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Thread: PvP?

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    Default PvP?

    I was wondering, how awesome would it be if there was PvP in PSO2? Considering the controls have been fine-tuned from the comparitively cumbersome and awkward controls in PSO1, I think PvP would be a wonderful idea. :3

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    Sorry, but I can't disagree more. I can't see PvP working in any way with both Rangers and Forces being able to move-attack and dodge. This would instantly make Hunters useless and it would become a long range pew pew fest. Or at least thats how I see it.

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    Well with the new Defense system you can make your guy pretty damn invulnerable.

    Thanks to Vashyron =D!

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    Here we go with the "PVP is a terrible idea because I'm instantly thinking of the way PVP is badly done in other games" fest.

    PVP should just be an extra mode on the side fun, like PSO/PSP2(i) and that's all I'm gonna say because then I'd be repeating myself for like the 28th time throughout.. almost a year for every time this topic has come up and everyone bum rushed in, without thinking of the possibilities and just said "NO."

    AYY. All you nillas days is numbered.

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    I like PvP, but not for PSO2. You have any idea how easily OP you can become?

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    Isn't that what balance patches are for?

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    I'd rather not get constant nerfs on classes because of a PvP system.

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    LOL, if they started balancing based on PvP, well...

    Can you say "shitstorm"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sp-24 View Post
    Isn't that what balance patches are for?
    They would have to change some major aspects of the game if they want PvP to work.

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