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    Default Error 630 after loading character.

    So I fell asleep in the middle of re-playing the story mission earlier, or well, I never finished it, or something. Or maybe it was just the fact that I was logged in when the maintenance hit. Either way, I cannot load my character, Mysst. Whenever I do, I get error 630 IMMEDIEATLY when the loading screen starts...

    My other character, the one in my second slot, I can log in as.

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    Just checked the twitter feed for PSO2, quite a lot of people are suffering from this and they're investigating the cause. Posted about 7 minutes ago.

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    Oh sweet, nice to know it's not just me. xD Maybe my character won't be ruined after all. >_>

    Guess now is a good time to start a force. xD

    Edit: Keep me posted on any updates please?
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    I'll keep my eye on it from time to time.

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    good excuse to quit and go to bed.

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    xD If only. =P

    Anyway... >_> SEGA's so freakin' good at BREAKING the game more, every time they do maintenance. xD

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    Well they're fishing for the issue. Trial and Error.

    This is probably something they broke BEFORE the maintenance...

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    never had that problem, till the last patch, now cant login get in att all :/

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    Oh okay, I am also glad that its not just me. That's good to know

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    i can also confirm, im getting that error...

    so much for playing on it an hour before work >.>

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