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    Unless you make a better offer I'm not trading it. But you're bound to come across more stuff if you keep at Super Hard.

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    okay i see

    what i can find

    i got a Kerykeion 37/32/0/0/0 Rodeo Drive for your Foie Haze that i ask for
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    Ooh, are you willing to trade your Crimson Vis - 0/16/0/0/41 - Acro-Step for my Big Mobius+40 - 0/0/0/10/0 - Spear Rider? I could throw in a Soniti Soul too.

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    you know, big mobius is a lot rarer than Crimson Vis. Just saying.

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    He's right, you know. You might as well ask for something else along with the Crimson Vis.

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    Yeah, I'm actually well aware of that, considering I have only two. But...I don't really have anything else to trade :/ And I dont use spears. At all.

    Can I trade you that hollow gimlet?
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    Default, you should be asking more stuff from me! What else do you want from my list?

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    Hmm...I have a (CelebLv3) Neidaryl+10 - 43/0/29/0/0 - Earth Bullet. How about that instead of the spear?

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    *cough* There's an "Edit" button for a reason... *cough* :|
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