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    Default Content Update for August 31

    Maintenance is being moved to August 31 instead of Sept 1.
    Rough Translation aka Google, lol

    We'll be getting the rest of our rewards:
    10% Grind Boost
    2 Weeks Megaholy
    20% Synth Boost
    2x AMP in 1st and Extra Stages
    2x Stamps

    There is also a new GBR in Neudiaz

    Looks to be 2 new missions with ranks C-S3

    Holy Ground will be upgraded to S3

    New weapons shown in the page are a rifle and some sword

    Also GC seems to have new clothes and parts.
    Orius - M.Newman lvl180 MF20 ---- Megalodon V9.0 - M.Cast lvl180 fG20/GM20
    _______ YOmap - M.Beast lvl104 PT20 ---- ダークエンジェル F.Human lvl57 AF11________

    JP PSU

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    looks good maybe now i could unseal some of my akasuki

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    I want a 3,5 meters long sword too o.o

    Haha... xD see you on the GBR! maybe.

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    Copy-pasting from my PSUPf posts:

    * This week's maintenance is being moved ahead one day, so it will begin at 11:00 JST on August 31, instead of September 1.

    GUARDIANS Chronicle 3rd rewards (part 2)
    * The remaining panel rewards earned during GUARDIANS Chronicle 3rd will go into effect on August 31 and run through September 15. Bonuses include:
    - Megaholy photon fortune for all races
    - 10% grind boost
    - 20% weapon/armor synth boost
    - Daily stamp payout doubled
    - AMP payout doubled for first and extra stage GAMs

    GBR: Neudaiz Drop Boost 5th
    * A new Neudaiz GBR will run from August 31 through September 22. It will include these missions:
    - Sinners' Banquet (Agata Islands: Egam to Ohtoku City area)
    - Castle of Monsters (Old Hakura Temple to Ohtoku City area)
    - The Holy Ground (Agata Islands: Egam to Agata RELICS area)

    New missions
    * Sinners' Banquet C-S3: Reports indicate that excommunicated COG members have been studying the SEED factor at Ohtori Castle, a long-forgotten landmark. Break through the castle walls and make your way to the tower!
    * Castle of Monsters C-S3: The tower of Ohtori Castle is brimming with SEED-Forms, obviously the result of the ex-COG members' research. Purify the tower so the disaster does not spread outside!

    Updated missions
    * The Holy Ground C-S2 will be upgraded to AOTI standards. Difficulty S3 will also be added.

    Item updates
    * New items will be added, including (but not limited to) Leidenschaft (rifle) and Zantetsu (sword).
    * A new GC lottery will be added to GC Shop, replacing the current Summer Vacation Gacha. This will include new costumes such as Rosen Remnants (female clothes) and Alis Reaper (female parts).
    * Casino rotation.

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    2 new missions - Outside Ohtori, full of robots, a hotbed for megid spamming. Inside Ohtori, full of SEED, great for anyone who hasn't gotten their new light spells to lv50 yet.

    Yep, seems like a decent GBR. Hopefully some good drops. Also, hopefully not too many different amazing drops for those of us on free course who happen to be notorious hoarders!

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    Misha | Newman | Female | 180 | Universe 2

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    Alis Reaperrrrrrrrr

    sig by me, PM if you want to request one.
    Ship 2/Ship 4:
    Sakia HU FI newearl | アモリ RAmarl | Hasumi FO RA caseal | ぴょましFOnewearl | 白井 BR HU Duman | リーヨウ RA GU caseal| Rena SU FI| マテオ HU/NK

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    It's the Ohtori GBR! Where's my Shidenji-hiken, Sega? lol

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    so whos ready for endless Ohtori C runs?

    goal: a stack of Dragon Scales XD
    Orius - M.Newman lvl180 MF20 ---- Megalodon V9.0 - M.Cast lvl180 fG20/GM20
    _______ YOmap - M.Beast lvl104 PT20 ---- ダークエンジェル F.Human lvl57 AF11________

    JP PSU

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