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    Default Content Update for Sept 15th

    Go to Espio's post (it's two post down)
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    As usual balancing by making EVERYONE better but NOBODY worse. Seriously? How about buffing those enemies for once or something at least?

    It will be interesting to see the new technics.

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    Here are some corrections and specifics on the update:

    Mission updates
    * Passport to Subspace C-A will be updated so that you do not have to use the character download service on the PSP2 site to be eligible to receive an Exam after clearing a certain number of stages. But remember, you still can only get one Exam per character.
    * PA Trading Post will be updated with new photon arts.
    * Special Exchange 3rd will be updated with new items.

    System updates
    * The following new TECHNICs will be added:
    - Sabarta (ice)
    - Sazonde (lightning)
    - Samegid (dark)
    * The following photon art balances will be made:
    - The power of LV41+ elemental rifle bullets will be boosted.
    - The power of LV41+ elemental laser cannon bullets will be boosted.
    - The power of LV41+ elemental twin handgun bullets will be boosted.
    - The power and attribute rate of LV41+ elemental handgun bullets will be boosted.
    * Shots fired from the following ranged weapons while in first-person mode will receive boosted power and accuracy:
    - Rifles
    - Longbows
    - Laser cannons
    - Twin handguns
    - Handguns

    Item updates
    * New items will be added included Lost Breaker (sword) and Gale Bringer (axe).
    * Casino rotation.

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    Sa- doesn't look very impressive. It's looks like ra except as a sphere. Does it hit multiple points on its own?

    If they want to buff ranger types, they should just give them explosive rounds.

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    I think the Sa-techs might be a game-changer for techers actually o.o They're slow-moving, persistent AoEs, so they may not hit multiple points, but they do hit the same target multiple times. They can also hit a target while the techer is doing something else. Think of them as mini EX-traps.

    Sazonde in particular looks interesting because it launches. Imagine a Guntecher using Sazonde to juggle a pair of Magashis, then using cards to take them out while they're being bounced up and down, or an Acrotecher using Sazonde on a SEED-Vitace to keep it stunlocked so it doesn't do that annoying Jellen spin, then finishing it with Hikai.

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    laser needs to get twice as strong
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    On the Sa-series of TECHNICs, I feel I should point out that they will differ from how they worked in Infinity. This was pointed out last week in the official JP PSU Twitter feed (you can read about it here: No specifics were given, but maybe another tweet will come across before this update hits to let us know how they'll work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by str898mustang View Post
    cuz I like people to know about it as early as possible? I didn't know Espio was gonna post soo soon after me. Stop being so anal about it
    in that case edit OP or avoid doing it at all... reminds me of Amaury

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    well i like that fact that mustang tried. its all good. (Updated 8/7/2012 Comment if you like!)

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    Looks to me like a question of speed vs. quality. The update is a week away though - think about it in numeric terms - 164 hours in advance vs 163 hours in advance. I don't think it makes a big difference. Not to mention the majority of "people" you are referring to seem to prefer quality as well, and the ones who do want to know ASAP can use Google Translate themselves. I'd really suggest saving yourself the effort.


    Quote Originally Posted by str898mustang View Post
    Happy now?
    Not really, your URL is broken =p

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