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    Name: Yankees Curtz
    Race: Cast
    Affiliation: Alliance Military
    Age: 19
    Class: Gunner
    Rank: Captain
    Birthplace: Melvore City, Parum
    Personality: When trouble comes, he always blames humans. He believes in Cast Supremacy and believes Casts should be the top race. Usually, he's a dark type person. He gets in trouble with the Parum Police alot.

    He wont reveal anymore...... *sound* Did you hear that????
    GT: straaaafe V5 for XBL.

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    Model Name: H/J-972-1η "Fun Loving Spirit"

    Age: Most recently seen as 13.

    Nicknames: Kya, Yasu, Yasu-San and through his best of friends, HU.

    Race: Human?

    Gender: Male

    Birthplace: Supposedly the Errin Soul Stream.

    : Hunter Class, Leaning toward Vanguard Status.

    Height: Varies with his age. (Likes to stay 5'7.)

    Hair Color: Pearl Black

    Eye Color: Ultramarine

    Favorite Clothes: All of his Clothes.

    Personality: Happy, Easy-Going, Eager and not to mention he can be a bit Love Struck around Women on certain Occasions. (Around women like Rua, Agines, Lorraine, Elen etc.) And not to mention if you tell him he can join one of your party's, *Snaps his fingers* Automatic friend.

    Preferred Weapons:

    Light (Slot I/Main): A Razor sharp Gladius and Battle Sword w/ Gold handles, Hooked Cutlass, Two Battle Short Battle Swords, (Has been seen with Many randomized colors.) Dual Wooden Blades, A set of Daggers with Golden Handles, a Heavily engraved Decorated War Sword and at last a Fading White to Silver Bladed Tanto paired with a Red Handled Pink Bladed Wakizashi.
    (Warning! Will Mix & Match any of the following swords! Has also been trying Blunts as well... You have been warned!)

    Heavy (Slot II/Secondary): A Wooden Lance,(Also uses a Full Metal one with a Lion Engraved in it. Note: The Lance was Upgraded and Painted Pink when he met Sakura for the first time and asked for the upgrades.) A Red Cat Paw looking Club, & A Black Bladed Two Handed Sword.

    Likes: Being a Friendly Team Player, Rapidly slashing a foe with the Final Hit Skill, Acting Humorous, Somehow hearing good and funny things through his helm(Music and this one time, a Radio Station...) , Joking around, Learning to use new things, Being Happy & Party's.

    Dislikes: Jerks, Long Waits & Being an Electric Rod thanks to his helmet. (Just feels the pain.)

    Jobs: Several different Part-Time Jobs. (Church, Grocery Store, Library, Etc.)

    Theme: Yuzo Koshiro - 湾岸ミッドナイト Maximum Tune 2 - "Fun Loving Spirit"


    Personal Quote
    : "If its worth while... Count me in Bro!"


    Sure he looks completely human but rest assured, What seems like a young child isn't the whole picture. And why is he bearing the name of HU? And what on earth is a Kyasuto? Its simple my friend, Kyasuto means Cast in Japanese. With that said I'm sure you can put those peaces together. Now, Lets begin shall we? Its was written that one mistake might become yet a another mistake. Apparently that person was wrong. Because that so-called "Mistake" that HU created had a mind of its own. And so... through a series of "Charming Challenges", Kyasuto along with someone else related to him was created just for the "Mistakes" own purpose of leaving that realm it had been stranded in. Leaving Kyasuto and his friend, Motherless. Time to time now when he closes the Visor to his helm, He can see and remember faintly of his creator... To whom it may concern the helm isn't possessed, Rather its part of his electronic workings. Which include a Special of energy source powered by Twin Turbines (Sometimes they blow out after letting out some smoke and sometimes they don't.) which get their energy from nearby energy strikes. If the battery is not fully charged by one strike, The Visor closes it's self and recharges via heavy amounts of solar energy. Now were did i leave off again? Oh that's right. The only time he actually closes his Visor by himself is when hes about to enter a gran battle. (He controls the helm. He doesn't even know it has a mind of its own to start with!) On the battle field, He dances around like a young child, Letting the enemy have at him while he dodges. Once in a while using one of his fancy skills on the attacker if he feels like it. When hes not on the battlefield or delivering an outstanding performance at a Jousting tournament, doing a job for a fellow store or person or scared ****less from a succubus, He tends to talk to himself.(Its the Helm's work. Not Kyasuto's.) Apparently people get the the wrong idea and walk away from him. But thanks to his "Always There For You" attitude, People have come to adore him as if he were part of their family. Even though hes already apart of one. Which one you ask? The answer will come in due time.

    Note: When he finally reunited with his family, the old Dragon Crest helm was discarded as it was outdated and he was fitted with a new Dragon Felix Helm created by Sakura Corp dubbed, "The v34-Dragoon".


    Age: 13 (Outfit when he was a Child, He wore this when Juliet found him and has never worn it ever since.)

    Age: 16 (Cruces Robe Outfit W/o Dragon Crest)

    Age: 17 (Cruces Robe Outift)

    Age: 18 (Lemina's Holy Moon Armor Outfit)

    Age: 18 (Lemina's Holy Moon Armor Outfit/w Trudy Shoes)

    Age: 18 (Lemina's Holy Moon Armor Outfit/w Trudy Shoes, Dragon Fang & v34-Dragoon)

    Age: 19 (Shooting Star Robe Outfit)

    Age: 20 (Old Jester Robe Outfit)
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    name: Queen Xefi (a character in my story, not me, ok?!)

    age: can not calculate. immortal and can not be kill by any beings unless
    confronted with another Unknown being celestial or demon.

    celestial type: unknown being (fusion of Ultimate One Being Xefi & royalty Celestial Queen)

    weapon: 14th Songs - The Void of Nostalgia. a spear-like shape weapon wielded behind her.
    it can extend in length and breaks into million of tiny shards that can tear the enemies into nothing.

    special/abilities: can stay in berserk mode forever. infinity healing of damage body.
    can use void magic that suck in enemies magic and back stab them. movement speed is
    uncalculated and is too fast for even Ultimate One Being to keep up.

    weaknesses: her heart. pierce that and she can die. it's only fortunate that her
    strongest defense is also at the heart. second, The Silver, silver is like her sister and family.
    it's very hard for her to confront silver with full strength.

    appearance: she only appear in the Alternate Story Ending, where all of the celestials
    were kill including all of the main characters. she stands before "The Silver" to confront
    her for one last battle to the death.

    picture: the battle field where Queen Xefi and The Silver meet one last time before
    the extinction of humanity.

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    Recap V.3:

    HUcast V.1:

    Sakura Kinomoto:



    HUcast V.2:




    Model Name: H/J-R11A1β "New Day Battle-Scar"

    : Most recently seen as 16.

    Nicknames: "The Sniper Vanguard" & Renjina.

    Race: Elf/Newman?

    Gender: Male

    Birthplace: "Supposedly" the Errin Soul Stream as well.

    : Ranger

    Height: Changes with age. (Likes to stay 5'4.)

    Hair Color: Lavender

    Eye Color: Lavender Blush

    Favorite Clothes: See below.

    Personality: To friends hes Cool headed. To others, Almost a complete jerk depending on there attitude(He tends to swear a ton thanks that.)

    Preferred Weapons:

    Main Weapon (Slot I): A Standard Issue looking Composite Bow heavily modified for Critical power and Injury rate. (Can be swapped out for a Large Scale Longbow with double the range.) & And a Quiver Capable of carrying 500 Arrows.

    Secondary Weapon (Slot II): A Kite Shield either paired up with a Green Round Cylinder modified for Water Alchemy or a Standard Issue Cylinder.

    : Anything capable of attacking from various distances, Hangin with HUkyasuto, Reading Books, Drinking & Getting down to business.

    Dislikes: Stupid things/People & Women.

    Jobs: Infantry Work, Specialist Work, Sniper Coverage, Synthesizing Things & Shooting Stuff.

    Theme: Hideo Kojema - Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty - "Yell Dead Cell"

    Personal Quote: "Hard working people need to rest."


    Usually things are bound to repeat them self somehow. But they always end up doing it wrong or the other right way that was right all along. This example can be proven through Renja. He came out the same way his brother did... Except the creator mirrored him to be a Skinned & Boned remake/copy of the one she loved. To bad he was left behind thanks to a Backstabbing move that the Goddess who had sent her home had pulled after their contest of arousing men. (Tie breaker anyone?) He honestly didn't care that she left at all because her lover that he was based off of didn't love her at all as well. (Good ol' bitter irony.) Think of it as a one way street. Anywho, enough with old times, I must carry out this description. After being faced with these events that he never gave a damn about, He just went to wander around the world of Errin and he soon found out that he was far better then Elf's who've had years of experience in terms of Bow Mastery. The Tara Shadow Expeditionary force was one of the watchers of his exquisite skill with the bow and instantly placed him at the top of his class. There for he's only called when needed. Storms of arrows that seem to rip apart everything have to stop at some point ya know. And before ya know it, He's drinking after a run with the Tara Shadow Expeditionary Force. Seems all fun and games but rest assured, When some one who lacks the intelligence to be a man or women happens to cross his path...(Yeah its that bad.) Lets just say its a Near Death experience. To bad he realizes what he's done and says sorry to keep his loyalty to Lord of Errin. Then chugs some more. (He gets heavy intoxicated at the Emain Macha Pub, Bean Rua. Due to this hes built up a resistance to wine and beer and not to mention. Good acknowledgement with the owner. He just ignores the women there by the way.) Even though he doesn't really care for the Dimwitted... However to his Brother Kyasuto, He acts like his father that he never had. Though Renja knows he is a bit dimwitted. But it doesn't matter to him at all.


    Age:15 (Regular Outfit)

    Age:18 (Alchemy Suit)
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    I only have just one character, being as I have recently joined the RP scene:

    Name: Rave (short for Raven) Wolfkrone
    Age: 18
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    He's dark skinned with dark blue, slicked back hair.
    He has Brown eyes, and a fair build.

    Wears a black jacket over a white Tee, Black baggy camo pants, some sneakers, and an armband as an accessory. Has the kanji for freedom tattooed on his neck.

    Personality: Being an outgoing and carefree person, he's still an adolescent, not truly an adult in some terms, though he is slowly grasping it. He's laid back and tries his best to lighten any situation, no matter what the circumstance, although it doesn't always work out in his favor. He also tends to act a bit lazy, but is actually smarter than most people think he is.

    He has an odd "Wild Sense", smelling animals distances away, and even having excellent hearing.

    Dreams: He's dreamed of being in the GUARDIANS or becoming a mercenary, though his parents strongly disagree and suggest hew take up college and becoming a scholar, much to his discontent.

    Currently: Trapped in Parum with a couple of other surviors, including Sayara.
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    Name: Leronz Nox
    Age: 25
    Race: Beast
    Gender: Male
    Class: Vanguard

    Likes: The preservation of justice

    Dislikes: Anyone who breaks the law

    Personality: Leronz was the type who will remain fully commited to anything he sets himself to do, and he's even able to inspire others with his optimistic outlook and sense of what is right. Now he has become an extremist of the law, showing no remorse to any who he defines as a criminal.

    Bio: Having seen the struggles the GUARDIANS were having fighting off the SEED, Leronz, then a young man, enlisted into the corp and managed to do a bit of civilian relocation work while a trainee. After the Unification Point, he was able to recieve his full training by then-GUARDIAN instructor Laia Martinez, who was impressed by his commitment and cheerful persona. Shortly after becoming licensed, he was partnered with Vivienne, GRM's new all-purpose Cast, and the two developed a sibling relationship.

    However, it was during this time that Nox began second-guessing the GUARDIAN's role. Many of his superiors would turn their heads as rogues would vandalize properties, organizations with malicious intentions would be ignored, and many more dreadful secrets. He began questioning the GUARDIAN's cause, stating that they failed to uphold justice, but kept the thoughts to himself.

    When the order came to find and eliminate Vivienne after discovering the truth, Leronz refused to take part. He shouted his opinions of the many things the GUARDIANs let pass and his disgust about how Vivienne's existence was the one thing they wouldn't overlook. He went to the HIVE alone to find her, and after she explained Helga's plan, aided her in stopping Helga. He was mortally wounded in battle, and felt helpless when Vivienne sacrificed herself to close the seal.

    When he was returned to the GUARDIANs colony, he was a changed man. Feeling that the GUARDIANs betrayed Vivienne, who he saw as a sister, he became blinded by rage, nanoblasting into an unknown 'black beast' and assaulted many GUARDIANs before storming out of the colony.

    Driven mad with anger and grief, he travels the worlds in an effort to reform the justice that he felt was lacking. Many rogues, even those of the well-known Families, were killed by Leronz, all in an act of zealotry. GUARDIANs were not safe either, as he would slay any that crossed his path. Members are ordered to steer clear from Nox should he ever be encountered. President Laia Martinez and Maya Shidow are both interested in finding his whereabouts, for reasons unknown to the other GUARDIANs.
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    Cyseris Yeoman

    Race: Cast
    Class: Ranger
    Gender: Female

    Physical Description: A relatively tall caseal standing at six feet four. Her primary part color, for her chest and hips, is a dark purple. Her secondary part color, for her arms, waist, legs, and neck, is lavender. Her sub-color, the trimming on her parts, as well as her eyes, are wine red. Her hands, feet, and face are a light cream. Her purple synthetic hair falls straight to just above her shoulders, and has straight cut bangs. She has a small button-nose, and she has small lips, upon which she wears a scheming smile.
    >Apparel: (All these are parts) She wears large, knee high, heeled combat styled boots. On her arms are bracers, while on her chest is a spine-frilled chest-plate. On her hips is the matching miniskirt for her chest armor. Her ear parts are large half-spheres with seemingly six feathered wings jutting behind them.

    Personality: She is always calculating. At times this makes her seem distant or simply out-of-touch with reality, when really she likely trying to find the perfect words for the occasion. She can handle big problems, but many small complications could easily drive her mad.

    Bio: Throughout the years occasionally casts have been made using the fabled "Cyseris Line" protocol. However do to the program being incomplete each creator must add their own touches. Cyseris Yeoman's creator made her with accuracy in mind. However, in his notes he never specified weapon accuracy was his goal, so when he passed on his young female assistant, Verna Jess, finished the program with a large word base and major reasoning skills. Thus Cyseris Yeoman was born.

    Since Verna was a young scholar type, while she took care of Cyseris, she got Cyseris involved in many of the same hobbies. And despite knowing Cyseris was created to be a military unit, she wished for Cyseris to follow suit and become a scholar too. A compromise was made, Cyseris was to become a gaurdian. This did not please those who put so much money into her. A hit was put out on Verna, and while Cyseris was in training, Verna was hunted down. Knowing from first-hand experience how dangerous a fully completed "Cyseris Line" could be in the wrong hands, Verna blew-up the Yeoman Project Laboratory, with all the knowledge, including her inside. Cyseris Yeoman is the last of the project, although she is considered corrupted by Verna's teachings.

    Cyseris having just become a full time guardian, upon hearing this news, suddenly became more determined to be the best person she could be. And, to bring down Verna's murderers even if it took all the time in the world. She is currently stationed in New Rozenom City where she was looking for clues, until the terrorist attack.

    Favored Weapon: Rifles, as they are good for accuracy, however she has been know to carry a fire-aligned chaincannon for when she really gets mad at something.
    Likes: Poetry, long stem flowers
    Dislikes: People that look down their nose at others, obscene remarks, perverts
    Passions: Gardening, writing, and other things that take time and patience
    Poisons: Having to think on her feet, fast speakers
    Personal Quote: "Given all the time in the world one may accomplish anything in the world.

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    Name: Zelik von Rask
    Age: Somewhere between 42 and 135, according to military records
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Class: Ranger

    Likes: Small guns, Big guns, Large guns, Guns that are as old as he is, guns that shoot out other guns, ect., Beast women

    Dislikes: Newmans, darn kids, pacifists, newmans, and newmans

    Personality: A crazed gun fanatic who will follow any mission in his own way and with a wacky sense of humor. Also a mild racist towards newmans.

    Bio: Not much is known about Zelik prior to his time in the AMF, and even then most of that time is shrouded in mystery. One of the few things known is his reputation for bringing up questionable stories from 'back in the day' in the most inappropriate of times, despite the fact that he has managed to retain his physical appearance unchanged throughout all that time. Even then, he managed to reach the rank of Sergeant, and refused to go any further under the claim of "Officers are yellow-belly paperpushers who suck on their mama's tatas while real men like me fight in the frontlines!"

    According to military records, Rask was dishonorably discharged after committing an act of genocide on a newman trade post, slaying hundreds while claiming they were running an underground druge trade consisting of opium monofluids. Despite that it was later proven that Zelik's claim was true, his actions were looked down upon and was sent into exile on Moatoob.

    There have been rumors spreading that he as returned to the AMF as a member of the Gurhal Knights, but no evidence has surfaced yet.
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    Daak Model ???

    Race: CAST
    Class: Ranger ( but loves claws)
    Gender: Male

    Height: 2 meter 10
    Appearance : pic
    Equipment: His favorite weapon is the Phyteuma also the Riverman Missouri and his sword the Anfinsen. He also uses M14 Missouri, a Hocho and a Chaos Cannon.

    Bio: He awoke one day and a man named Prof. Leonardo told him that he was the first model of his type, a CAST that was not programmed for anything he could chose his own way and folow what he thought was right he was alos injected with a biochemical substance that would repair light to heavy wounds in seconds. He also told him that he was his greatest work that he had ever created but in that moment soldiers who had heard of the project came in to the labetory to confiscate him and use him as a weapon in war. But the Professor did not want this at all, he had finally created something that could chose its way, a perfect CAST and so he blew himself the soldiers and his CAST up. Due to his regeneration ability he was quickly back on his feat though in fear he wandered the land. After two days of walking he decided a name for himself ``Daak´´ on the third day he reached the station of the soldiers that had earlier tried to confiscate him, out of no reason something in his core changed he had activated a self installed battling modus in which he was both incredibly fast and strong in anger he killed everyone in the station using only his hands that were able to shock anything he touched with high voltage electricity after his rampage he took high-tech weapons with him that he was imidialty great in using but he accidently activated an trasportation system that transported him outside of New Rozenom City their he made his way to it wondering what his purpose and meaning was.

    Personality: He does not really behave like a cast at all not always calculating out things , he is very flexible and makes decisions very quickly not thinking of the consequence but that doesn’t mean he is stupid he is very smart in battle always making strategies and planning ahead. He has not quite learned the difference between wrong and right but is slowly getting the hang of things.

    Likes : not quite sure yet maybe his weapons ?
    Dislikes : The soldiers who tried to take him the rest he doesn’t know yet ...

    Sorry for the spelling arrows English is hard for me as a German very sry trying to keep it to a minimal ...
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    This is my second character post for general Phantasy Star role play.

    Name: Neil Louis Armstrong Lightning (or N. Lightning for short).
    Age: 32.
    Race: Newman.
    Sex: Male.
    Birthplace and date: Nuedaiz, in the Lightning family estate isolated from the planet's capital city, on June 23rd.

    Appearance: Height is 5"9, weight is 165 lbs. He has a sharp look on his face, with purple eyes. He is a fanatic about shaving, so he always has almost to no facial hair. His hair reaches a little beyond his ears, and it's white. He has good muscle mass all round his body, but his hands are just a little bigger than his arms (I mean like half an inch bigger). He, like most newmans, is a bit pale. The clothing he normally wears is the AMF full body operative suit, but he occasionally wears his fancy clothing set that he received from his personal tailor and his father. The clothes are a tuxedo, bowler hat, gloves, polyester pants, and white laced shoes. All of these are midnight blue. He also dons his lightweight highly advanced thin armor suit for extreme missions. The armor itself is black on the leg and arm parts, white on the circlet part, and the rest is navy blue.

    Personality: Neil has a posh way of speaking, with a thick British accent. He is very flexible with changes in schedules and missions, and he usually takes any assignment he can find. Although he's by the book most of the time, he's willing to partake in leisure activities, such as balls, fancy parties, and orchestral concerts. He likes to have company around, but seldom does he speak to other women, as he maintains loyalty to the woman he already has. However, if there's one thing he hates, it's to kill a fellow newman. Even if he has no choice, he would rather put them into comatose or make them unconscious rather than to kill them. Finally, he believes in respect for all races, and is always willing to help the weak, regardless of race.

    Family: His mother, Melissa Grameon, and his father, Armstrong Lightning, are well and happy. They're both newmans. Armstrong was with the AMF for 20 years as a Drill Instructor, but then retired for his family. Melissa is still with the Guardians, but she mostly does field work scouting. She doesn't do missions that require fighting huge creatures because she's a Force, so she usually assists others rather than fighting by herself. Neil also has a son named Oliver Davidson Lightning, who's only 4 years old, but already knows how to walk, talk, and eat food properly. Oliver was born with a high IQ, ranging to 157 at his current age.

    Class: Acrofighter.

    Weapons and weapon usage: Since Neil usually goes on stealth missions, he prefers his suppressed machine gun known as Kauk-Blitz Assaulter. The Kauk-Blitz Assaulter fires standard photon rounds with extra power upon impact on solid surfaces, but with almost no sound. It was developed by the AMF themselves. On other missions, he brings along his double-saber known as Masamune Grand and his twin sabers known as Oyurak and Ayurak. Masamune Grand was originally dubbed 'Masamune Duo', a double saber that uses plasma instead of photons that was created by the Communion. Later, with Neil's permission, the Communion's R+D department changed it to be more powerful, and hence they gave this special version to Neil alone. The Masamune Grand can drain opponents of the energy they use to cast techniques, and when Neil is low on health, the double-saber recharges his own health whenever he attacks an enemy. On the other hand, Oyurak is a saber made with photons of pure light, while Ayurak is the complete opposite, except it's made of metal rather than photons, and the metal has been imbued with darkness. Both were discovered in a tomb of unknown origin. Neil can use any small arms striking weapons, and has learned to use every type of ranged weapon. But he dislikes the use of swords, axes, and spears.

    Techniques: All. He also has invented a technique called Teleporet, which allows instantaneous teleportation with little to no use of energy, depending on the distance. He can't teleport long distances though, as he hasn't fully mastered the energy consuming reduction for long distances. (He can only go up to 45 miles away from his current position, which at that maximum distance will force him to consume a lot of energy.)

    Armor+Gear: Neil's custom made armor was designed by the AMF, GRM, and the Communion in a joint effort to make the most stealthy and versatile armor suit. As a result, it turned out to be stylish yet light and effective. It has several features, which include stealth camouflage, multiple system scanners, a hacking system, handgun place holders, a saber socket and a sheathe on the back (for sabers that are made of metal), and a retractable wand. As for Neil's gear, he only carries around a belt with a small pouch and a wallet attached to it.

    Bio: Neil Lightning was raised in his family estate until he turned 20. He then went to join the AMF, and underwent intense training. After a while, he gotten used to the ropes and went on several different missions. When he turned 27, he mastered the Acrofighter class. He also got himself a nice girl named Diana Demeaon, and they married 2 years later. On the same year, when Diana was 28 and Neil was 29, Diana gave birth to Oliver. Diana is one of Nuedaize's best Forces, and won a few awards for her excellent skills. Diana taught every technique that she knew to Neil, and when he finally reached age 32, after performing so admirably for the AMF, he became a true role model for all other soldiers. He is currently a Master Sargent, but still does a lot of stealth missions and undercover work.

    Other information: Neil was responsible for stopping a former terrorist group called "The Degradators". When they tried to launch a photon nuclear missile at the Guardian's HQ in space, Neil stopped them from the inside by working undercover with them. With their leaders and most of their high ranking officers dead, the remnants had to scatter and regroup to a different location.
    Neil excels at playing the organ, and every chance he gets, he'll take it and play a piece he usually makes up, with or without a music sheet.

    Theme: (Clockwork.) (From Castlevania: Judgement, by Konami. Art by Takahashi Obata.)

    Personal Quote (also one of his catch phrases): "Now, it is time for a general arse-kicking of indiscriminate justice!"

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