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    Playing some Arma 3

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    Just played through Shovel Knight for the first time and boy was it fun!

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    Picked up The Collider 2 on Steam. It's nothing novel (it's a twitch reflex game basically) but it's really addictive. You fly a spaceship down a long tunnel with various traps in it and there's a survival mode where you just go until you die, with the traps getting more difficult all the time. Video here for anyone interested:

    I love reflex games like Audiosurf so this is right up my street.

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    Dark Souls 3

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    After today's nintendo news I said "fuck it" and sold my wii u and basically all my ninty games and bought a PS4

    So yeah I'm playing Bloodborne and the Nioh demo once they finish downloading

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    Nep Nep Rebirth1 True End achieved. Now playing Rebirth2~

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    Welcome to PSO2, a game which tells you to fuck off on regular basis. Have fun!
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    He just copypasted the log, which is mostly SOHO talking, and then for the remaining pages he just went to psow and copied the ep4 thread salt.

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    Blade and soul
    LoL (though i'm trying to avoid it but my friends are always like "meh meh meh come and play with us")

    i think that's it for now.. still i wish i could go back to ffxiv but poor kid issues wont let me q-q

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    Dark Souls 3 and the Overwatch open beta.

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    Picked up Senra Kagura Estival Versus for Vita for when I'm at work. Saw the $50 tag on it and was going to ask if they had a used copy and they pulled out a limited edition set with cards, artbook and whatever else in the box.

    It's too fan servicey, rather, I wasn't expecting just how much fan service was crammed into a handheld port of it.
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    Tried Granblue Fantasy recently. It's.......actually a solid game.

    Sure, it employ gatcha and horrible drop rate of good stuff.....but at least they're being honest with their drop rates. Can't write much about the story, but the core group are okay. Lots of chance to get free characters as well.
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