapons are Fioe grenades and his "lucky" Diopside./His weapon preferences are small weapons, but he is willing use rifles and swords (as in greatswords, if you're accustomed to Phantasy Star terms).

    Techniques learned: Foie, Barta, Zonde, Shifta, Deband, learning Megid and Grants. He also has invented his own technique called Nirifta, which increases his foot and attack speed, although he's still working on it as it consumes much energy.

    Bio: Adam Zerran was an ace hunter at the Hunter's Guild. He was one of the people that defeated Mother Trinity and Dark Falz at age 19, but he never really bragged about it. Adam was also training himself to be a combat pilot, and eventually, a mecha pilot, as a branch in the Hunter's Guild was working on a small scale mecha. He learned such piloting techniques within a year, when he turned 20. One day, however, a rift in time and dimensions opened up and Adam was sucked into the rift. He then found himself in the Gurhal system, in Clad 6. He didn't know what to do. And that was when a member of GRM approached Adam and asked what was wrong. And Adam told the GRM member his story. The GRM member was impressed by his record, but he had no idea who Mother Trinity was. The member offered Adam a chance to pilot a new large scale mecha (still in the testing stages) that GRM called "Cast Suit Mobile". In reality, however, it was the exact equivalent to a Mobile Suit. After a few months, Adam had finally learned to master piloting a mecha. He now owns his own private hangar bay with his own Mobile Suit on Parum, secret from society, and constantly keeps an eye out for any sort of trouble. He also is technically part of GRM, but works as a freelance hunter-pilot for hire, doing jobs for people that usually involve piloting things such as hover bikes, fighter jets, and even small scale mechas, although he usually sticks to his Mobile Suit for getting across by air. He also can take out people if the job involves piloting or bounty hunting against theft or other crimes, but he won't kill unless asked to.

    Personal quote: "If you don't know who you're fighting, then quit fighting and run. If you fight without knowing anything, you're pretty much screwed. Rely not only on your brain, but the people who will help you, and you'll know who to really fight."

    Theme: (Title unknown) (From Vanquish, by Platinum Games, published by Sega)

    As you can see, it is a somewhat short theme, but hey, I thought it might suit the little guy (considering he was born premature) for piloting mecha's and whatnot.
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