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    Default 7/21 Download Content

    I know there were a few people looking forward to these:

    Shimon's costume in parts and clothing at 300 yen a piece.

    Yoko's costume in parts and clothing at 300 yen a piece.

    The Superconductor Rifle is 200 yen.

    DFD and Yaroz IMs will also go out.

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    Wished they'd tossed in Nia's antispiral outfit.

    The only issue with this rapid release of IMs is that there's not much time to deal with them before the next set comes along.

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    Definitely getting Yoko's outfit and the SuperConductor Rifle. After this I will need PSN points to get any further DLC (because GeoSword decided to get JP PS1 games instead of saving them for DLC). Shame on me, I know.

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    Yoko's Superconductor Rifle?


    I am a MASSIVE Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann fan ^_^
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