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    Default Help me find a PSO player >.<

    Long story short :

    Back in PSOGC, i had a friend called Gina, from the US.
    All her characters were called either Gina/Lady Gina, Coffee , Mocha or similarly Gina/coffee themed names.

    Her late email was [email protected] (it has been disabled ages ago, so i can post it without privacy issues)
    This account was made by her, but has been inactive for like a decade.

    To make it short, we had a really deep (even if rocky) soulmate-like relationship during all of the GC era and we moved on to pc games / msn / skype as we waited for PSU to be released. (She was an avid Battleon gamer on pc)

    However, near the end of PSO, she found out she had cancer, and it got quite agressive during the few months following PSO´s death, so i did not get to talk to her much since she could rarely phone me from the hospital.

    Finally, one night, at about 4 AM the phone ringed, but i did not manage to get it on time, so it jumped to voice mail, where a frightened Gina told me to please call her back as she needed my support for that night, that it was the moment to prove she could really count on me irl for what she was going thru, and that i would never see her again if i did not phone back.

    Sadly, in her rush, she never told me the phone number to contact her with, and back in those years, phone privacy was really high in Spain so we did not have screening phones and the phone company would not tell me where that call was made from or put me on line with that number, so i was unable to call her back.

    I hoped to find her in that one private server since she played it shortly after PSOGC´s closure, and i always chased for her in PSU/AOTI in the PC version, and while i found some people that knew her, none of them held contact with her and was ultimately unable to find her. Google did not help either.

    Fastfoward to 2012, and i am yet to hear from her despite searching actively for her during all this years and even finding a number of people who used to play with her back in the day , so as a last resort, i decided to make a thread in this boards hoping for herself, or someone who knows her reads it.

    Now, if you know her, know that i do not want to chase or bother her in the new life she has undoubtly crafted for herself, all i want is the confirmation that she overcome her sickness, that she is doing well, and for her to come to know the reason why i never phoned her back, and for her to know that i always cared about her, and hope she does well.

    Thank you for your time.

    P.S : I apologize if this is not the place for such inquiry, i just hope that you can understand that i had nowhere else to direct myself to, and that as silly as it may sound to some of you, it is really important to me.
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    Oh man. well, I'll at least give you some advice.

    I understand you posting here. and there is nothing wrong about it. the off topic forum MIGHT have been a better place for this since it is more related to a person rather than the actual game.

    Anyway, I 100% know how it feels to just have dropped connection with some one like that and then try to re-connect with them. you almost feel as if the friendship just blew up after not talking for so long. I've been through a similar situation minus the gaming spiel. I'm sure you will find her. If you knew her well, some where in the back of your head and with the help of a search engine like google, you should be able to find her through her online alias(s) or even real name.

    I'm sure you have archives, or something kept on messenger, skype, phone log, chat service, etc. regarding her? posting here was the right thing to do since she did avidly play PSO at one point. so that's good. your doing things right in the search process.

    I do not know her, or pure angel, BUT I think there is a list of members some where on this site you can scroll through that could help you further track down people and have your wishes met.
    maybe some one here does know them, or if they are even members on this site.

    good luck. :3 and, seriously, I went down this road before. so take it easy and go with the flow of life. don't let it worry you too much or let it throw you off your balance in life. if you can't find her, well... things in life happen for a reason, you just got to learn/ accept them, think positively (like she's not dead or something), and move on. If you're bound to meet her again some day, then it will happen in some form or fashion.
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    I used pretty much all the search engines for over 5 years and sadly i never found anything about her, i did however find a few common friends back in PSU but they knew nothing about her either.

    And yes, i used to have her irl adress in my old pc but sadly and following murphy´s law, it died unexpectedly 1 week after the phone call, so i was unable to retrieve it in order to send her a physical letter.

    As things stand now, i only have a couple chatlogs i saved and its mostly us just being cuddly to each other, there is absolutely no information i can use to find her.

    And yes, i did find her account on this site, but it has been inactive since 2005 or so.

    Thank you for your concern, however <3

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    That's so sad...
    *hugs* I hope you'll find her!

    Sorry I can't be of help.

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    I did try indeed since that e-mail can be found in the website i linked, but both that e-mail and the e-mail i provided have been erased due to inactivity according to yahoo.

    Thank you anyway though <3
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    I hope you do not mind me bumping this.
    I always have hope that perhaps one day she will notice it :3

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    I know how this is. I've played with two friends during different times of PSO and they suddenly vanished too...hope you find her some day.

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    Did you happen to get her full name?

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    I have two friends I use to play with before 2006 on the xbox, but have yet to find either of them yet on here
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