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Thread: Retrospective

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    That I admit, I can't help you a tons, because I'm better at the Lore, than on the technical level about who did what unfortunately

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    Ok, thanks for your help again. I'll see if I can dig anything else up and if I cant I may just have to briefly mention names and skip the bigger points until I can engage some contacts at Sega later down the road who might know and then put that towards the end of the series as one huge recognition for all of the games or something.

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    It looks like I am going to do it that way aside from what I was able to come across. I need one more thing at this point and it's more just a question of if there was ever a defined way of saying the names of people and places. If not I'll probably just go with what feels natural.

    Specifically Palma, Motavia, Dezoris, Myau, Dr. Luveno, Lassic, and a few other things that are slipping my mind right now.

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    Well, I would even be of less help to you on that one, as my native language is french, so trying to spell you the sound in english for you may be a little hard. But for the most part, pronounce them as you can read them. Only Myau can be a problem. You see, I always said "Mi-a-ow", but with my french accent, since it sounds like a cat sound in french, which mean it might now even be the right way to say it in Japanese or English. So really just goes the way you feel. And if anyone try to smack you for that, smack them back by telling them to shut up, that they know exactly what you meant.

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    I think I will try to stick by the Japanese sounding of names more than English. This is where I run into a little trouble because I'm not fluent but I know some minimal stuff. (You can hear in some of my older works that I'll slow down my speaking so it's not fluid speaking) Myau does become tricky by that way, because cat in japanese is ねこ, or neko. However myau or meow is what a cat says... Technically there's nothing holding me back from making revisions down the road to the series so we'll see.

    I've started to lay down video tracks using a temp readthrough of the script and once I'm able to record the real tracks I'll adjust the video as needed. I'd like to have this out either this weekend or next weekend, but that depends on how quickly things go with what's left.
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    Then good luck and keep us informed

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    Principal recording has been finished for the audio tracks. I'd got most of the footage together so all that's left is to start editing. This process will take some time though especially if I find I need to do some pickups. (Although I don't think that's likely.)

    Update: Pickups were needed. I'll likely get those recorded this weekend. My work schedule has also stalled the project a little, but it should lighten up again soon. (This is a thing I'm doing in my free time.)
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    whatever happened to this?
    I wish every PSO-World member playing PSO2 would have this outlook/attitude:
    "I'll be honest: I'm a man of simple pleasures, and as long as I get to stab the blazes out of something, I'm pretty content."
    Tactlessness is ugly, willfull ignorance and bigotry is even uglier

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    To put it bluntly there's apparently a curse on the idea and anyone that tries to put one together will fail (See TsukentoX on youtube as an example) ...even I fell prey (Editing system consistently crashes requiring a save if the next edit doesn't crash, multiple HDs died (and believe me, I tried multiple HDs, multiple cables, heck even going from sata back to pata drives.) Also the audio would never play consistently for some reason...I might have the music tracks but my voiceovers would be missing or something crazy like that after doing a render. I may try again once I understand what's going to happen at my job and throw win 7 on here. I'd be tempted however to go out of order (talk PSO or something before the first game) just to get it rolling again, but it'd probably require me to do an extended cut later down the line. I'd also try to move from premiere pro 4 to 5. Most of what I want to show is still in my head so the problem wouldn't be scripting. This all used to be so simple...
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    After a number of years setting up a method for backing up the video to make sure this doesn't happen again I'm happy to announce the first chapter has finally been released.

    Releases will be a lot slower than I originally wanted, since Youtube is going to be my offsite backup platform. However the good news is you can see where I am capturing footage for each chapter since all footage will be coming from my let's play channel for the most part. Chapters are likely going to be coming out of order like I initially stated.

    So yeah, bump but this sub forum moves so slow does it really matter? Also isn't it wild? About a year before we ever heard of PSO2 I made the statement above that the Earthmen must have brought their own Dark Falz. Look where we are now. On Earth and a Dark Falz in fact has visited Earth (PSO2 On Stage) and may still be there since Darkers rarely pop up in Tokyo on top of the Phantoms.
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