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    why do they want to do that? it takes too long to just plan it all out and wouldn't it be too easy if u r maxed out?

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    It hardly takes "too long." It's not that much of an effort to look up potential max stats and determine what will fulfill those. And some people prefer to think that they haven't wasted anything, myself included. Though I technically won't max out (never get to level 200, only 20 Luck, can only max out ATP or MST at the same time), it's comforting to know that I haven't placed too much in any one stat (such that I'd lose it later by the cap kicking in).

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    If the point of the game to you is to be the best, then the only way to go is by maxing out. You are, by it's very definition, playing with one of the best characters in the game. As for the game being too easy, yeah. It is easy to beat at level 200 with maxed stats, I imagine. At that level, the enemies are no longer the point. You're probably playing online, and helping others get better, or just hanging out to play with friends. Or blowing off stress by killing things extremely fast.

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    There's an old axiom out there: Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

    Some people out there believe that if they are not using their character at their full potential, then they're not playing efficiently. Would you drive a car with three wheels? Would a baseball pitcher ever decide to not practive or warm-up before a game? Your character is a means to and end; it should be at peak performance in order to acheive your goals.

    Others feel that they need a goal to attend because let's face it, you don't need to be level 200 to beat Falz. and Once you do beat Falz, the game isn't over. Now, if the game isn't over at level 200, or after you beat Falz and Olga Flow for thr fourth time each, then what's the point of playing? With a group? Not everyone feels that way and/or has access to a modem/adaptor. Some people need that goal of maxing their character to give purpose to their game.

    Asking why someone would need to max their characters stats is like asking why would anyone try and collect rares?

    Now, I don't plan on maxing my character and just wing it from time to time (using mats that I need as opposed to planning how many to use), so my character isn't going to be the optimal HUmar. I also play about an hour every few days or so, just to pass the time since I don't have to really focus on the game in order to play.

    Just play. Do what you want as long as it's fun.

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    I just hate knowing that I didn't do all I could to optimize my character.
    Suppose I started a fonewearl and played casually, without giving much thought to her future. So I feed her a ton of power and def mats to "make up for her weaknesses".
    In fact, suppose I used the whole 150 mat limit on pow. This works okay in normal and hard, and semi-ok in vhard.

    Along comes Ultimate mode and my Fonewearl, who used to be a barely adequate melee fighter, is now a cute little rag doll to be thrown around by bartles/barbles. Given her low stats, there is no possible way to give her any form of good melee potential in Ultimate.

    So I switch her over into pure spellcasting mode, but guess what? Those 150 mats, which could have given me 300 MST, have already been put into pow. This would be enough to make me start a character over, no matter what their level is.

    So, to the point, planning out your char's development takes a few minutes but saves you a lot of headaches in the long run.

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    If I find a material, and I can use it, I use it. Period.

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    Llama... you just described my HUnewearl. Probably the weakest HUnewearl in all of Pioneer 2. She's loaded with EVP and DEF mats that I randomly found and ate. She kicked ass in Normal through VHard, but came up really short in Ultimate. Good thing she's retired. 0_o

    Why would you want to max out your characters properly? You'll regret it later if you don't.

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    Jae, my Hunny almost went that route...I fed her whatever mats I could find when she was young. Then I found out about the mat limit! I should have started her over back then, but I didn't, and now she's at level 144. Good thing her Luck is maxed, and her ATP can be maxed with a little work.

    She really kicks ass in Ultimate, being able to kill something like an online Del-D in one combo, but I can't help thinking I could have made her better. Oh well, I'm too attached to her to let her retire ;>

    Now I'm learning from my mistakes and am optimizing my Ramarl and Fonewearl.

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    I agree with you all about maxing out stats. It's a great benefit at the end. With the maxed stats, the game seems simply easy. At lvl 147 my Humar is maxed on DEF with the help of 2 God/Body. So, on Ultimate Forest and Caves he doen't really require any Deband or Jellen the enemy at all. He can withstand hundreds of direct hits and would still be standing. So yeah, maxing out stats can be good.

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    LOL. I learned about the mat limit late in my HUnny's career so I started saving up POW mats. When I had finally acumulated 30 POW mats, I decided it was time to eat. I ate like two and the rest turned gray. Doh!

    My RAmarl passed up my HUnny in base stats about 10 levels ago. You know your HU is sad when a lower level RA (the statistically weakest one too) has higher stats. Ahh the joys of optimizing. It's a long tough road if you're doing it legit, but the end result makes it all worthwhile. I really recommend it to everyone.

    BTW Llama, I saw Xallah standing in a lobby a month or so ago. I tried to call you out for a game or two, but I guess you were AFK or didn't like strange purple-clad HUnewearls calling to you.

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