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    Question English-Speaking Community on Japanese PSP2i Servers


    I was planning to show up Weekdays from around 4:00pm ~ 6:00pm PST (8:00pm ~ 10:00pm EST) in the Lobby WHITE-30 on Universe 1. (Alternatively, WHITE-30 on Universe 2 as well.)

    If anyone else wants to stage a PSP2i English Meet & Greet at another time or in a different Universe & Lobby, feel free.



    I bought Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity [Japanese] when it came out. While I have no problem playing with the Japanese community online, and they are pretty nice for the most part, I was just a bit curious are there any English-speaking people who play online as well?

    I'm looking to have a certain sense of balance between Japanese and English-speaking people in my Friend Card List on PSP2i.

    I have no problem reading / speaking / writing in Japanese, but it'd be cool every now and again to actually NOT feel like the "Odd-Man Out" by being the only American in a group online. So I just thought I'd ask if anyone would like to play sometime.
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    I would try this to find a bunch of people.

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    I'd play online more if the game didn't over-incentivize Magashi spam. :/

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    I'm online atm if anyone wants to play and i'm on daily. I'm usually in universe 1 sky 10 or just pm me and we can meet up and exchange cards i'd love to play with new people.

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    My online name is Jake6 and I've been playing quite a bit. I'm really interested in chatting (using the PSP2i chat that was just linked.) I may be on tonight and tomorrow. I'm playing from Tokyo.

    Is the lag ok from other countries?

    Looking forward to hooking up with some English speaking players. I'm originally from Seattle.

    So info:

    Name: Jake6
    Character: Level 92 Beast, Hunter level 14

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    Ho dear.

    The lag's terrible from the hole known as China.

    If my PayPal decides to not be a douche and let me buy Infinity, I'll hop on and DC every run.

    Someone should schedule a meet & greet. It's spring break across many nations, so during this week might be a good time.


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    Someone remember to invite the fearsome lobby rappies!


    ...another meet and greet would be a good idea though. ^_^ I think we've had a thinning of the crowd since we upgraded to the full version.

    I'm guilty of not going online very much though.

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    I bought this game too. I wouldn't mind playing with some of you.

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    name a time and I'll definietly show up, if im home of course -.-b
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    Another meet and great now that full retail is out would be a good idea.

    ...also would help people work on their Partner Card and room visit titles <_<
    ノーマン (Nohman), Lv.125 Male Human, BR 34, 1 Rebirth (PSP2i)

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