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    Default Newman Wartecher

    Getting a little bored of MF and would like a change of pace. I know how the boards feel about WTs, so i figure i would give it a shot anyway.

    Can anyone give out some idea's for pallet setup's, spells, ect that i should try? Xbox 360 server btw
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    Even tho I play WT I play differently that would be recommended since I'm a Cast. I would Advise on asking Keilyn she is the expert Newman WT Here and would greatly help you in building one. I hope you like WT and GL in your endeavors.

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    I've recently jumped back into playing a Wartecher on 360. Even though I played WT from the near launch of the PC/ps2 server up until it's dying day, it definitely feels a bit different on the 360 server. Not to mention I'm a little rusty, but I've been getting some top times on my runs, so I'd say I'm doing fine so far without the elitist tweaking.

    Since there's currently a PA exp boost, I'd get on raising those PAs. Which PAs and weapons to use can be debatable depending on who you talk to, but I'd definitely raise those whip PAs (Vivi Danga preferred), and some single target + other 2+ target damage options.

    As with the PAs, the weapon choice can be debatable. Whips are your staple weapon, so definitely grab some, and take advantage of all the current high % Snec Feis. Those things are glorious. I've always found uses for nearly all the weapon types, but I'd say experiment yourself on what you really like.

    The same goes for techs. Definitely use your support techs, debuffs are pretty skip-able if you want. The basic staple techs have their uses such as Foie, Diga, Nosdiga etc. I'd make good use of line techs (barta, zonde, megid) too.

    Ranged/bullets? I'd skip the bow, and raise some handgun and card PAs.

    This is just my basic setup currently on the 360, but for more details I'd definitely check out all of the wartecher guides floating around. Depending on what wartecher you talk to, you'll get some varying advice.
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