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    Default DoctorShanks' Trade List~

    Last updated @ April 4th, 2012: .

    Hunter Weapons

    -*Lv3 Celeb Luzparias, 0/0/0/64/0, Zeta Cutlass
    -Lv3 Dark Luzparias, 0/0/0/0/0, Force Ride
    -Lv2 Draw Luzparias, 0/0/47/0/0, Cross Rave
    -*Lv4 Celeb Stormer, 34/35/0/0/0, Zeta Cutlass

    -*Lv2 Celeb Ainsraiffe, 55/21/0/0/0, Over End
    -Lv2 Slow Ainsraiffe, 48/0/0/0/0, Dynamo Spin
    -Milias Sword, 0/0/0/0/21, Lv1 Light, Sonic Raid

    -*Lv4 Celeb Foie Haze, 55/0/0/0/0, Huge Cross
    -Lv2 Meseta Foie Haze, 0/0/0/0/0, Reverse Kill
    -Lv4 Stun Foie Haze, 0/0/0/0/0, Huge Cross
    -Tonfa, 16/0/0/27/0, Lv2 Ice, No PA

    -Lv2 X Eclamasach, 36/0/0/0/0, Speed Rain
    -Lv2 Slow Eclamasach, 0/0/0/0/20, Spear Rider
    -Lv2 Celeb Eclamasach, 0/0/33/0/0, Spear Rider
    -Lv2 Stun Eclamasach, 16/0/0/0/0, Spear Rider
    -*Lv3 Celeb Eclamasach, 0/0/0/65/0, Spear Rider
    -Lv3 Heart Eclamasach, 0/44/0/0/0, Speed Rain
    -*Lv3 Celeb Eclamasach, 38/53/0/0/0, Hopping Run
    -Lv3 Celeb Grand Chariot, 0/0/0/0/0, Hopping Run
    -Lv3 Zalure Grand Chariot, 0/37/0/22/21, Hopping Run
    -Big Mobius, 0/0/25/0/0, Lv3 Stun, Spear Rider
    -*Hemera Drill, 55/0/0/0/33, Lv2 Zalure, Speed Rain
    -Lv3 Stun Abraham, 0/0/44/39/0, Hopping Run

    -*Lv4 Celeb Hadan Bite, 0/0/0/63/0, Bite Stamp
    -Pinky Hand, 0/24/36/0/16, Lv2 Heart, Slide End
    -*Lv2 Celeb Python Bite, 51/42/45/0/0, Bite Stamp

    -*Lv4 Celeb Iros, 0/0/0/48/0, Linear Shake
    -*Lv4 Celeb Iros, 15/42/59/0/0, Linear Shake
    -Lv2 Jell Iros, 0/0/0/0/42, Barrier Shift
    -Lv3 Celeb Iros, 0/0/27/0/25, Linear Shake
    -Lv3 Ice Iros, 0/48/0/0/0, Barrier Shift
    -*Lv2 Stun Iros, 0/50/44/0/0, Bull Smash
    -Lv3 Slow Remjees, 7/38/8/27/32, Linear Shake
    -Tatami Mat, 48/0/0/0/0, Lv1 Risk, Bull Smash
    -Tatami Mat, 0/31/26/0/0, Lv1 Risk, Bull Smash
    -Scarred Tatami, 0/0/0/0/0, Lv2 Risk, Barrier Shift
    -*Lv5 Celeb Blaze Roar, 0/0/0/60/0, Bull Smash
    -*Lv5 Celeb Blaze Roar, 0/064/0/0, Bull Smash
    -Schwarz Stihl, 0/0/0/0/0, Bull Smash

    -Lv2 Dark Morgenlote, 0/0/0/0/25, Tornado Dance
    -Lv2 Soul Mogenlote, 0/0/0/0/0, Tornado Dance
    -Lv2 Celeb Morgenlote, 33/0/40/0/0, Tornado Dance
    -Lv3 Soul Mehrennenka, 37/0/43/43/0, Million Rave
    -Lv1 Risk Gigas Romulus, 0/15/0/0/32, Million Rave
    -*Lv3 Celeb Roche Limit, 52/38/0/0/0, Million Rave
    -*Lv3 Dark Rems Romulus, 42/40/43/0/0, Million Rave

    Ranger Weapons

    -N-Tathlam, 26/0/0/20/0, Lv5 Heat, Quick Draw
    -*Lv5 Celeb Tachyon Gun, 0/15/0/0/0, Thriller Combo
    -H44 Missouri, 0/0/0/0/0, No PA
    -*Parpua, 15/0/0/0/0, Lv2 Dark, Quick Draw
    -H10 Missouri, 0/38/0/0/0, Lv1 Stun, No PA
    -H10 Missouri, 32/0/0/0/0, Lv2 Meseta, Quick Draw
    -H10 Missouri, 0/0/11/38/21, Lv3 Draw, No PA
    -H10 Missouri, 0/0/0/0/0, Quick Draw
    -Lv5 Celeb Kleingold, 15/39/0/0/0, Flame Hit *Fortified
    -Lv5 Celeb Kleingold, 0/49/0/0/0, Flame Hit

    -Garland Drei, 0/0/0/0/0, Lv2 Draw, Mine Sneak
    -*Lv5 Celeb Lavateinn, 0/62/0/0/0, Wipeout
    -Garland Zwei, 0/0/0/0/0, Lv2 Draw, Hollow Snipe
    -Garland Zwei, 0/0/0/0/0, Lv2 Draw, Hollow Snipe
    -Garland Zwei, 0/0/16/0/0, Lv2 Draw, Hollow Snipe
    -Garland Zwei, 0/0/0/0/0, Lv2 Draw, Hollow Snipe
    -Garland Zwei, 45/0/0/0/24, Lv2 Draw, Hollow Snipe
    -Lv5 Celeb Enfield, 0/0/0/0/50, Mine Sneak
    -M14 Missouri, 0/29/0/0/25, No PA

    -Emperor Axeon, 24/0/0/0/36, Lv3 Heat, Earth Bullet
    -Lv3 Light Frigiand, 0/0/0/0/0, Impact Zero
    -Lv3 Heat Frigiand, 0/0/0/0/0, Impact Zero
    -Lv3 Soul Neidaryl, 0/0/0/33/0, Bullet Dance
    -Lv3 Celeb Neidaryl, 0/0/58/0/45, Earth Bullet *Fortified
    -Lv3 Celeb Neidaryl, 0/0/0/48/0, Earth Bullet *Fortified
    -Lord Axeon, 0/0/15/0/37, Lv3 Heat, Earth Bullet
    -Sonic Laser, 0/0/0/0/0, Lv2 Zalure, Earth Bullet
    -Sonic Laser, 0/0/40/0/0, Lv2 Zalure, Earth Bullet
    -Bangasa Jikomi, 0/0/0/0/0, Lv3 Light, Impact Zero
    -Bangasa Jikomi, 0/0/0/48/0, Lv3 Light, Impact Zero

    -Lv3 Celeb Crimson Vis, 0/15/27/0/0, Cool Style
    -Lv2 Dark Crimson Vis, 41/14/21/0/0, Spinning Death
    -Lv2 X Crimson Vis, 0/0/20/0/0, Spinning Death
    -Clear Scissor Twins, 28/32/0/0/0, Lv3 Ice, No PA

    -*Lv4 Celeb Nemesis, 21/0/41/0/0, Wild Blow
    -*Lv5 Heart Blue Danube, 15/0/19/0/0, Crush Bomb
    -Canon Rouge, 0/34/34/26/0, Lv4 Light, Crazy On

    Force Weapons

    -Goth Parasol, 0/0/0/0/0, Lv3 Heart, Rodeo Drive
    -Goth Parasol, 0/0/38/0/0, Lv3 Heart, Rodeo Drive
    -Goth Parasol, 21/28/12/0/0, Lv3 Heart, Rodeo Drive
    -Lv1 Life Kerykeion, 0/0/0/0/0, Beat Quake
    -Lv0 Kerykeion, 0/0/0/0/0, Beat Quake
    -Lv4 Ice Kerykeion, 0/0/0/0/0, No PA
    -*Lv0 Kerykeion, 60/22/0/0/0, Rolling Bar
    -*Lv4 Celeb Kerykeion, 43/0/18/39/0, Rodeo Drive
    -*Lv4 Meseta Kerykeion, 0/0/45/0/0, Rodeo Drive
    -Lv1 X Kerykeion, 21/20/0/0/0, No PA
    -Lv1 Zalure Kerykeion, 0/0/0/15/0, No PA
    -Lv0 Kerykeion, 0/0/35/0/0, Rodeo Drive
    -Pretty Parasol, 0/0/0/0/17, Lv2 Draw, Beat Quake
    -Pretty Parasol, 0/0/0/0/0, Lv2 Draw, Beat Quake
    -Pretty Parasol, 0/0/0/0/0, Lv2 Draw, Beat Quake
    -Pretty Parasol, 0/0/28/42/0, Lv2 Draw, Beat Quake
    -Calamity Soul, 0/0/0/49/0, Lv1 Risk, Rolling Bar
    -Calamity Soul, 0/29/11/12/0, Lv1 Risk, No PA
    -Calamity Soul, 0/0/0/28/0, Lv1 Risk, Rodeo Drive
    -Calamity Soul, 0/0/0/36/0, Lv1 Risk, Beat Quake
    -Calamity Soul, 0/0/45/39/0, Lv1 Risk, Rodeo Drive
    -Calamity Soul, 0/0/31/0/0, Lv1 Risk, No PA
    -Calamity Soul, 0/0/0/0/0, Lv1 Risk, Rolling Bar
    -Calamity Soul, 0/40/0/0/0, Lv1 Risk, Rodeo Drive
    -Calamity Soul, 29/0/0/20/0, Lv1 Risk, Rodeo Drive
    -Calamity Soul, 0/25/0/0/0, Lv1 Risk, Beat Quake
    -Calamity Soul, 0/0/0/0/0, Lv1 Risk, Beat Quake
    -Calamity Soul, 0/0/0/0/0, Lv1 Risk, Rodeo Drive
    -Calamity Soul, 0/0/0/0/0, Lv1 Risk, Rolling Bar
    -Calamity Soul, 0/0/0/0/0, Lv1 Risk, Beat Quake
    -Calamity Soul, 0/0/0/0/0, Lv1 Risk, Rodeo Drive
    -Calamity Soul, 0/0/0/0/0, Lv1 Risk, Rolling Bar
    -Imperial Rod, 0/0/31/0/0, Lv2 Heart, Beat Quake

    -Lv0 Alice Olivia, 0/0/0/0/18, No PA
    -Lv4 X Alice Olivia, 0/0/41/0/0, Act Trick
    -Lv3 Heart Alice Olivia, 35/0/0/0/0, Funny Dive
    -Lv0 Alice Olivia, 0/0/0/16/0, Act Trick
    -Lv0 Alice Olivia, 0/0/19/0/0, Act Trick
    -*Starlight, 15/0/0/0/0, Lv5 Dark, Act Trick
    -Zero Cane, 26/0/0/0/0, No PA

    -*Lv1 X Trois Souther, 0/50/16/0/0, Bright Sign
    -Lv1 Soul Trois Souther, 0/0/0/41/0, Bright Sign
    -Lv3 Heart Trois Souther, 0/0/24/37/0, Edge Riser
    -Lv0 Trois Souther, 0/0/0/25/24, Say Good-bye
    -*Lv3 Celeb Trois Souther, 0/0/0/62/0, Say Good-Bye
    -Lv0 Trois Souther, 0/30/0/0/45, Edge Riser
    -Lv3 Soul Trois Souther, 0/0/0/0/0, Say Good-bye
    -Lv1 Ice Trois Souther, 0/43/34/0/0, Edge Riser
    -Lv0 Trois Souther, 42/0/0/0/0, Say Good-bye
    -Lv3 Celeb Loneos, 0/42/0/0/27, Say Good-bye
    -*Lv3 Celeb Loneos, 0/0/0/51/0, No PA
    -Lv2 Light Loneos, 29/19/0/0/0, Edge Riser
    -Star Slicer, 0/0/44/0/0, Lv3 Risk, Bright Sign
    -Star Slicer, 0/0/0/19/0, Lv3 Risk, Bright Sign

    Armors (All 4 slot)

    -Dragon Wing
    -Shinobi Suit
    -Hunter Shell
    -Kepler Suit
    -Carabiner Armor
    -Mobius Guarder x4
    -Milias Frame x3
    -Noble Cloak
    -Chef Apron
    -Spirit Garb

    Mags + Mag souls

    -Yul - 20/0/0/0 - Flozir - Playful
    -Aio - 0/20/0/0 - Flozir - Playful - RED
    -Aio - 0/16/0/0 - Flozir - Hungry - RED

    -Ingh - 0/0/0/23 - Granir - Hungry - BLUE
    -Beork - 0/99/1/0 - Pacifal - Melancholy - BLUE
    -Lassi - 60/0/20/20 - Flozir - Ruffian - BLUE

    -Aio - 0/18/0/0 - Granir - Hungry - YELLOW

    -Aio - 0/24/0/0 - Flozir - Healing - GREEN
    -Aio - 0/25/0/0 - Granir - Hungry - GREEN
    -Yth - 0/0/18/0 - Flozir - Hungry - GREEN
    -Ingh - 0/0/0/28 - Flozir - Playful - GREEN

    -Aio - 0/20/0/0 - Flozir - Hungry - PURPLE
    -Wyn - 99/0/1/0 - Granir - Obstinate - PURPLE
    -Wyn - 75/0/25/0 - Flozir - Ruffian - PURPLE
    -Hagal - 0/1/98/0 - Midgul - Melancholy - PURPLE
    -Puyo - 99/0/1/0 - Flozir - Breezy - PURPLE

    -Soniti Soul x1
    -Puyo Soul x3
    -Radam Soul x1
    -Arkharz Soul x2
    -Lassi Soul x3
    -Toppi Soul x4


    -Divine/Guard x3
    -Divine/Swift x4
    -Divine/Hit x1
    -Divine/Mind x2
    -Divine/HP x2
    -Divine/PP x6

    -HP Recovery Lv 5
    -PP Recovery Lv 5
    -Element Boost
    -Ice Protect x3
    -Slow Protect


    Any one of the following Slicers. Bright Sign is a must have. Hit % is irrelevant.
    -Lv3 Eridanus with 47%+ Dark fortified OR 32%+ Dark unfortified
    -Lv3 Loneos with 51%+ Dark fortified OR 36%+ Dark unfortified
    -Lv3 Trois Souther with 63%+ Dark fortified OR 48%+ Dark unfortified
    (Note: The Slicers are iffy because I haven't done the calculations to see what beats what in a while).

    -Lv 4-5 Alice Olivia better than my current one (In terms of paramaters. Honestly, this is a difficult one)

    -M&A41 with Life or Celeb
    -Riverman Missouri with Life or Celeb
    -Zero Rifle OR H44 Missouri with Life or Celeb
    -Other collectables. Surprise me. I am not likely to turn down offers.
    -(NEW) Lv5 Luzparias with Cross Rave. Native % is a plus.
    -Hunter Weapons that Rival my current ones below.


    WEAPONS IN USE: (All fortified unless otherwise specified)


    -Zero Saber, 15/0/0/0/0, Lv4 Life, Cross Rave
    -Lv3 Celeb Ainsraiffe, 49/0/0/0/0, Over End
    -Lv4 Celeb Hadan Bite, 0/0/0/63/0, Bite Stamp
    -Lv4 Celeb Hadan Bite, 38/51/39/31/0, Bite Stamp
    -Lv3 Celeb Mehrennenka, 46/41/0/0/0, Million Rave
    -Lv3 Celeb Mehrennenka, 0/0/63/0/0, Million Rave
    -Lv4 Celeb Rouge Pulse, 0/65/0/0/0, Flame Hit
    -Lv3 Celeb Blackhawk, 0/63/0/0/0, Cool Style

    RAcast: (Currently broken)

    -Lv3 Celeb Crimson Vis, 36/32/0/0/30, Cool Style
    -Lv4 Celeb Nemesis, 28/13/0/28/13, Crush Bomb


    -Psycho Wand, 0/0/0/15/0, Lv4 Soul, Beat Quake
    -Lv4 Celeb Alice Olivia, 15/0/0/0/40, Magical Sign
    -Lv3 Celeb Loneos, 0/0/0/50/41, Bright Sign
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    Mystelle - Level 100 FOmarl
    ~Art by Daggart~

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    Bump. I've updated pretty much every section of the thread and changed my wants as well. I found a Kouga Shuriken yesterday (and in my opinion, items gained by your hand mean that much more to you), so it's no longer one of my wants.

    My top wants are the 4-slot Star Cloak, and the Starlight.

    Mystelle - Level 100 FOmarl
    ~Art by Daggart~

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    Hi, Doctor Shanks!
    I read in the group postings.. your top want was a Starlight and 4-slot Star cloak?
    Gavin picked up a Starlight+20, (fortified) 31/24/18/15/0, Dark lv5, Act Trick. I also have a 3-slot Star cloak.. (mice!)
    Gavin did not see anything on your trade list that he would consider trading (if you are interested).. Gavin is looking for a better claw than his Hadan Bite or anything a Cast melee could use..
    Take care..
    PSZero: JONES
    FC: 3008-8894-5497
    "Dreams and beasts are two keys by which we find out the keys to our own nature."
    "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."

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    I have a 4-slot Star Cloak. The thing is I don't know what to ask for in exchange yet because you do have a few things on your trade list I want.

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    Sorry for the late response. My access to PSOW is very limited at the moment.

    @Joni: The CelebHadan Bite is arguably the best claw in the game . The Phantasma gauntlet is kind of a gimmicky item so I doubt it would be very attractive...

    Other offers:
    -Lv3 Celeb Luzparias - 11/47/23/0/11 (Fortified) - Force Ride
    -Lv3 Celeb Foie Haze - 39/0/0/0/34 (Fortified) - Reverse Kill
    -Lv3 Stun Big Mobius - 0/0/0/52/0 (Fortified) - Spear Rider
    -Lv3 Jell Dioskuroi - 31/0/0/36/41 (Fortified) - Million Rave
    -Lv2 Stun Iros - 0/50/44/0/0 (Fortified) - Bull Smash

    *These are the items my Hunter uses. Sorry if I can't find anything he needs.

    @AtBHR: I often accept any offer when I'm desperate for a certain item. What is it you're looking for?
    Last edited by DoctorShanks; Sep 19, 2011 at 07:24 AM.

    Mystelle - Level 100 FOmarl
    ~Art by Daggart~

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    I really don't want to make an unfair trade offer. After thinking it over, I've decided on making this offer:

    4-slot Star Cloak


    Lv3 Star Slicer - 0/0/0/0/0 - Bright Sign

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    Playing with Shanks right now and he says he can't log on or something, but that you have yourself a deal. =)

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    Okay, cool. We just need to set up a time to trade then.

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    How about tonight at 8:00pm EST? This is my last post on PSOW for tonight so I can't get back on and check if this time's not OK, so I might ask a party member to check for me.

    I'll be on PSZ from 4:00pm ~ 10:00pm EST. Mom calls me up for dinner at around 5~6pm.

    EDIT: You're starting a FOmarl? How about I throw in my best Calamity soul?
    Last edited by DoctorShanks; Sep 20, 2011 at 07:15 AM.

    Mystelle - Level 100 FOmarl
    ~Art by Daggart~

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    Thanks again!
    Last edited by Atbar; Sep 20, 2011 at 07:10 PM.

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