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    Will the script work in 3ds max 2011 32 bit?

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    The script is a for a free program called noesis.
    you can download noesis here
    the program can export to a ton of different formats so you can import directly into 3ds max from noesis.

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    Oh, nice, i managed to see some files. Can textures be viewed in Noesis? I don't seem to find the right option :S Maybe i can se them when exporting to max and creating a material.
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    yeah just export the model to max and drag the texture onto the mesh and it will show correctly. if you export to max and the texture does not look correct just check the box that says flip uv's

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    Nice, models are even rigged with Skin when exported to FBX The bones structure is weird when previewing cast/caseal arm parts, have you seen it?

    3d models look very interesting, nice tools

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    what file is that in i can look and see if its loading correctly.

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    This has caseal arms, but all casts arms are loaded like the one i showed.

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    yeah the models are correct they did this to gain performance in their engine.
    the animations for the models should load correctly on these when / if i reverse them.

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    Just wondering, I am not able to use these tools correctly, I am trying to get the files so that I can view them in 3dsmax, in particular I am looking at trying to get the RAcast, Rifle and Sword models from PSO2, I know this is a big request but can someone help me by either pointing me in the right direction in terms of getting this stuff working, or can provide me with the models? as I wish to create these as actual real life items and a cosplay costume.

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    Firstly, nice contribution!

    Secondly...I need to figure out how to work this...been tinkering with it for a while and cant seem to figure out how to work Noesis. *goes back to tinkering*

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