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Thread: Q-gallery V

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    Well, as a hopefully helpful aside, Mufonna (as you might see from the first picture) is typically soft-natured and incredibly kind. In comparison to Tynselle's smart-alec expression, she's a lot more innocent acting and ditzy. She really looks humorously cute when you actually see her thinking. (She looks like she's working hard on that. And those exotic alien yellow eyes just put the icing on that cake.) The closeup also shows she compliments the dress with a Blue bow in her hair.

    (Just an aside bit of backstory info) She is involunatarily suppressing a 2nd personality. One that is pained, extremely vicious, and uncontrolled. Her regular nature is completely opposed to that personality so a psychological defense mechanism automatically locks it away unless a terribly stressful moment causes it to unlock and take over. Thus her typical nature is extremely (in Tynselle's eyes) girly girl. Something in great big contrast to her large, strong, and somewhat amazonian size. Not to mention that she's actually a fighter, typically wielding very large (but pretty) battle Axes. (Her Roommate Tynselle is still trying to wrap her mind around that personality/Job combination) Sky Blue is Mufonna's absolute favorite color in the universe, so most of her ensembles feature a lot of blue in them.

    And thanks again. Really.

    PS. - (Only if you really really want to do a battle pose, or something with the weapon, for which is not a part of my request, but I figure I'd give you a bit of freedom for any pose you'd like her in, since you've been putting weapons in the hands of much of your latest stuff. It's completely fine for any weaponless pose. So this pic is only in anticipation of any chance you were to ask me what weapon does she use. Not at all a suggestion to include it. Her favorite is something that in itself is as flowery as it is deadly. Oddly enough, just like her.)
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    Thanks for the background. That will help with thinking up a new pose. I already got some ideas.


    Doodled a first idea for a pose.

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    Doesn't look to shabby. But if you could, Would you mind adding the folded lance that's on his back? And dont forget that helm. Its very important to his character if you know what i mean.
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    Don't worry I will add every detail. This is just the rough anatomy of the body

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    Well the Swords are kinda off so here, That's what they look like.


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    Don't worry: like I said, this is just a rough scribble. The swords I drew are just placeholders. I will use it as a layer to sketch on top of. This is simply to nail down the pose. I always work like this.. just look at my latest drawing



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    *Facepalm* Opps. Well i never was an Artist... So how am i supposed to know?

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    @HU100: it's cool. Now you know!

    @Nel: ehhhh???

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    Last chance to change something, if you're okay with this sketch, I will start lining and coloring.

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