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Thread: PSO2 has 3D?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chibiLegolas View Post
    3D is mostly useless on PSO2 unless they make it for consoles. New TV's are pushing the 3D they have and not as much as computer monitors.
    Sure you can hook up your computer to your tv. But majority of folks don't have that set up.
    I don't even understand the logic of this argument. You're saying people would have to use a 3DTV with their PC for 3D displaying of PC games?

    I'm not even sure if the designs of 3DTVs are actually compatible with PC 3D output - which, for the record, has been out far longer than 3D console gaming has been, and probably still has a larger install base.
    Quote Originally Posted by RemiusTA View Post
    Just wait for Dead or Alive 3DS, it'll happen.
    Er, wait for? Wasn't it like a launch title for the 3DS or something, 'cause it's been out for a while now. I even got to play it at a 3DS demo kiosk.

    It's probably the best use of the 3DS' piss-poor and barely-noticeable 3D effects though. I can't think of a more noble use of such technology.

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    I compplleeteeeelyyy forgot the 3DS was even out.

    Thats how much i dont care, i guess. I feel dumb now.

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    Are we talking about PS02? I dont think they add 3D, it would rather be hilarious considering the fact that they even are incomplete building a proper 2D area. One step after another, not 2 at once.

    Yes, i have a PC with TV screen setup, there are peoples like that. I dont think it is a problem in term the software is allowing for it. A good GPU and the correct drivers can detect any kind of screens and should be successfull at creating a 3D image because a PC in its basics is a open hardware. However, in term a 3D application is only tuned for Nvidia im not sure if it can be taken over to AMD/ATI any easy because they are trying to use proprietary software and stuff like that can always be messy. But the basic technology is basically same for the current generation of those screens which is basically based on active or non active shutter glasses and a bi-frame creation. Although non active glasses are bad and not reccommended, and only the higher priced TVs got active ones. TV without glasses doesnt exists, its still to advanced.

    3DS is not a option and for me its clearly unsucessful for complex games which are in need of a lot of details and unfortunately at 3D a picture becomes even smaller when you look at it. So, a huge screen is always a huge advantage in order not to lose the oversight else its kinda like looking inside a small 3D container and you kinda are trapped with your eyes. So, in my view, complex games are in need of huge 3D screens, and usualy, i would not recommend a 3D TV smaller than 50 inch because even when watching from a range of 2 m, you still feel like the picture isnt to large... just about right.

    I dunno if the people noticed the spec entry at Wiki about PSP2 unable to give a TV output. It would mean that this handheld can only be played on the extremely small mini OLED screen and for a game with lot of stuff going on thats just not successful, unless you cut out almost any interface. I could never play on that, thats for freaks i believe.

    And then the whole technology is just still incomplete and immature in many ways, so, best for now is to keep on 2D and Sega certainly is doing that. Although its always nice to talk about what else, as long as people interested. The 3D mode certainly will not be for TV or computer monitors, its impossible to have good 3D using so few pixels unless its a small handheld. 3D for TV have to be 1080P else it gets critical with quality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ark22 View Post
    Glad you enjoyed it. Remius and myself to put on some good "shows" ;D. But that will be 20 bucks >.>

    And again, 3D boobs. New way of porn for japan.
    Can I pay 20 Pesos in Confederate bills? Also I thought 3D explicit content already existed?

    Anyhow I'm not complaining of the idea, only the implementation. Those 3D set-ups are expensive for a person like myself. But, hey! If PSO2 has 3D it could be entertaining, or it could give me a hemorrhage. Just watching some things like Skyrim being played onn 3D can warp our fragile li'l minds.
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    I am no expert in programming, but couldn't that just be coding for a character model?

    Back in the day we called games "3d" if they were like Mario 64 where you could move in 3 dimensions, not SEE in 3d...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tehhaxorer View Post
    I am no expert in programming, but couldn't that just be coding for a character model?
    It's actually simpler than that, even.

    The 3D effect is achieved by having two cameras (camera, as in, the point from which information is displayed on-screen) that are slightly displaced from each other horizontally (and their angles adjusted appropriately). One camera gives the left eye view,the other gives the right eye view.

    This dual-camera setup is commonly rendered out as either being both images side-by-side or one atop another, and then this actual frame is divided and rendered appropriately by the monitor itself.

    The tricky part, of course, is getting the right displacement between the two cameras.

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    *brain not functioning correctly without morning coffee
    At first, I thought you meant that the gameplay would be 3D. Like how Phantasy Star 1-4 used sprites and not 3D (like PSP1 & 2).

    OK you meant stereoscopic 3D (like 3DS). Now I get it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenobia View Post
    Are we talking about PS02? I dont think they add 3D, it would rather be hilarious considering the fact that they even are incomplete building a proper 2D area. One step after another, not 2 at once.
    why would adding 3D to the 2D environment make the area any harder to make?

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    I'm pretty sure that guy just doesn't understand how 3D works. It looks like he also doesn't understand how grammar works.

    I think 3D would be a cool option to have, but I wouldn't be using it.

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    3D is a waste of processing power, please just focus on something else.

    Like, not ugly stages.

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