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    Default Some issues after installing new motherboard

    I got a new motherboard to replace my old one which I believe had stopped working.

    After installing it my screen stays black when turning the computer on (yes, the monitor is on and cables are connected). Also, I don't think my mouse and keyboard are getting power to them.

    Do I need to RMA the motherboard?

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    hi, i have faced this problem i guess i would say but it was a little different from the result on what the screen was showing then what your saying but i'm sure maybe the info i have could help.

    if your using windows 7 you may have to get your harddrive "ready" for the new one, i heard there was this stupid function that windows 7 has where you can't just swap out new chipsets and it will just auto-adjust itself. idk how it's done but i'm guessing what the term RMA that you said that may be it.

    one of the things we did on my friends computer is adjust some of the settings in his bios. mainly his ram chipset. reason being is because a very gifted computer friend of mine said that most of computer problems come from the RAM of the computer, so when we change the ram set to run at a different speed the computer started working again.

    one of the problems we faced with the computer which idk if this will ever happen to you cause his computer was made from HP and we pretty much changed everything in the computer except for the harddrive. the thing we got was that the computer would not go past the startup screen which would happen anyway we tried to start the computer up even in safe mode. but it would lead us to a error message which would give us a code purple....(like i said we changed the computer from a HP setup) we thought he would have to buy a new windows to get away from that problem but we found out there was a fix for it if you look up code purple in google there is a very simple solution there.

    btw, after we did all this his computer gives the problem of windows not being a genuine copy, so because of that he is somewhat limited to a handfull of things he can do to his computer.

    so after all this i would suggest you get your harddrive ready for the new motherboard instead of how we did it cause this whole pros was the biggest headache me and my friend had.... took us honestly the whole day trying to get his computer working properly again...

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    A) I already got another board on its way.
    B) RMA is return, either for replacement or for refund.
    C) I use a dual boot, my computer asks me Linux or Windows before it loads the OS.
    D) The BIOS screen wasn't even showing up, meaning I could do nothing. This made safemode impossible, BIOS editing impossible, everything. And that is even if my mouse and keyboard were getting power.
    E) There's no way I have that I could get the hard drive ready for a new motherboard- the old motherboard won't even start BIOS, and the new one seems to have been DoA.

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    Have you been booting from on-board video or discrete graphics?

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    Once you receive your new motherboard make sure to run the "Sysprep" tool from Windows 7 it's a little option that will restore your windows 7 installation back to the defaults of a fresh new one but without losing your programs and files.

    It will just reinstall the appropiate drivers for your new motherboard chipset, hard disks, vga and so on....

    In order to enable it you must do it right before you dismount the old computer to connect the hard disk to the new one.

    You must start the sysprep utility which is located at "C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep.exe"

    Then select from the little box the options from this window:

    Please keep in mind you should click OK to start the tool preparations and once it's over the computer will shutdown by itself, this is the moment where you must unplug your HDD from the old computer to the new one then turn on the system so windows can do the restoration.

    And that's it you just migrated your old windows 7 installation to a brand new computer without crashes!

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    This thread is ~2 months old. I got a new motherboard replaced under warranty, but the sound didn't work properly on that one. The next replacement motherboard is sitting in the box a few feet away, to be installed tomorrow after work. I think the sound not working caused an issue with the Linux install too, that no longer loads properly/at all, I must restart and go into Windows.

    Neirene- As I just swapped motherboards and nothing else, no programs were needed beyond revalidating Windows.

    Ryo- The motherboard does not have onboard graphics of any sort.
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