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    FYI, the keyboard key for lock-on is Q by default.

    Of course, that's not very helpful if you don't have a keyboard with at least 6-key-rollover (where you can hit 6 non-modifiers simultaneously), since most keyboards lock up with just 3 simultaneous key presses... I highly recommend setting lock-on to "click" instead of "hold" if you're going to use it.

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    Integra Wingates Hellsing's seiyuu got me sold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayu View Post
    Too damned used to lock-on combat (PSP2i). This'll take getting used to...

    That and lag really kills.

    uhm why didn't you use lock on combat in this version it still exist in PSO2 you know, try going to the options and setting it up

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    Quote Originally Posted by therealAERO View Post
    I'm going to request to sega that females get pants and armor. Tight pants can be hot too! Anything that isn't so blatantly...bare skin. Also lol at the sun visor for breasts. WTH is that about?
    I know the WTF belly window for the RAmarl outfit annoys me enough that I don't use it... the RAnewearl outfit looks decent if with the Under Armor body paint, IMO.

    Seriously, there are better ways to make characters look hot than cutting out random portions of their clothing. (I'm looking at you, HUnewm!)

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    i'd first like to start off by saying that i am enjoying the old feelings and joy i felt from the original PSO games. great on the fighting and moving around, great on the maps being very puzzly and me not knowing exactly where the exits and stuff are. (i think i spent a good 5 to 10 mins in one game trying to find the exit to the next area)

    i love that mags are back to what they do and not used to pewpew bullets and shoot techs out of their asses and that they use photon blasts and heal/defend their "owners."

    i freaken love the fact that i can look forward to finding red box weapons and then go to a npc to find out what they are and the stats they carry. (huge freaken plus on that) because thats what i feel in love with about pso games in general, knowing that i would get a big shinny looking red box but not know what it is or what it does until later on.

    now.... on to the negative. obviously i don't read or understand jp.... so it gave me a bit of a gap to really fully get what everything does and i have to do a lot of experimenting to understand stuff in the game..... so i hope by the time the next closed beta or open beta is out that there will be a fully translated patch so i nkow whats what and what they do.

    the other negative thing i would say is that lag is still very visable in the game but it did not affect me as much as it did some people in the game.

    my only other negative thing that i would say is that the cash shop i know is not complete and that in the end, that will not be how much everything is gonna cost or what ever.... but, i do feel like the cash shop is gonna be very much needed for even the smallest things in the game.... the fact that it cost 100 AC to have a room and also keep that room for only 30 days is a downfall.... i would honestly say that i do not feel like paying for 100 ac every month just to keep a stupid feature(in my opinion) constantly...

    so overall i feel like the cash shop is gonna be a little annoying.....

    one thing i do have to say is that i'm looking forward to being in the next closed beta's but i feel like the cash shop is gonna really bother ma and that i might end up just playing guildwars 2 instead if i feel the cash shop is gonna bother me a lot...
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    Oh god, I hate myself so much.

    So I've pretty much run the beta for its worth. I'll come up with a big ole' impressions list, but first I just gotta get this off my chest. Last night, bored with nothing left to do, I decided to go into the portions I'd neglected up til then. Among them was the My Room. Now, I never really used the My Room in any of the Universe/Portable games, and we'll get to that. I've also been thinking that the whole you-have-to-buy-the-room-for-x-days thing was pretty ridiculous for something no one'd use anyways (still kinda feel like that).

    Regardless, I decided to check in on what was different. "Bought" the 30-day license, went in, and yeah, the default room is pathetically small. What's more, the grid system is ridiculous. Everything is split between even and odd-numbered tiles which makes arranging a nightmare, and the size of the room itself makes it impossible to pleasingly arrange furniture without it being juxtaposed with weird spacing.

    So with my low impression of it, I did what any "sensible" person would do: I went to the My Room store and bought literally one of everything, coming in at about 70k meseta. Then spent an hour arranging furniture after finding out I could expand to three rooms for meseta. In the end I ran myself broke doing something I shouldn't have liked, which begs the questions, did I really not like it?

    Thinking back on it, the reason I never used the room in Universe was because Universe was awfu-- didn't have enough content. And I never used it in Portable because I had no extra meseta to buy furnishings. And I didn't do one in Infinity because I don't know Japanese. So now that there might be enough content, the prices were cheap (most anything cost less than 3k), and the icons made it easier to inventory surf, I might actually buy the 90-day passes when the game rolls out...if the prices aren't ridiculous, at least, but that's something different.

    tl;dr My Room is addictive as hell.

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    My last impressions of the beta are-->

    -I don't know why I leveled so slowly compared to others. Maybe perhaps, I strayed off too much?
    -The whole matter board stuff is neat.
    -Some of the rare weapons look funky.
    -I love the shopping district. Very spacious.
    -A lot of the NPCs you have as partners are neat.
    -I feel as though I didn't experience much or play as much as I could and should have.

    ->Ryuki Minami [The sapphire hero of justice.]

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    I had absolutely no lag. I played till my hearts content. And overall i made it to level 20 and I cant wait for the Open beta!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FerrPSO View Post
    But that is already possible, atleast with the X360 controller I can do it
    I was talking about the improvement over PSOBB. PSOBB had the 1-0 buttons but I don't remember being able to D-pad through them. Also I wonder if anybody tried using the 360 chat-pad to se if it worked.

    Stuff I hope they improve before release:

    So far
    1. The rate at which you get grinders and synthesizers need to be raise.
    2. The dots on your map should be the color of what item it is.
    3. The power of the launchers need to be toned down.
    4. We should be able to choose where we transport to in lobby transporters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by -Ryuki- View Post
    My last impressions of the beta are-->

    -I don't know why I leveled so slowly compared to others. Maybe perhaps, I strayed off too much?
    -The whole matter board stuff is neat.
    -Some of the rare weapons look funky.
    -I love the shopping district. Very spacious.
    -A lot of the NPCs you have as partners are neat.
    -I feel as though I didn't experience much or play as much as I could and should have.
    did you ever buy any exp+100% from the arcs cash shop?
    -everything i type is completely serious and you should be offended no matter the content jaja-
    translated pre-OB skill trees link
    Ma name's Satoshi Sakai and I sell My room and My room accessories! Uh huh huh!

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