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    Default Rod bug when extending?

    Are elemental boosts broken on rods when extending? I extended a Pumpkinhead and Kazarod with ground boost but the Pumpkinhead still out damages the Kazarod greatly while having 100 less TEC.

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    Kazarod is youmei and has 90% pp use and 90% pa dmg. Pumpkin has 100% on each.

    The amount of the empower element boost varies by weapon too.

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    I didn't think the damage difference would be that big though. I've also tried it with a Rabbit Wand and it barely had a damage boost. It's just bothering me that my force is level 90 and I cant seem to find a better rod than the pumpkinhead.

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    If you have Hard Mode completed in Story Mode on a character and have some extra Weapons Badge: Gold, you can trade them in for Caduceus. LV90 requirement.
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