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    Default Keyboard + Xbox ?

    I recently moved my computer into my room and i was wondering if it was possible to make Shortcuts that the xbox would notice while on the PSU game if i could just play with the keyboard instead. just let me know i guess on here ill be keeping this topic updated so i guess thats it.
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    I'm not exactly sure what you're asking, or else I would try and help.

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    Lambo, if you're asking about using a PC keyboard on an Xbox 360, then the answer is yes.

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    Sorry, i mean like if i can make shortcuts (Commands with the keybaord) that the xbox would recognize and if i could play without the origional controller. -As if im playing a Computer game, Just with the keyboard pluged into the Xbox and it being a Tv.

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    and how can i get the cmmands to work? to make the xbox work with a keyboard and not just texting messages

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    its a controller based game >_> keyboard is for typing/chatting...

    getting it to recognize commands would require modifying the xbox software = xbox no no
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