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    Pretty much. So while you're sporting this cool outfit, everyone else who didn't buy it would see you with generic clothing. At least you can take screenshots in case someone thinks you're lying lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth Astra View Post
    Ah, I remember that spear and shield from PSZ. Also, I love the second female outfit. It would be perfect for Celis. Shame US probably won't get it.
    That weapon and shield technically didn't exist at the time of PSZ, seeing as it's from VC3 which was released last month. The one in PSZ is a generic one based on the mythos around the Valkyries.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wayu View Post
    What's the text on the back of the uniforms?

    Probably related text to VC3, "Nameless 422" or something.

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    These outfits are cool/different looking and all...
    (finally female outfit that looks different/interesting/is made with pants) But I was rather under the impression that people want to get cool weps & wear cool clothes SO THAT they can front them in the game. I mean, don't you want to look cool? (I could be wrong!)

    Isn't owning something that only you can see about as cool as having an invisible /imaginary friend? ESPECIALLY when you can't even type to yell out that you're currently sporting the latest ___ outfit? Is this a case of the Emperors' new Clothes? (Spoiler: he was naked)

    Ok so if showing off to everyone in the game/looking cool is NOT the goal...then what is?
    Taking screenshots of yourself and posting them somewhere?
    Paying 200 yen to take a screencap?
    Self-vanity where you don't care that everyone else sees you looking like a hobo, but secretly you're in one of these 'new tuxes'?
    Doing wild damage with the most boring (looking) wep ever because only you see it?

    I mean, I understand WHY they have to make it that way: people would simply hax it all out if it was already there...but I am genuinely curious as to what good it does people. (unless the entire game culture there is based off of everyone buying every single thing they offer, all the time--I don't know how popular any of that add-on stuff is)

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    They must have had cases where groups would buy specific outfits so everyone could see it, but this is a major gripe for those of us buying the outfits. Personally, the end result is that I am very picky when buying DLC items, even with their little sale running now for older DLC.

    Because of this, I hardly buy weapons because I find them useful only for having an unlimited supply of newbie weapons.

    I assume they must have made a fairly handsome profit in the domestic market, which would explain why they are now trying to double dip with their other Sega properties.

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    Probably say "Dry clean only".

    Seriously, the first 2 outfit looks really cool. Are there any color variations for dlc outfits? I wish Sega would also add that if they ever release infinity outside japan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alenoir View Post
    Sorry for poking in, just wanna say it's "Len", not "Ren" for the vocaloid. ;
    And this is relevant how?

    Anyways, I will be the sucker and get the outfits and weapons because again, the collectionist in me demands to get all the goodies. Damn you once more for this, SEGA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post

    50%, sword
    200 yen
    Ooft, wanted this sword/grenade combo ever since I saw the preview pic you posted ages ago...
    And it reminds me of Gunlances from Monster Hunter

    Does it have a special visual effect when you swing it?
    Quote Originally Posted by RenzokukenZ View Post
    **** that Clad 6 with your Monomate??? How will that work lol
    Quote Originally Posted by Kirukia View Post
    Its the future, they've now unlocked the secrets to boob teleportation.

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    Damn FemBots will probably be able to change the colors on those as well. I really don't want to use my CAST just for a color change.

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    Casts don't always get that option - the Santa Dress and Mode : Noir keep their fixed colours even if it clashes with your actual colour scheme. These are likely the same.

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    The pantsu on the santa dress change colors for cast females, pretty unfair really.

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