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    Default Why do SyFy movies Suck so bad?

    From the Scorpion King 2 to Megashark vs Octopus, Sci fi movies have fail written all over them. No I don't really watch them but every now and then I'll flip past the channel and see some awfully computer effect-of-a-monster in one of the many movies. I can see if it was the 90's or the early 2000's, but this is 2011......if video games can look as great as they do nowadays, then so can a movie. I know there budget probably ain't that big to begin with, but even so, there's no excuse. Gonna post a few vids below, feel free to add some if you know of any.

    Looking these vids up aren't as easy as I thought, I guess people actually like these kinds of movies. Will add more later. And just for the record, I'm talking bout the movies like mentioned above only, I love Terminator and the Matrix etc.
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    That was awesomely silly. I don't see the problem with an abudance of bad SF movies, honestly. More fodder for future MST3K itterations.

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    I'm just wondering how it's still going on, I mean I would love to see some dinosaur rip people to nothing, but not with playstation graphics.
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    I blame two things:

    1) Lack of fresh ideas. We need some quality writers brainstorming together to come up with something fun to watch.

    2) Corporate Greed. In the end, like all things in life, money is everything. Hollywood is no exception. They want to make a quick money maker. Not some critically acclaimed artwork (though it does help).
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    He thinks that scifi movies suck.

    They're like that train wreck you keep watching over and over again because there's a bird in the corner of the screen that you can see shitting on a nearby car if you look closely enough. It's such simple, terrible enjoyment that you really have to be in the mood for. If you're feelin' it, it's wonderful.

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    SyFy made for TV?

    S'all in the name of where made for movies. The last one teaser seeing on commercials flipping through played up the B movie cheese: the girl you know from croc one vs the girl you know from the other one, catfight.

    Movies shown on SyFy can be good, not the whole way through but Midnight Meat Train, not made for SyFy was pretty interesting. Toolbox Murderers or something, started out fine, good atmosphere and location in a hotel setup but yeah bungled killer fighting by last girl, ending and etc. and that was maybe made for SyFy, I dunno.

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    Well all genres have their tacky side, but it tends to be horror and sci fi which some student style directors want to try and make a low budget movie. But in general sci-fi movies aren't bad, I mean it doesn't necessarily need a big budget (e.g. Primer) but with older films, even with a big budget they're still perfectly watchable and awesome (e.g. Starship Troopers). I'm not so much a fan of Star Wars, moreso when I was a kid. But just like fantasy films, Sci-Fi is really a way to loose yourself in a film for a few hours.

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    Because making good movies is expensive, it isn't cheap to hire good writers, good actors and good special effects guys, and you can't expect them to front that kind of capital for a made-for-tv movie, since there's no way they'd make it all back from advertising revenue alone.

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    Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus was pretty awful, I'll admit that much. I do, however, like cheesy sci-fi and horror flicks. I know that it's not really fair to bring up horror in a topic just because science fiction is present, but they tend to go well hand in hand.

    I won't say that the quality of the plot, character personalities, acting, or special effects are always good in sci-fi and horror films (there seem to be an abundance of movies where there is no saving grace), but some can still be enjoyable.

    Probably the epitome of awful horror movies, in my opinion, is Troll 2. It's fun to reference when talking about what not to do with a horror movie. Now I haven't been as avid an audience member of the sci-fi genre as I have horror, but creature features like Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus are the ones that could have been entertaining but somehow botched every category of possible entertainment value. The only memorable scene for me is actually the scene you posted; it was just so ridiculous that it was amusing. Unfortunately, much of that movie was filled with inane ramblings of boring characters who didn't seem to have any regard for their own personal safety.

    When talking about horror movies in specific, it's hard to make a horror movie that isn't entertaining in some dimension of the film. The one thing that I absolutely despise certain types of horror are the "gotcha!" moments, which I label as cheap shots. (i.e. - You see someone in the foreground of a scene looking at something because he/she either heard a noise or is just some unlucky sap. Just as that person is looking around, you see something flit across the background of a scene, which would be fine, except at the same moment in time they decide to accompany it with A VERY LOUD NOISE that would startle people). <--- THIS is not horror. It's okay to have a few of them in a movie as there are usually surprises with minions or forces of darkness, but movies with more than 3-4 get on my nerves *COUGH* Descent 2 *COUGH*.

    That being said, there is usually something about the movie that entertains me outside of the aforementioned cheap shots. Poor acting can turn any horror movie into a fun time as long as it's so bad or out of place that it's noticeably silly. Unfortunately for movies like Chopper Chicks in Zombietown, there could have been a good movie for at least one of several reasons. It suffered from similar issues that were present in Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, though; plus it didn't really have a need for good graphics since it was a cheesy zombie flick.

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    These movies are SUPPOSED to be bad. No one's looking for an oscar. In fact, most of these people are just looking for work, but that's besides the point.

    It's just the sheer entertainment value. Throwbacks to the era of the great 'B' movies, of which I happen to love many of them. Like the obscure title Yor, The Hunter from the Future. God I LOVED that movie. :P It was so bad you had to love it.
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