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    I can. PM me your save.

    Edit: Check your inbox.
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    PSO2 Character Information:
    Ciel Di'Mattrio: F Newman, HU75/FI75/RA75/GU75/FO72/TE72/BR75/BO75
    Thalia Fortuna: F Human, FO73/TE74/BR70/BO60

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    Super late to the PSP2I save conversion train.

    Could someone please convert my US PSP2 save to a Japanese one?

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    If there is someone around still i recently found a copy of PSP2i so if possible can i get a US to JP conversion to import my game? ive dropped so many hours on my game and done hard mode with all bonus stories and i really, really dont wanna have to go through the nightmare of going through that stuff so if someone can help please message me?

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