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    Default From the bottom of my heart, Thank you PSO-World.

    Some of you might not remember me, but I was pretty active on these boards a few years back. I've had a hiatus on PSO-World for quite some time now and have returned in anticipation for PSO2. Along with that I wanted to say that I am thankful for the community I've found here, whether I've had problems with you, vice versa, or we were cool with one another.

    I didn't have the greatest background to grow up off of through adolescence but I've realized through some mind-provoking and logical conversations I've had on these forums that I have grown a lot analytically and maturely. I really do think my ability to cope with certain hardships can root from the PSO/U community as well as the PSO-W community.

    I wanted to apologize if I was ever immature or came off as a prick that was arrogant, overly prideful, or just too stubborn to admit I was wrong, but I was never permanently banned (though I suppose I didn't cause enough trouble to warrant it) and was able to grow myself as a human being through thought-provoking and intense intellectual mature discussion on these boards.

    I've came to PSO-W for boredom, for help, advice, to troll, to fill my ego, and many other things and I look back after this late night of reminiscing and I just shake my head, but realize I've come so far thanks to this site and this community. I pretty much vanished after my team won the PSU MAG+ TA right before the nonJP servers were shut down and then never really looked back at how much this community and these games changed me, and it is truly astonishing.

    So for those of you who have had beef with me and the friends alike, I really appreciate you putting up with me and helping me evolve as a human being. This is (for the most part) fortunately one of the most mature, intelligent, understanding, accepting, and forgiving communities I've ever had the blessing of being a part of and I truly mean that.

    From the bottom of my heart, Thank you, PSO-World.


    EDIT: I realize not many people come to these part of the forums, but I felt it must be said and it is deserved among the community. Forgive me if this is not a very well-written post as it is 6 AM and I am dead tired tripping on some nostalgia. :P
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    I remember you. I always enjoyed reading your posts. Welcome back, if you're staying around for a while.

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    Your name sounds familiar, not sure if good or bad, I've probably seen you in game, or your posts back when I would "lurk moar."

    But yeeeaaaahhh...

    PSU and other online gaming communities probably taught me to hate people easily. BETTER TO LEARN IT ON AN ONLINE GAMING COMMUNITY LIKE A LOSER, THAN THE HARD WAY IN REAL LIFE!

    AYY. All you nillas days is numbered.

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    Wouldn't you like to know


    I remember seeing your posts and stuffs. Welcome back to the community

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    Well DreXxiN, I was not an actual member of PSO-W back in the days of PSO1/PSU. I was lurker.
    It will be good to run with ppl, so perhaps we shall meet up in game sometime?
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    You don't know me, but I remember reading a few of your countless posts here.

    Yep, welcome back to the game!

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    Welcome back to the forums :P
    You have no idea who I am but I thought I'd say welcome back none the less :3

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    Thanks everyone! I know I don't check this as frequently as I should but it still feels nice to have the warm welcomes so thank you, awesome community!
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    Oh, I remember you all right. I remember a certain corndog incident as well, among many other times we indirectly shared on the PSU pc/ps2 servers.

    It takes a lot to realize and admit one's own faults and mistakes, and it takes even more of a person to learn and mature from them. I believe it's something we must all go through at one point in life. For some, it comes at the age of 20, for others, 50 (not specifically, but you get the idea). We all grow differently and through different means, and enlightenment through nostalgia can be a wonderful thing. I've reflected on my PS memories many a time, I know that feel.

    I feel I can relate with exactly what you're trying to convey here, as I've felt the PSO/PSU community has grown with me, and has helped me grow and mature through all these years.


    Welcome back Drex.
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