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    Np thanks >.<

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    @Daggart: You can always label the Femini Soul as reserved, and if someone offers you something else and you like that offer better than the Loneos, then go ahead and accept that offer instead. I say this because there are no guarantees of me being able to log on anytime soon.

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    So! The list has been updating back and forth all this time, new stuff added, junk taken out. I've decided to put up all my blue bulletas for free because thare are WAY TOO MANY OF THEM.

    So for all of you aspiring rangers (and silly human forces that built themselves to use mechguns), just ask!

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    i will like to get
    Foie Haze: air ride( want the most)
    Ainstraiffe: over end(want the most)
    Light Luzparias: Force ride
    if you don't mind
    Zain Skyhawk
    3DS F/C: 0302-0570-3795
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    And what would you be able to offer in return, exactly?

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    i can offer
    Honcho+30 0/0/5/0/0 Over End
    Selvaria's Spear 0/0/0/27/0 Jell LV 3 Speed Rain
    Pinky Hand 0/0/0/0/48 Heart LV2 Slide End
    Zain Skyhawk
    3DS F/C: 0302-0570-3795
    I am a

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    okay how about of all 3 for the foie haze and ainstraiffe
    Zain Skyhawk
    3DS F/C: 0302-0570-3795
    I am a

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    To be honest that's not really all that fair of a trade. The foie haze is pretty valuable and the ainsraiffe, although without percentages, still has a fair amount of worth.

    Meanwhile, a Hocho can easily be obtained in the sewer and can be reset for to get Over End, Selvaria's Spear can be gotten easily enough, one time aside (It's not all that great anyhow), and the Pinky Hand is kinda lame with Slide End and all. Also I have one in my catalog (And two of my own!) so I don't need the data for it.

    Honestly Zain, you'll have to make a much better offer for either of those.

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    well i tried to think about something. i know what you said but i trade you all 3 for that foie haze cause i like daggers
    Zain Skyhawk
    3DS F/C: 0302-0570-3795
    I am a

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