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    Well here we are in the final week of voting for the 15 covetted titles on PSOW so I guess It's time to make my drive.

    Join me, Ran-neko, on the final leg of the campaign.

    This week starting tuesday night at 10pm est you can join me on altair 5 for a few nights of gaming glee.

    This week I'll be kissing Rappies... (kissing their asses goodbye), shaking Boomas hands (and ripping their arms off in the process) and showing the dragon just WHO is boss.

    I have characters that can play at all the lvls so I can have a blast with everyone.

    As an added bonus all rares found during our runs are up for grabs, whoever finds it keeps it, I leave them all to my teamates.

    So come on out and have a good night of fun and frolic with me the #1 neko, Ran-neko.

    Well the first night was a bust but I guess that was my fault. I did post kinda late.

    Here's hoping this is a better time. Again tonight on altair 5 from 10pm on.

    I appologize if anyone showed up after about 1030 last night, I'd sorta given up hope.

    Whoever can meet me let me know what lvl you are by pm so I can bring the right char. Just for reference my chars are Ran Kitsune (Hunewearl lvl 121), Chibi Ran (Fonewearl lvl 70) and Ultra Rannus (Racast lvl 3



    Vote Ran-neko for Neko-phile.

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