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Thread: Q-gallery V

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    @Sha Sha:
    Like I said on DA: It's a nice and fresh design! Will look forward 'painting' her.

    Anyway, maor showable pics from my practice (Of course I made more, but some are NSFW). Again: I used reference for all of these, for the sake of learning/experience. I think all are done in less then 2 hours. Preferable I will get this further down to 1 hour.

    Anatomy practice:

    Environment practice:

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    Keep this up and you wont be practicing! XD

    As always nice work bro.

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    An artist is never finished learning..

    This weekend == Sun + nice temperature;
    ME> $Location == 'Garden';
    $Practicing possible == 'false';


    I made another concept for Rocelle. I might do one little concept for the layout of the request, and then will start with the painting, whenever that may happen..

    And sorry for the shitty photo I took of it

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    This place seems kind of dead.. where is everyone?

    Anyway. more practice:

    Little thing for DA's april fools joke, combined with some environment practice..:

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    I knew you'd submit to the kitteh overlord.

    Anywho, I like the sketches. The chick sitting down with the hat nostrils look a bit funny. But it might be my eyes playing tricks on me again

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    (welcome to my dead thread) is currently my favorite of your sketches, its def. the strongest one of the bunch

    I am sure this is where we are now.

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    The nostrils might've become a bit to large due to me not being very careful when doing these and I don't really feel like erasing stuff. The head is shot from a lower angle, so you watch the nose from the bottom by the way..

    Haha.. yeah, but you don't seem to update very often either.. maybe PSO2 will bring a new batch of artists (or assholes)..

    Might be my favorite as well, though it's not the best one of them (read: the best copy of the reference picture). The technical best would be the first one of yesterdays batch I posted.

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    That one is also very well done, but i wonder how it'll look MORE fluid than it is. I know its a reference but deviate from it and see what happens.

    I am sure this is where we are now.

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    Again a weekend @ my parents for my brothers birthday. Made some little character drawings. All of the without any ref, hoping I would've learned something from my practice. Guess I still have a long long way to go..

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    Still loving the pics. Your perseverance at art is really working for you. Your backgrounds are rather nice. I'm liking your new attention to patterns whether flowery or not. Your last pic really throws the pattern in nicely on the top left. It's both surreal and artistic, but it seems to do a lot for the expression of the scene.

    Just like the pic that Sayara likes.
    In that picture...The girl works well without being too extravagant. However, it's the dress pattern, the lay of her top which comes off as casual and natural, not uniform; and the faded pattern of flora that she's sitting over. The dress pattern combined with the flora which loses just enough definition to have your mind fill in the blanks of what could be beyond that really dress the expression of the scene.
    It puts the image that she's perhaps out near some woods, in some beautiful more rural locale, or a park, simply enjoying the simple pleasure of a good warm day. All of that without even having to draw any more background definition than what you have there. The fade, whether intentional or not, leads the mind to put it there without having to fully show the viewer that they are there. Again, the loose-wearing top and straps underneath come across as really natural because they aren't perfectly aligned, but loose and asymmetrically positioned. That goes a long way to just bring "Laid back" to the scene. The vision of what a person, just enjoying the outside, would actually wear their clothes like at that moment, not the vision of some artist that wants to perfectly align the outfit to the contours of the body.
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