Hello fellow PSU players! I am currently looking for a friendly RP guild/clan to join.

I have recently completed the story mode(Yay me! ) and i'm about to go onto Network mode, once I got the money for the subscription which will be in a couple of days. I want to to join a clan in hope of being able to do lots of RPing and to meet other players who I can become friends with, since I don't really want to be going though the game on my own.

I already have two characters in mind, so all I really have to do is make them. However, I have only made a background story for one of them and even that is still in the works.

I do not have a headset, but I recently got myself a USB keyboard ready so communication shouldn't be too much of a problem. I also promise to help out the guild/clan that is kind enough to invite me as much as I can and I will try not to cause any trouble.

I hope that this post will get get me at least one invite to a friendly and active RP guild.